She still hopes that persimmon can be read at home, and so many children will get the best grades.

The boss was in the army, and the second child, the third child and the fourth child were at home before finishing primary school, which has already been decided.
It’s a pity if I don’t study in junior high school.
But today it’s all like this. Look at Shi Ying, so even if persimmon enters school, it will be targeted by all kinds of people.
"My granddaughter said that this teacher really doesn’t look like a teacher to you, and we won’t report this name today."
"Oh, I’m the best teacher in the commune, and all my students have won prizes at school." Shi Ying snorted "A group of women who have not learned anything."
"Bah, have you ever studied? Are you not a person? " Wu Manzhu rested on her hips. This person is really shameless. Give her some noodles and really call her Wu Dashan for nothing?
"This school is your high school class won a prize with a fart to show off and get a county prize again? You haven’t seen the world. "
"Learn to stay here."
"Ha take …" Shi Ying bowed their heads.
All over the floor, paper flying, including money.
"Shit" Shi Ying immediately squatted to pick up the money, but it landed for a while and it will not be finished for a while
They would have helped persimmon in normal times, but this time.
Persimmon tut was about to go directly to get money and was stopped by Wu Manzhu.
"Don’t know if this person will say that we stole money and went there to find the teacher who smiled the most and came to help us get the money."
Looking at the lively teacher …
Without hesitation, the teacher came over and counted five dollars from here to persimmon. They could sigh that they were unlucky enough to be dragged into such a thing.
But fortunately, there is no communication between them in junior high school and senior high school. It is more convenient to take money from yourself to persimmon them and then wrangle with Shi Ying.
It’s a good thing that the female teacher in Shi Ying looks at whether to post money directly or not.
Speaking of which, it’s all about watching the fun and getting into trouble
Get the money, get the diploma, persimmon these things, they leave school.
"I’m so angry with that dead woman." Wu Manzhu swore as soon as she came out of school.
Speaking of which, the school is really magical and people don’t want to swear in it.
"Bah kui I also this pedestrian fruit at the beginning $ #% …"
"The gas is out of persimmon. What can I do in this high school?" Qu Xiaowan was worried about holding Momo peach.
No matter what you think, junior high school education is really not enough anyway
"This thing is a bit difficult."
Wu Manzhu doesn’t understand this either. Simply throw the pot "Go back to Song Xing and let him think of some way."
"Besides, we can go to other communes besides our commune, and the distance is similar."
"Go to the city" stopped for a long time. Momo Peach raised his hand and suggested "It’s good in the city"
"The city is so good?" Wu Manzhu turned supercilious look "who read this and went to the city? Far and uneasy. "
Wu manzhu shut up.
It seems that there is no precedent for going to the city to study, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t.
Their brigade is in harmony with the city’s transportation brigade, and there is barely a little affection in learning these gaps.
If you go to the city, you can wait and see the workers for the first two years. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone? No one in Yu ‘an’s family can kill two people with one punch.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry, wait for me to think, wait for me to wait and see …"
Persimmon eyelids jumped, and so on. What are we waiting for? Really listen to one-inch bad idea?
"Go and buy something first. These persimmons are big girls. They need a new dress in high school."
"… I didn’t say I wanted to buy it before." Persimmon has a headache.
That’s really listening.
"What do you want with this big event?" Wu Manzhu has no conscience, dragging a daughter and two granddaughters to the sales club.
"It’s supposed to be a suit for Momo peach." After all, she found this ticket.
Wu Manzhu looked at it. As soon as he entered the marketing club, he stood up and came to Momo Peach again. "There is still a bag of clothes at home to buy new clothes. It’s too big to wait until the family can’t wear it."
It’s not that she dug. Speaking of it, those old clothes and fabrics are much better than those they bought. They look almost as good as new.
Just look at every time I enter the marketing club, the little guy will come in and have no interest in the clothes inside.
This is really nothing compared to.
But now,
"Give me seven feet of white and blue cloth, seven feet of gray and seven feet of black and brown."
"It’s ok to dress persimmon in white Song Xing. Persimmons are definitely better to wear. There is just a new dress left in each room. After so many years, we can finally change clothes together."
Wu Manzhu lamented, "I have a strong feeling that our brigade will change by the end of the year."
"Mom, when you say this, it seems like Song Xing." Qu Xiaowan sighed.
"… bah, you should respond to me." Wu Manzhu rolled his eyes and bought some spices, matches and kerosene. It’s almost enough to buy a home for the next month.
"Nothing?" Momo Tao looked at it eagerly for a long time and hinted again, "Is it gone?"
Looking at the candy and cakes in the glass cabinet, Momo Taowumanzhu snorted "If you eat and eat again, you will become toothless, and then you will be renamed Taotao."
"Well," Momo peach immediately covered her mouth and looked at the toffee in the cupboard reluctantly. "Then don’t."
They bought what they needed and went back to the brigade.
Speaking of which, the brigade is also very lively today.
Too many things have happened in these two days, whether it’s the sales of 10 thousand Jin per month after the vermicelli factory, or someone specially ambushed their brigade
"This vermicelli factory is a bad thing for the brigade in the future. Give me some attention. Anyone who interferes with the development of vermicelli factory and bothers everyone to make money will always peel off your skin." Song Xing was full of anger
"When there is no money, it’s hard to cry one by one, and it’s hard to have a chance to make money and drag one’s legs. It’s just like this when we are poor. Then don’t say that our children and grandchildren have been poor …"
Song Xing in the face of a swearing.
"The vermicelli factory is getting a little better, so you can go outside and dazzle. Go ahead. Which idiot will burn down the vermicelli factory when the time comes? I don’t think you will cry …"
Just this time, if it wasn’t for someone in the brigade who leaked the news, who could come to squat on that night when he just grasped it?

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