Yu Xin, "I don’t know who sent it in person."

It’s true, but the card is not signed, but you can tell who is speaking when you leave a message.
Xu Ling saw that her expression had changed a little.
He looked at his office and suddenly said, "You can move the office into it from now on. I have to call you Liang Mi, and you may have to rest for a few days."
Yu Xin was shocked
What does this mean?
Let her move in to work. Wouldn’t it be that every move is under Xu Ling’s nose
Yu Xin, "Manager Xu, I’m afraid I’ll disturb you."
Xu Ling "Then you should pay attention"
Yu Xin "…"
Xu Zong is indeed strong and decisive.
"good manager Xu"
All right, now it’s up to you to do whatever you say, and when the tables turn, it’s my turn to say it.
After work, Yu Xin just walked out of the company and saw Shen Chuyan.
He was dressed in white in front of a luxury car.
Luxury cars with his face attract the attention of several white-collar workers in the past
When Yu Xin came out, she saw a girl walk past him and fell down.
It’s a pity that Shen Chuyan didn’t even lift his eyelids when he didn’t see that the girl fell to the ground and sat for a full minute, which was very embarrassing.
Yu Xin didn’t say hello to Shen Chu-yan, but Shen Chu-yan soon saw that she was still cold. Don’t be close to strangers. See Yu Xin’s spirit when he comes.
He came here specially to squat down today.
He asked her out many times, but she refused to have dinner with him, either because it was inconvenient or because it was not available.
Shen Chu’s words have been suppressed for several days, and she didn’t have a chance to tell her. Today, she specially prepared something and waited in the building.
"Yu Xin"
Shen Chuyan stopped her before she left.
Yu Xin, "Why are you here?"
Shen Chuyan said, "What about you? You have nothing else to do today, right?"
Yu Xin, "What should I do?"
"I was just passing by and wanted to invite you to dinner."
Shen Chuyan and Yu Xin are conspicuous on the side of the road, and two people are also conspicuous. People who come out of the Xu Shi regiment building will notice this side.
Xu Xinghan and Lin Jiaqi saw them at a glance when they came out.
Chapter 3. Chapter 3
"General manager, isn’t that Mr. Shen?" Lin jiaqi staring at Shen Chuyan eyes a little too hard.
Xu xinghan’s attention is also focused on Yu Xin and Shen Chu’s words. I didn’t notice that Lin jiaqi looked wrong.
Xu xinghan didn’t say anything, looked at Yu Xin coldly and walked towards them.
Lin Jiaqi didn’t expect Yu Xin and Shen Chuyan to know each other before, but she didn’t listen to her, and she came to meet Yu Xin like that.
Xu Xinghan walked faster than Lin Jiaqi. Just before Yu Xin was about to get in the car, he stopped Yu Xin.
Yu Xin, looking back at Xu Xinghan with a heavy face, can’t help but be happy.
That’s interesting. Three fish swam together.
Lin Jiaqi also walked to come over, wondering eyes looked at her.
"What can I do for the general manager?" Yu Xin said simply
Xu Xinghan paused. Yes, he stopped Yu Xin. What can I do for you?
Yu Xin is gone with him now. Even if she is with Shen Chuyan, it’s none of his business. He’s not qualified to ask.
"I heard from Jiaqi that Liang Secret asked for leave recently, and you are the only one around Mr. Xu. If you have just come to the company, you can let Jiaqi temporarily take charge of Liang Secret."
This is Xu Xinghan’s impromptu reason. It sounds as if there is no problem, but knowing that everyone present knows that he and Yu Xin don’t see the light, they know that it is false when they think about it.
Yu Xin didn’t directly expose it, but said, "I can’t do this kind of thing. No, you’d better tell Mr. Xu. I’ll try my best to do my job."
Yu Xin’s remarks made Xu Xinghan face some would.
Next to Shen Chu, he laughed sarcastically, "I didn’t expect Xu Xinghan to be so concerned about your company, even your uncle’s assistant. It’s really a good leader."
Xu Xinghan looked at Shen Chuyan and said discontentedly, "What are you doing here?"
Shen Chuyan said, "I came to see her. Why don’t you have to take care of your love life?"
Shen Chuyan said that the word intentional emotional life was like a thorn in Xu Xinghan’s body.
"If I don’t get it wrong, you seem to have been chasing my sister Xu Susu. Now you give up?"
"Sort of, but it’s not appropriate to give up this two word. It should be made sense, but … I don’t chase you. Shouldn’t you be very happy? What do you think you look so ugly? "
Shen Chuyan’s words are full of knives.
Xu xinghan "mr.zhou know?"
Shen Chuyan looked embarrassed, but there were also two seconds.
It’s true that he didn’t tell Xu Susu, mainly because it’s really hard to say.
He has been thinking a lot these days, and he feels more and more that he and Xu Susu have never seriously talked about feelings. Xu Susu has been calling him his brother on purpose, but every time he wants to have a relationship, Xu Susu will change the subject.
He didn’t know whether Xu Susu knew whether he was pursuing her before or whether she actually knew but refused before.
Shen Chu said that she couldn’t directly tell her that she likes Yu Xin now. He thought about waiting for a suitable opportunity to say more about Kuang Yu Xin, and the words here are not left to the letter.
"This is also between me and Mr.zhou. Although you are her brother, I don’t need to tell you anything. If there is nothing else, we will go first."
Say that finish Shen Chuyan twist a head to yu xin, "car"
He helped Yu Xin open the car door.
Danger xin, quietly saw Lin Jiaqi one eye and then turned Shen Chu car.
Shen Chuyan door to the driver’s side.
Xu xinghan said coldly, "I’ll tell mr.zhou about it."

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