And these people who fix the truth have long been used to life and death, especially the thousand-year-old man like Cang Xu, who watched his relatives and friends die one by one, but now there is no sadness in seeing you again. After all, he is his disciple. When you are alive, you naturally hope to be saved, but once you have confirmed that you are dead, you can only die.

But the old man, Cang Xu, clung to the double shadow for another purpose. He also knew that his apprentice deserved to die, but he deserved it. Moreover, Chen Ziqin claims that the Nine-Day Witch is strong and not weak when he is more important. The old man is a loner no matter how severe he is, but Chen Ziqin has sisters! There is no doubt that Xin Ruyu is one of the six monsters in the universe with Cang Xu’s old man. Although the witch Shen Wusu was born more than a hundred years later than the two of them. Slightly inferior to some opponents can also be extremely strong. It’s much better to check the double shadow if you want to, and it can be seen that they are a group now. Obviously, there are some important actions. If you can pull the double shadow into the thief boat, Yi Yu and Chen Ziqin can’t run away.
The pale old man looked at the double shadow of a face of refusal and looked at Chen Ziqin and Yi Yu who stood on the sidelines as if nothing had happened. Tao: "Infinite Buddha! Cha Daoyou’s words are exactly what being original means. In this case, being original will no longer be around … "
With that, the old man wore several French seals on his hand. He saw that Taiyi Star Sand on the ground had returned to his hands in a flash. Although it is a pity that the treasure that is about to be obtained has flown away again. But now that people are here, they have to put up with greed for a while. It’s just that the pale old man didn’t take Taiyi Star Sand into his arms. On the contrary, holding the sparkling star sand in your hand seems to be deliberately tempting them to check the double shadow.
Cha Shuangying frowned slightly and said, "What is the meaning of Cang Xu Dao You?"
The old man Cang Xu smiled slightly. "What Cha Daoyou said just now is very reasonable, and my two evildoers didn’t die at your hands. You have no obligation to save them. So we are not enemies, just strangers. Since you are a stranger, you can naturally talk about the transaction. "
Cha Shuangying smiled and said to herself, "Hum! Sure enough! No wonder you gave me a scare just now. There was a deal to talk about! I also said that this empty old road really cherishes his disciples so much! " Cha Shuangying said faintly, "It’s really admirable for a Taoist friend who can restrain his mind and say such a fair thing!"
Pale empty old man’s eyes off a flash is obviously in the heart didn’t let it go, but now there seems to be more important things to make him have to put his anger down here and check the double shadow to talk about the conditions calmly. Just listen to Cang Xu’s old man smile: "It seems that Cha Daoyou and Yi Daoyou are very interested in the old lady’s Taiyi Xingsha!"
Cha Shuangying and Yi Yu smiled at each other and said in their hearts, "It seems that the meat show is finally on!"
Cha Shuangying said, "Since the Taoist friends in Cangxu are so happy, I don’t think someone is hypocritical. We do have a preference for Taiyi Xingsha."
Cang Xu’s old man said indifferently, "That’s good! As you can see, since I passed this treasure on to my disciples, it means that this treasure is dispensable for me. It is not impossible if Taoist friends like to send them to you. "
Cha Shuangying smiled slightly and said, "Oh? Then I don’t know what I can do for Taoist Cang Xu? "
The old man smiled and said, "If being original says no, you won’t believe it!"
Cha Shuangying smiled and said, "At this time, it is natural that the world is bustling for profit. All the hustle and bustle in the world is for profit. Of course, if there really is such a great chivalrous person who sacrifices himself for others in the world, I think someone also believes that it is just that you are not such a person. "
The old man laughed and said, "Ha ha ha! Ok! Let’s put it bluntly. It’s true that we have something to ask for friends. "
Cha Shuangying said, "It’s not that anything can make Taoist Cang Xu feel helpless, but we can help."? “
The old man Cang Xu said, "Although being original is extraordinary, it is one of the six saints in the universe thanks to the kindness of many Taoist friends in the field of repairing the truth (they themselves put gold on their faces and call themselves six saints, and the rest of them call them six monsters). However, being poor by nature doesn’t like the troubles of the world and has been living in semi-seclusion, so there are no friends and no information, so it is not surprising that the news is blocked. However, I know that Cha Daoyou is one of the most well-informed people in the world, and Yi Yu Daoyou belongs to the Qingcheng School and has an intelligence network all over the world. Nature is also a well-informed person, so I want you to help me find someone! “
Check the double shadow and Yi Yu a listen to is not from get slightly one leng. Just now, they thought about many possibilities, but they didn’t think of it. Although this pale and empty old man was born in a side door, it is rare for him to be cultivated in the world, and the fact that he can avoid all previous big robberies shows that his skill of listening to heaven and divination is superior. He wants to find someone to hang up, so why go to such a big fight and even throw Taiyi Xingsha as bait!
Cha Shuangying hesitated for a moment and said, "Huh? I don’t know who it is. How could this pale old man be in such a hurry? Should I take this deal? That Taiyi Xingsha is tempting, but if it can make the old man feel awkward, if it is involved, I am afraid it will be difficult to get out! "
Thinking of these double-check shadows, which have always tried to be safe, I really want to back down, but he also knows that I’m afraid that the pale old man can’t let him back down now. Check the double shadow and then at Yi Yu, who has nothing to hide.
I thought to myself, "damn it! I knew that picking up girls could make such a big difference, and I also pursued several tough wives. You don’t have to be alone now and you don’t have a helper to support you! " But what’s the use of thinking about it now? Check the double shadow bitten to grind. "Please speak, Taoist Cangxu!" he said.
The old man smiled. Since he asked the double shadow, it means that he has decided to take it, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to ask easily. It’s just that the pale old man didn’t answer at once. On the contrary, he looked at Yi Yudao: "I wonder how Yi Daoyou would like to make friends?" Although Yi Yu’s cultivation is slightly unqualified to be an equal with him in the eyes of the pale old man, Chen Ziqin can’t lose face too much.
Yi Yu smiled. "I’m afraid we have to hear who we’re looking for," he said. "If it’s too much trouble, I won’t do it! Recently, Wusu often complains that my time with her is getting less and less. Moreover, it would be a pity if Sister Jade cooked a meal without waiting for me! "
The pale old man’s face froze. Although Yi Yu said that everything was trivial, that person was unusual. Originally, it was quite against the rules for Yi Yu to do this. If someone says something, then you can say that I don’t have time to do it. Isn’t that the same as teasing others! It’s just that Yi Yu is uneasy about playing cards, and at this time, the old man’s mind is very anxious, but he no longer cares so much.
Old Cang Xu smiled and said, "In that case, let’s get this straight. I heard that both of you have been active in the East China Sea these years. Have you ever heard of a princess who won the Qin Dynasty? The person I’m looking for is the one who won the fall of Qin Dynasty and Xu Fufeng secretly took her out of the East China Sea to live in seclusion … "
Yi Yu listened to the description of Cang Xu’s old man and couldn’t help but frown more and more tightly. Why is this description so like Yang Zi? Although Cha Shuangying also heard some clues, he did not see any emotion. Obviously, he hasn’t figured out Chu Yiyu’s attitude, and he doesn’t want to bring unnecessary trouble to Yi Yu, but Yi Yu won’t feel trouble because of his woman’s affairs.
Yi Yu coldly stared at the pale old man without concealing the alert color in his eyes. It is not difficult for the pale old man to see the change of Yi Yu’s expression and ask, "It seems that Yi Daoyou knows the princess who won?"
Yi Yu light way: "good! I am a person or she knows where she is now … "
As soon as the old man heard this, he showed a trace of excitement. He said in his heart, "It doesn’t take much effort to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere to get it!" But soon he regained his composure and said, "Please tell Yi Daoyou to be original!"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "It’s not impossible to tell you, but I still have a few questions before I say them. If you can answer them all, I can really tell you where Princess Yangzi is."
When the old man heard Yi Yu say the name of Yang Zi, he couldn’t help being slightly stupefied: "Since Yi Daoyou can say the name of your highness, so being original, I will believe the words of Daoyou for the time being. If you don’t know what your friends have, you can ask them. I know everything. "
Yi Yu smiled faintly and said with a smile: "I’m afraid there are many people who know Yang Zi in the East China Sea, but not many people know where he is. Since you didn’t look for Yang Zi in the past, but now you mention it, I’m afraid you got some news recently! "
The pale old man looked a little stiff and said, "This … it’s true that being original is the news that someone saw her in the East China Sea. However, if Taoist friends want to know how I learned about it, it involves other people’s secrets, so I can’t tell them. "
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "It’s a naked god!"
Although the old man was slightly stunned, he returned to normal in an instant, but it was enough for Yi Yu to make sure that he was right. Cang Xu’s old man also knew that he couldn’t hide it. He said with a wry smile, "I don’t know how to get friends?"
Yi Yu didn’t hide: "When Yang Zi appeared, the only people present were the naked God, Wang Jian, Brother Cha and the next one. By the way, there was a double-body leader, but we finally killed him and naturally he wouldn’t talk again. Look at the relationship between Daoyou Cangxu and Brother Cha now, which is obviously not the news revealed by Brother Cha. If it were Wang, I’m afraid it would be more detailed, so you wouldn’t have to look for it so blindly. If you want to think about it, only the naked god is the most likely. "
The old man smiled and said, "Yes! Being original did get the news from the naked god, but he didn’t mean to say it. It was just a little chat. "
Yi Yu smiled as to whether the naked god was interested or not, but he didn’t want to pursue it more. Now the attitude of the pale old man is very intriguing. What is he looking for Princess Yangzi for? Moreover, it seems to be quite urgent, and even some people are anxious to die.
Yi Yudao: "Then I don’t know what the Taoist friends of Cang Xu are looking for Yang Zi for?"
The old man with a slight sigh said, "I’m afraid it’s not convenient to talk about this with Yi Daoyou!" Do I need to ask others for instructions for what I want to do? You just need to tell the old lady where Princess Yangzi is, and this Taiyi Star Sand is yours. "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "If that’s the case, I’m afraid it will be very difficult. If you have evil intentions, I’ll just tell you where Yang Zi is hiding. Wouldn’t it hurt that little beauty! So you’d better keep the Taiyi Xingsha for yourself! Can’t we just leave it? "
Cang Xu’s old man’s face changed a little and he didn’t respond after considering it for a long time.
Yi Yu went on to say, "By the way, since we met once, it’s fate. There’s one thing I want to remind my friends. It’s because I didn’t help Taoist friends just now. "
The old man was suspicious: "Oh? What is it that needs to be deliberately mentioned by Yi Yu Daoyou? I’m all ears. "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Recently, I heard that Princess Yangzi seems to have found her aunt’s Daqin Qintian supervisor’s big drink offering, which seems to be called Ying Qing Chu. If Daoyou has any action, please hurry up. If you wait until the early win of Qing Dynasty, I’m afraid Daoyou will be in trouble! By the way, I forgot to mention that Ying Qing was seriously injured in the war with Xiang Wang that year, but I believe that he will recover soon. At that time, I am afraid that Daoyou Daofa Tongxuan may not be able to compete with the big sacrifice of Daqin. "
Although I knew that Yi Yu’s statement was to test his details, the pale old man was shocked on the spot even with the double check. They are all old guys who have been practicing for thousands of years, and the pale old man even personally experienced the earth-shattering war that year. Although he was only a little-known ordinary figure at that time, he was deeply impressed by the arrogant soldiers and experts of Daqin.
Cang Xu’s old man’s voice trembled slightly: "You! You mean … Lord Weng, she … she’s not dead! "
Yi Yu was stupefied and whispered, "Is this pale old man also from Daqin? But I haven’t heard of any connection between them! " Looked at the side of Chen Ziqin is also a little confused, it seems that I have never heard of it.

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