Nian Shi didn’t know that her man called her, so he hurried forward. "Do you have any orders?"

The second young master raised his hand and slammed it in her face "Bitch! I want to divorce you! "
Chapter 213 Small report case trial unfilial
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The second young master’s yard is noisy, and the old duke’s side is closed. Even if the doctor is invited into the house, there is no news revealed.
RuXiaoNan didn’t wait until dark until the old duke sent someone to call Qing Mo Yan in the past.
"Qing Moyan, do you think he will be fine?" RuXiaoNan worried that old arms and legs would just hang up?
"Nothing will happen." Qing Moyan has been resting in the courtyard because of injury, and his hand has never stopped to deal with the public. "If it really fails, he will definitely let me invite cure too much."
Blue ink yan also don’t lift to throw a file.
RuXiaoNan hurriedly catch straighten put neatly.
"Don’t go out without permission when I’m away at once" said Qing Mo Yan.
RuXiaoNan dissatisfied with pouting "I can handle it"
Blue ink Yan looks up from the file and says sternly, "wings are hard so soon."
"You left so many dead people for me, even if I really started, I wouldn’t suffer." Ru Xiaonan saw that he was cold in the face, so he please.
Hearing this, the blue ink Yan’s face softened. "If there is such a thing again, you can directly put the gate. I’m notorious and I’m not afraid of more, but you’re different …"
"Yeah, I’m going to marry after I’m different, so I have to look after my name, right?" She almost lost her ear when she heard that. No matter what a woman does, she should pay attention to her name. "It’s really a name and can’t be eaten as a meal," she muttered
Green ink Yan couldn’t help but laugh. "A good name can’t be eaten as a meal. Besides, no matter what your name is, you are my woman."
RuXiaoNan sitting opposite him hey hey smile "then let’s do a pair of notorious black and white double evil spirit"
Qing Moyan stopped her pen and looked at her carefully. "What is a black and white double evil spirit?"
"You are black and I am white." RuXiaoNan giggled. "You always scare me with a black face. I’m so white and tender …" And she also moved her hand to her chest.
She wants to make a charming move, but she forgets that she is not grown up yet, and it is very childish to make this move.
Blue ink yan eyes rested on her chest slightly protruding radian surface.
He squinted his eyes to hide the dark and dangerous brilliance of his eyes. "White tenderness is true, but it looks a bit silly."
RuXiaoNan smile face instantaneous froze in there.
Friends are exhausted!
Which eyes do you see silly? This is silly. Okay!
When I saw the little thing exploding angrily, I put a brush on it and reached out to touch her head.
Ru Xiaonan is like a stroppy child who just won’t turn his face around.
"Dali Temple has formally tried the case of Little Prince". Qing Mo Yan touched her head. "Today, the emperor has made an order to put the case on file before the trial is completed. All students in the school are not allowed to leave their respective residences without authorization."
RuXiaoNan surprised turned my head, which means … College people are grounded?
"The emperor was extremely angry and ordered me to find out the case in one month."
"Yu Jingxi is still in Dali Temple?" RuXiaoNan asked.
"Where else would you be?" Green ink Yan five fingers through her hair slowly combing gently smelling her musk fragrance.
"He … he in Dali temple prison? He is a little prince! " RuXiaoNan dare not imagine how Yu Jingqi could live in a dark and dirty cell.
"Everything is his own fault." Qing Mo Yan’s tone is cold. "Whether it’s royalty or nobility, the emperor will not tolerate them if they dare to cross the line, even if he is a little prince."
Ru Xiaonan blinked his eyes anxiously. "Will the emperor kill him?"
Qing Moyan stopped manually. "Are you worried about him?"
"I think he is a little poor …"
"Who is not poor in this world?"
RuXiaoNan have to admit that green ink yan said makes sense to talk about poor who is no better than who.
She put her arm around his neck and rubbed it in his ear. "You still have me, but there is no one around him."
"This can’t be an excuse for him to curse and try to kill the royal family." The soft little arm ring feels great on his neck.
Green ink Yan couldn’t help burying her face in the back of her neck and kissing her gently.
Ru Xiaonan felt itchy in the back of her neck and could not help shrinking her neck. Mo Yan refused to let go of the connection and kissed her neck continuously.
RuXiaoNan couldn’t help giggling and collapsing in his arms.
Green ink Yan kept in the house for three days and then went back to Dali Temple. When he left, he deliberately ordered someone to inform the second young master if he would go to Dali Temple.
The second young master’s ass was beaten, not to mention being a COP. It was difficult to sit up. Plus, he was in a temper in Nian Shi, and every word he said was like a knife in his heart.
He didn’t think too much about the taste of his first love. Now, in retrospect, Nian Shi definitely calculated him in marriage.
At that time, he was so excited that he wanted Nian Shi. In his panic, he didn’t even see if she was perfect. Now the more he thinks about it, the more he feels annoyed.
I always feel that I picked up a loose woman.
Nian Shi was slapped by him and kept clamoring to go back to her mother’s house. The second young master was upset and simply ordered someone to watch her and ban her foot.
Today, I heard that Qing Moyan was going back to Dali Temple to formally hear the case of Little Prince. He was as anxious as a cat.
How can he be promoted if he misses this case?
I want to hold on hard, but my toes hurt just after landing. Finally, I can get back to bed and let people give Qingmo Yan Hui dialect.
"It seems that the second brother can’t do this job." Green ink Yan sneered. "Xuanyu, you send someone to the front yard to talk to the duke and blame me then."
Xuanyuma found Shi Datian and went to the front yard.
Shi Datian’s mouth can be said to be alive. The old duke was trembling with anger at Shi Datian’s words.
I finally got a job, but I’m about to miss it.
Qing Moyan went to Dali Temple and didn’t come back for several days.
RuXiaoNan alone in the yard is very leisure. Every day, she either plays with stupid dogs or asks Shi Datian to go outside and buy all kinds of delicious food for her.
Anyway, Qing Mo Yan gave her the big money, and she didn’t know it until she read the account. Even if she could eat again, Qing Mo Yan simply had the cheek to prop up her belly every day.
On this day, Shi Datian brought a box back from the outside.

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