"Everyone saw the empty north stand. You must know why the club is doing this. I can tell you here that without any reason or excuse, we just want to ban the non-indoctrinated competition! And not just this one! Next game, next game, next game … forever, we will ban the non-indoctrination game! Unless they are completely finished and reformed! Otherwise … The North Stand of the Olympic Stadium will say goodbye to them forever! This is just the first scene! But … but! But if they saw the first half of the game, guess what they would say? "

"’Ha ha ha! Lazio just can’t do without our incorrigible faction!’ I can think with my testicles that they will be so gloating! Because they are a group of idiots who will only add chaos to us! They do all kinds of things to discredit the club under the banner of love. Is this love? This is fucking love! But for a long time, the sacred place of the North Stand has been dominated by them! And we, now we have to get them out of here completely! "
"But to drive them out, it is not enough to rely on the strength of our club alone, guys. We need your strength. We want to show them that without them, the songs in the stands of the Olympic Stadium will only be louder and the cheers will only be louder! Lazio club relies on fans who really love football and Lazio, not those football hooligans! Without them idiots! We will only be more-plus-stronger-bigger! !”
Lazio fans, who are trying to solve the internal emergency in the toilet, stand in front of the urinal and look up at the radio speaker at the top of the toilet.
My hands are still holding my pants, and I forgot to zip them.
"We absolutely can’t give them a chance to make a comeback! We can’t let them take advantage of the gap between us! The north stand is empty, but we can’t be empty! Show those football hooligans the power of real Lazio fans! Show them how you support and care for the team! Let them know … what is true … love! !”
The loud speakers in the stands of the stadium transmit the winning sound from all directions, because the winning sound is very loud and even a little buzzing.
I don’t know when people sitting in the stands are resting, but they all stand up from their chairs.
"There will be 45 minutes, we want to let them know, even without them, the Olympic Stadium is the devil’s home for all visiting teams! Because it is you who decide all this! Not them! Lazio football team is fighting for people like you on the court, not them! So when we are desperate on the court, we all hope to hear your voices. You are the source of strength for our continuous progress! "
"So in the second half, please! Please let us feel your love and existence! "
Then the sound disappeared, and the music played before slowly flowed out.
When Changsheng walked out of the broadcasting room, the two were still standing at the door.
When they saw Chang Sheng coming out, their expressions were a little excited. They wanted to say something, but they didn’t know what to say.
Chang Sheng thanked the two, and then specifically said to the broadcaster Pa Pavic, "Change the music, it’s so soothing, it makes people sleep. The battle is about to start, and you can’t use such music, Mr. Announcer. "
Pa Pavic nodded excitedly and replied, "Yes! Yes, I feel relieved too! Fight? I know what to use! I am very clear! "
Then he rushed into his broadcasting room and started rummaging through a lot of discs.
When Chang Sheng walked to the dressing room, he heard a burst of passionate singing from countless absent loudspeakers overhead.
"… you think you have the last laugh, I bet you will feel that all good things are gone forever!
You think you’re breaking me down, that I’ll run back.
Dear, you don’t know me, because you are completely wrong …
What can’t kill you will only make you stronger!
You only heard that I had a new start with someone else, but I’m telling you that I’m above you!
You don’t think I will come back, I will make a stunning comeback!
You tried to crush me, but the truth is …
What can’t kill you will only make you stronger!
Stand higher. When I am alone, it doesn’t mean I feel lonely. I am proudly independent! "
The surging songs and the raindrops of drumming make Changsheng want to swing with this rhythm.
He smiled.
Kelly_Clarkson’s "what _ doesnt _ kill _ you" is really a good song!
Chapter one hundred and ninety The power of ordinary fans
The song being played now makes Chang Sheng feel good and full of confidence in the second half.
Melody and lyrics make him full of power.
So when he pushed open the door of the dressing room, he was very hard.

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