Just this blow, tens of millions of monster beasts were blown to pieces, and blood rained down.

This person is SHEN WOO Xiandi!
When I learned from Wenchang Xiandi that SHEN WOO Xianfu was now in a position, he almost exploded.
That’s his fairy house. It’s full of other people!
My own people were buried in the mouth of the beast, which made SHEN WOO Xiandi angry.
He blasted thousands of monsters with one punch and then locked his eyes on the two demon emperors of the large array.
"Die for me!"
SHEN WOO directly began to cover the sun with a golden fist, and a blow of anger made the whole day violently oscillate.
"Just in time!"
When the flame lion saw this, he also roared and danced wildly on his temples.
One man and one demon collided violently in the sky.
A huge roar resounded through the heavens and the earth
For the first time, the two directly fight against each other and try their best to cause fluctuations that are several times stronger than those of attacking and attacking large arrays!
Chapter 48 Almost missed it again
A series of orders sent hundreds of powerful figures from the fairy house to fly in all directions.
When SHEN WOO returned to Fairy House, he had a backbone and everything was fine.
SHEN WOO was sullen, and the information in his hand made his heart bleed.
In just one month, dozens of cities in the whole fairy house were destroyed, and hundreds of millions of people died. Those are all fresh lives, and they are all other people.
"What monster beast attack will suddenly be so violent!"
SHEN WOO thundered and smashed the jade symbol on the table instantly.
He really didn’t think that he had left Fairy House for just over a month and suffered such a great disaster.
In fact, he also knew when the beast tide first happened.
But at that time, there was a small monster beast in chaos, and he could take it in stride with his own strength, so he didn’t take it to heart
After that, he went to Xuandu to spy on information.
The environment there is special, and it can be reached by general means of communication.
The urgent report of the fairy house was not received by him.
It happened that something had happened to Fairy House at this time.
"It’s a little unusual."
Wenchang Xiandi said, "Animal tides have occurred in many places where I came from."
"But no one is as large as SHEN WOO Fairy House. Even the demon imperial city has come in person, and it seems that it will be the same as the fairy house."
He also has some understanding.
After living for so many years, it is rarely seen that the demon spirits attack the whole fairy house.
"Maybe it’s a little special here in Tai Kun Da Yu."
Wenchang Xiandi said
But suddenly he and SHEN WOO looked up at the same time.
"Well, who’s going to check for me to see if other fairy houses on the border of the wilderness are in the same situation as ours!"
SHEN WOO Xiandi immediately ordered to go.
They all lived for so long that they soon felt some unusual information from it.
If this is the case with everyone, that’s easy to say.
But if this is the case with Shenwu Xianfu, then
SHEN WOO Xiandi rubbed a jade symbol with a changeable expression.
That’s his old friend Xu Yang Xian Di Xun Fu.
But a moment later, he still put away the jade operator.
If it’s really like you think, other fairy houses are also involved in this beast tide, even if you go to Xu Yang, it’s a boring thing.
In the so-called friendship
In fact, SHEN WOO has long been a joke for people like Bai Xuyang if friendship is in front of interests.
And several orders to go out to the hall to be quiet for a while.

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