The whole alliance is made up of many sects, so there is no leader, only elders jointly elected by various forces will make decisions. At the same time, there are five departments under the Presbyterian Council, namely, the Military Academy, which is responsible for fighting, the Knowledge Institute, the Tiangong Department, which is responsible for alchemy, the Phantom Department, which is responsible for intelligence, and the Legal Department, which is responsible for criminal law.

These departments are composed of elite disciples sent by various families. According to how much everyone contributes and how many resources are allocated, basically everything is in accordance with what Song Changgeng wants. In fact, everyone is afraid to say what they don’t want, and they basically don’t touch their roots. These forces have endured, and there is no way. Song Changgeng is a great pick, especially in the last few days, and everyone is even more reluctant to provoke him.
So things were basically settled smoothly. Purple Xuanfeng became an elder in the Presbyterian Church on behalf of Easy Door, and the disciples of Easy Door took one thousand organs to join, and were assigned to various departments according to their abilities. Although these people accounted for less than one-tenth of the staff of the five departments of the whole alliance, they were not a force to be neglected. Compared with them, Song Changgeng was behind them.
After reading out all the clauses, it was basically early noon when everyone had no objection, so they started offering sacrifices to heaven and earth, burning books and praying to all the ancestors, and then signed the pledge of joining the League together. Under the influence of magic, everyone could not betray, otherwise they would not only be hunted down by the alliance, but also be attacked by the spell of the pledge of joining the League, which would bring bad luck again and again.
After the ceremony, Song Changgeng felt very boring. He was just like a clay sculpture. He sat there motionless, listened to what others said, and then did it step by step according to the rules of the ceremony. It was so boring, but he had to endure it because the formal ceremony was so boring that he had to do it. Otherwise, it would be a blasphemy, which would be detrimental to the exhibition in the future.
After the ceremony, it’s time for everyone to have a banquet, but this banquet is still a prelude. It’s all about light wine and fruit. Eating and drinking is not important. It’s mainly because the disciples of Worry-Free Door perform various magic battles to show the strength of their disciples, and then the disciples of other sects and influential factions come out to entertain, performing their own specialties for everyone to watch the entertainment.
Song Changgeng realized that he had done something wrong when he started to get married in another hall in the afternoon. He actually took part in such two ceremonies. In the morning, he was sitting there with clay sculptures, and in the afternoon, he was playing with puppets by people. Everything had to be greeted by etiquette disciples, and there were rules for how to do it. He really didn’t know who came up with so many rules and ceremonies.
In his opinion, it is enough to get married and pray for heaven and earth in front of everyone, but now there are so many complicated ceremonies, but it is not good to reprimand them. As long as they have suffered, the guests who come here to watch the ceremony are more dignified, knowing that this matter must be so solemn, otherwise it will make people feel frivolous.
These guests are basically human, only the disciples who cut off teaching are foreign, but they don’t make public, just watching, but although these dozens of people have converged their breath, many guests still feel their extraordinary, and they are all so unfamiliar. These people all guess that these people who have never seen them come from all walks of life and are very awed.
After the ceremony, Song Chang-geng didn’t know until he asked. He had to propose a toast to everyone at last, so he had to lead his five wives who were covered with light red gauze to make a toast and say something of thanks.
That is, with his skill, the wine dried up, and then the exercise melted away. The five brides were also practitioners, and basically translucent red gauze could not stop their sight. So after following his toast, the female disciples followed the palace group in the middle of the meeting, and Song Changgeng returned to the main hall and began to drink with visitors from all walks of life to celebrate.
These bosses drink and chat, and the junior masters brought by the bosses also have their own places to drink and feast. At the same time, Changping people also decorate many scenery in the air with specially made platforms in the cloud. Each platform is a hundred feet in size, hidden in the clouds, but floating only a dozen feet from the ground, with hundreds of osmanthus trees as bright as jinxia on it, or a large number of other flower trees transplanted from everywhere.
Or the clear springs, strange rocks, strange peaks and steep cliffs brought from the outside, using magic, modeling mountains to fan water, swallowing clouds and orchids, and making a lot of scenery set off by clouds and mist, it is even more beautiful. It has basically become a place for those disciples to visit, and at the same time, there are many riddle organs here to test the wisdom and strength of all disciples. If it is broken, there will be various small gifts.
There are thousands of these clouds hanging around the whole palace group at the foot of the mountain. When Song Changgeng looked from the temple by chance, he saw that the clouds were straight into a complex cloud, amid the fairy clouds and apricot haze, and sometimes he saw the Qionglou Yuyu, waterfalls and flowing springs, hidden among them, fragrant and fragrant, which would cover the whole mountain, and he could smell all kinds of strange fragrance more than ten miles away.
At the end, there are endless fairy scenes, which are very popular. There are also many exotic flowers and herbs that are specially urged by magic, forming a flower viewing event, which has virtually become a place for disciples who like these things to communicate. The fragrance is floating, the clouds are steaming, and the scenery is very beautiful. Although the means of these immortals are low, they win more. They float and come one by one, and tens of thousands of disciples come and go, and the roads are shining, which is really not human weather.
At this time, the whole bright territory is as blue as blue clouds, and the sky is cloudless. At that time, everyone pushes a cup for a change. At this time, the seats on the table are all kinds of dishes made of rare plants and animals, and all kinds of sweet wines are served. Because it is running water, the consumption is relatively large. If it is not for Song Changgeng’s one-tenth of what his mother Xuan Ming gave, I am afraid it is not enough. After all, the foundation of Worry-Free Door is too thin.
Fortunately, after having these things, the banquet was rich countless times. In Song Changgeng’s view, these things that he took out were nothing. They were the worst and most of the things given by his mother, and they were specially used to entertain large banquets. But who is Xuan Ming? After the creation of heaven and earth, the sage is the strongest, and the materials she collected and made herself are not available in the world.

Chapter seven hundred and twenty-five Dingding of shushan
So everyone was amazed when they saw it. The dishes, wine and food all contained a lot of aura, which was very precious at first glance. Even though you have been using these to intercept and teach you these days, although you know his background, you can’t help but marvel at the rich fortune of Empress Xuan Ming. After they were deified, they were already poor and jingled, and they accumulated something for thousands of years, which is not comparable to others.
When the night came, I saw that most of the moonlight was exceptionally bright and bright, and the mountains far and near were as bright as day. Then, some disciples used magic to start raining, such as dew and fog, and the water was shining. The lonely pines in the cloud scenery and countless waterfalls and springs merged into a complex sound, and the sound of water was magnificent and shocked the clouds in the forest.
However, although the scenery was good, Song Changgeng was not in the mood to see it. After he got everyone right, he saw that it was already late, so he stood up and raised his glass, and spread his voice throughout the bright landscape with his mind: "Today is a double happiness in Daqing. Thank you for coming. Now it is the bright moon, and the so-called moment is worth a thousand dollars. I thanked you all with three cups. Enjoy your meal!"
Say that finish even drink three cups, and everyone arch hand, in everyone’s well-meaning laughter royal air volley, straight up the hill in the middle of the palace, because there are all kinds of banned in the cloud here, can isolate all kinds of psychic and spell detection, so Song Changgeng is not afraid of someone to listen to the corner, after all, he is a pick Jin Xian, in addition to saints, even true fairy may not be able to detect his things without disturbing him.
So he settled down all the way to the new house, screened off the female disciples who waited on Hou, let them have their own drinks below, and then entered the bedroom hall, where he lived. The whole hall was spacious and spacious, with a ten-foot-wide jade cave in the center. The gauze curtain hanging from the roof beam covered the jade couch, and there was everything around the couch, except some simple jade furniture on the four walls.
In fact, all five women in Gan Biwu have their own special bedrooms, but today is special, so all five women have to wait on Hou here. Now they are all sitting there in a row, covered with red hijab. Song Changgeng couldn’t help laughing when he saw it, and then with a stroke of his hand, all kinds of doors and windows behind him automatically closed, and the above light flashed, and he gave them a seal spell again, and then walked to the five women.
Of the five women, only Qin Ziling once had a fit experience with him. The other four women are virgins. Of course, they have no experience in this field. They are ashamed and don’t know what to do. Although they have a magical ability and probably understand what they are going to have, they have never experienced it after all, and they can’t help but be nervous and shy. What is most irritating is that Song Changgeng shamelessly asked them five to sleep together today.
Song Chang-geng provoked five red hijabs, drank them, made a toast, and went to bed with a big quilt. Needless to say, it’s natural to fall in love with a phoenix after one emperor and five emperors. In fact, the level of capability has reached his level, and the double cultivation has no meaning at all. If Song Chang-geng didn’t deliberately keep the yin nature of mortals in his heart, he wouldn’t marry any wife at all. These things have never been heard of by several pick Jin Xian.
Moreover, I married a woman on earth, so I originally wanted to do something big. Articles, inviting friends from all walks of life to come, because Song Changgeng’s strength suddenly improved, coupled with various things, so I couldn’t succeed, but I invited all of you in the sky, and even the virgin Mary was too busy to come because she suddenly decided to start the integration of the five realms in advance after more than ten years.
As for how Song Chang-geng played with the five women, it was all speculation in other people’s hearts. But when the five women came out again the next day to have a banquet with everyone, everyone saw that except Gan Biwu, the capability of the other four women had improved a lot, and the stunning faces of the five women were all Chun Qing faint. One by one, the young girls who had not completely subsided were combined with the elegant amorous feelings of the new young woman, so they did not have some beauty.
Everyone had a happy night’s banquet. After the disciple performed various programs, the person who stopped teaching in the early morning of the third day said goodbye to him first, and went back to heaven. Several people, such as the ethereal fairy and Zhao Gongming, would swim away.
After they left, other overseas Gods and Gods who came to congratulate him also left one after another. These people all contacted the "Chinese Gods Alliance" and both sides initially promised not to attack each other. In fact, Song Changgeng was not in the mood to pay attention to these little Gods. He is now a Buddhist monk in Tianzhu and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the Western Illuminati and those indigenous monks in Africa. It seems that they are going to fight to the end.
On the fourth day, all the elders of the "Chinese Friar Alliance" sat together to discuss the location of the headquarters of the alliance. In fact, Song Changgeng had already discussed it with Emei, so after everyone talked about it, he said, "You must all know that Jinfeng Fairy built a cave with Yuding in Beijing two years ago, and that Emei School also built a cave with Yuding.
My suggestion is this: the Emei Sect donated the Yuding cave to become the headquarters of our alliance. For this reason, we can let the Emei Sect take charge of the daily affairs of the alliance, reception and supervision, and at the same time, all of us will transfer the existing spiritual veins of Jiuzhou to Shu, and then we will work together to build Shu into a blessed land, and I will set up a large array to keep the aura there stronger than the outside and not scattered.
Now, after being selected, the mortals there are sent out unqualified, and the mortals left inside can provide new masters for everyone for a long time. Now we have integrated our internal affairs first, and then we have to conquer other civilizations and plunder resources. In order to prepare for the future, the main looting targets are the aspects that have not come this time, first the Tibetan border, then the Tianzhu, and then the western light.
The internal rectification is mainly about the sects that China and Turkey didn’t participate in. We sent disciples to send the written materials of the alliance, and asked them not to interfere with the alliance and disturb the alliance disciples, otherwise they would be destroyed. Since they don’t participate in us and want to make trouble with us, I think we should do something hard for the survival of the disciples and the inheritance of orthodoxy in the future. What do you think of my suggestion? "
For him to talk about such a big pick in Kan Kan here, it is suggested that others just have different ideas and don’t have the courage to oppose it. Everyone should say yes, so it’s settled. A wonderful real person used his daughter and a female disciple, together with a cave, to get part of the dominant rights of the alliance, which others all understand. What a good calculation.
Because the principle of alliance distribution is given according to the contributions from all sides, Emei has offered a small cave, which is basically flush with the propose to create Alliance and has donated a lot of start-up materials. It is one of the two biggest contributors in the alliance, and it seems that Emei has suffered a lot, but in fact, he has taken a big advantage and given up a dead cave, but he can get a steady stream of materials, which is of course a big profit.

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