Jose Passareira saw his thoughts and patted him on the shoulder: "Don’t pay too much attention to these, Samir. You are our last line of defense, our backer, and you can’t have any problems. "

Handanovic nodded vigorously: "I know, Jose. I will do my best … I promise I won’t lose the ball again in the next game! "
The game suddenly became British.
When Barcelona attacked, it mainly took two flanks, and then crossed the bottom. When it reached Lazio’s door, it was all kinds of high balls.
And Lazio defenders are not short of jumping high and fighting for the header.
Or guard against death on the side, so that the other side can not easily cross.
"Barcelona adjusted its tactics against Handanovic’s mistakes. It seems that they will score more goals!"
The commentator in Catalonia said hopefully.
In his mind, also didn’t put handanovic in the eye.
The goalkeeper’s first save caused the goal to be lost, and there was really no way to make people think highly of him.
This game, after the end of Ter stegen, took a turning point, and the situation began to develop in favor of Barcelona.
If Ter stegen hadn’t been injured, judging from the previous match, it was probably Barcelona who lost the ball.
As a result, Barcelona has now equalized the score and the situation has been completely reversed!
Chapter ninety-two The score …
Handanovic was under great pressure.
He listened to the boss’s arrangement and did not attack blindly to intercept the cross.
Instead, I gave all the battles in the air to my teammates, Jose Passareira, Campoli and other Lazio players.
And he is on the goal line, ready to pounce on those who slip through the net.
This is actually a very risky approach.
Because you are on the goal line, the area you need to defend will increase. As long as the opponent’s top angle is a little off, I’m afraid the goalkeeper won’t even have a chance to react, but can only watch the football enter the net.
Why does the goalkeeper have to meet when shooting? It is because this can shorten the distance between the opponent and himself, reduce the shooting angle of the opponent, and help him save the ball.
In this situation, the response speed of Handanovic is very high.
In the case of extremely close distance, he must respond in the fastest time, otherwise he will be too late.
Although Jose Passareira and Campoli worked hard, they still gave Barcelona a chance.
When they cross to the door from the side, osvaldo jumps high in front of the door. After he collided with Jose Passareira, the football bounced near the penalty spot!
Neymar, who was waiting there, swung his right foot directly, volley!
"Neymar! ! !”
Catalan commentator stretched out his voice and roared.
Neymar’s action is very relaxed when he shoots, so it can be seen that he is in good shooting condition.
As long as the ball hits the doorframe, it will be difficult for the goalkeeper to pounce!
Many Barcelona fans have even raised their hands and started celebrating ahead of time.
And the impatient commentator simply yelled out "GOAL" excitedly first.
But the next second, their early celebration became a joke!
I saw that Handanovic, who was on the goal line, jumped up, threw himself at the right side of his body and held out his right hand.
Then the football hit the palm of his right hand.
The football bounced up and drew an arc in the air, over the goal crossbar, and then fell to the top of the net and was caught by the net.
Roar, cheers and applause stopped abruptly at this moment.
Everyone looked at the football falling at the top of the net, all stunned!
What just happened?
Between those crackles, it was supposed to be a goal with one foot. How did football come here now?
When Neymar volleyed, many people had a strong premonition that the ball would go in.
Because they can’t find the reason why the ball didn’t score!
Handanovic fell to the ground, then got up from the ground, and he was relieved to see that the football was outside the baseline.
Then Campoli came up and hugged him hard!
"Great save! Handanovic! In the previous attack, his mistake caused him to lose the ball, but now he has made up for it with his excellent performance! Shut out Neymar’s goal! "
The Italian commentator also forgot that he was worried about Handanovic’s performance before, and now he is desperately praising Handanovic.
Even Chang Sheng, seeing this scene, couldn’t help waving his fist off the court.
This save proved that Handanovic was not affected by the mistake just now, so his heart was half put down …

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