Because aragones is a head coach who is very good at making tactical arrangements with existing players.

Look at these players in Mallorca now.
The striker is fast Eto ‘o. This season, Mallorca bought out half of the ownership from Real Madrid, and Mallorca shares it with Real Madrid.
Eto ‘o’s speed is excellent, which is his greatest feature, and he shows it incisively and vividly in the defensive counter-attack tactics tailored for him by aragones.
The partner with Eto ‘o is Luke.
This player, like luis garcia, came from La Marcia Youth Camp in Barcelona, but he didn’t get the chance from Barcelona until he was 20 years old, so he had to leave and come to Mallorca.
In Mallorca, he was loaned to Malaga, where he got 23 chances to play and scored three goals. Mallorca gave him a first-team chance this season to replace Diego_Tristan, who moved to La Coruna this season.
This season, he is the main striker of the team, scoring nine goals, and is the second shooter within the team. Second only to Eto ‘o who scored eleven goals.
In the midfield, the Argentine Ibagaza plays the front waist and is responsible for organizing the attack. Although he is not famous in international football, he is definitely a first-class player in Spain. At the age of 23, he is the absolute main force of Mallorca.
After Jovan_Stankovic, a Yugoslav international, went to Marseille on loan, he took the lead in the attack organization of Mallorca midfield. This season, he has made 34 appearances in the league and scored ten goals, which is eye-catching.
George finidi, a Nigerian international and one of the founders of Ajax dynasty, is now on the right of Mallorca’s midfield. Made 31 league appearances and scored five goals.
On the left is Alvaro_Novo, who was in Mallorca B team last season and was promoted to the first team this season, and took the main position. Thirty-four league games, three goals.
Plus a waist Ngonga (Vincente_Engonga). The descendants of Equatorial Guinea have good physical fitness and strong attack power. He is the first black international in the history of the Spanish national team and participated in the European Championship in 2000. He has made 31 appearances this season and scored two goals for the first time. He has never scored for Mallorca before …
There are a lot of veterans in the back line, only Fernando_Nino, the central defender, is younger and 26 years old.
His partner is a famous one, Miguel_Angel_Nadal, the central defender of Spain. He made his debut in Mallorca and moved to Barcelona, becoming the main central defender of Barcelona. Now 34 years old, he returned to his hometown team at the end of his career and plans to retire here.
He has a nephew who will be famous in the future, even more famous than him-Rafael Nadal, the greatest tennis player in Spain.
My uncle is a Barcelona centre-back, and my nephew is a die-hard fan of Real Madrid.
Javier_Olaizola, a 30-year-old right-back, played in Mallorca for six seasons and has always been the main right-back of Mallorca.
The left-back is 36-year-old Miquel_Soler. Although he is old, he is really Mallorca’s main left-back, with rich experience and eight national team games. He played for Barcelona for many years and was the main force. At the same time, he is the only player in Spanish history who has played for Madrid duo (Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid) and Barcelona top two (Barcelona, Spaniard).
In the goalkeeper lineup, Mallorca prefers Argentines.
Their three goalkeepers are all Argentines!
The main goalkeeper is the young Leo_Franco, who quickly became the main goalkeeper of Mallorca after Roya, the former main goalkeeper, fled to Argentina to hide from the end of the world because of religious problems. And he is only 23 years old now.
The two substitute goalkeepers are both Argentine goalkeepers. Roa was the main goalkeeper of Argentina’s national team in the 1998 World Cup, and became famous for successfully stopping England in the penalty shoot-out.
Many people think that his career will be smooth in the future, but for religious reasons, Roa gave up football halfway. Roa is a believer of "Christ on the Seventh Day". According to the doctrine, Roa can only participate in training and competitions after sunset every Saturday, while many games in La Liga are on Saturdays, which brings him great trouble. In addition, he also believes in the end of the world. In order to avoid the end, he announced his retirement at the peak of his career and returned to Argentina to spend the end of the world in the deep mountains and forests. But the end of the world has not come, but he always wants to survive. So he returned to Mallorca.
Originally, he was the main force this season, but because of injury, he didn’t play a few games, which made Francot become the main force again.
Another substitute goalkeeper, German_Burgos, is also an Argentine national, but he is a substitute. Boggs, who has long hair, has been scolded more than once. His goalkeeping ability is not as good as singing rock and roll. There was a special topic on Radio Marca. Only three of the 20 coaches in La Liga are willing to use Boggs. The reason is simple. Argentines may be more suitable for singing rock and roll than gatekeepers.
Later, he became the main goalkeeper of the Argentine national team and was trusted by Belsa in the World Cup qualifiers in Japan and South Korea. But strangely, in the final World Cup in Japan and South Korea, the main goalkeeper of the Argentine national team turned into Caballero.
Such a team is Mallorca’s basic main lineup.
There are also some good substitutes.
For example, Francisco_Soler, who is in the back position, is an old courtier of Mallorca and has been playing for Mallorca since his debut. It is now his eleventh year in the first team. He has made 22 appearances this season and is an excellent substitute for Ngonga.
There is also a Spanish international Armando in the right-back position, and he is also an excellent substitute.
In addition, in the position of central defender, Gustavo_Lionel_Siviero has always been the main central defender. When Mallorca won the runner-up in the Cup Winners’ Cup, he was the main force. However, this season, due to injuries and other reasons, his condition declined and he became a substitute. But with rich experience, the strength still exists.
Such a team, with excellent players, experienced head coach and a tradition of defensive counter-attack, almost took Biancocelesti Lazio down in the final of the Cup Winners’ Cup, relying on defensive counter-attack.
It can be said that it is a very difficult opponent.
But the winner must win, because he said, it is necessary to show miracles.
How to win?
After understanding Mallorca’s tactics and the team’s situation, Changsheng became more determined that he could not use defensive counterattacks to deal with this team.
You don’t have to fight back with your best defense. What’s the use?
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Shanzhai Tiki-taka
It’s always better to think hard.
He stared at the name of Mallorca’s head coach.
Luis aragones …
Suddenly, Changsheng’s eyes lit up.
He rang a thing.
Before aragones became the head coach of the Spanish national team, for a long time, his coaching performance was mediocre, and there was nothing to win.
His best teaching achievement was at Atletico Madrid.
But after he became the head coach of the national team, the Spanish national team underwent an earth-shaking change under his leadership.
The former Spanish national team had a bad nickname: "the king of qualifiers" and "the king of group matches".
Although it is not good to hear, it shows that Spain has achieved good results in group matches and qualifiers.

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