As he spoke, the golden light flashed, and the Buddha soldier called Bidou Luo let out a scream, and his body disappeared in the golden light, and a wisp of soul went straight to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and was reincarnated.

Chapter three hundred and forty-five Mao Xiaoyu Ruo
All the Buddha soldiers suddenly showed a look of shock on their faces. This is really not to be taunted. He didn’t give any face to the Tathagata Buddha. In the future, he and others will suffer some hardships here. Xing Xuan saw that the Buddha would kill the Buddha soldiers, snorted, and suddenly returned to Linxi Palace with a flying sword in his big hand. See fly sword banned broken, but it turned out to be a letter from Niu Mowang, the letter content is very simple, is now the disappeared five hundred thousand ghost soldiers, ask Long Xingxuan whether to send troops to stir out. "Of course, we must destroy it. If we don’t act, we won’t let the bodhi old zu think that there is no one in our celestial world!"
Xing Xuan suddenly stood up. "Lin Quan, Gong, you take my seal to irrigate the estuary, and ask Xiao Tian Dog to send 500,000 grass-headed soldiers to gather in Niutoushan. Qiongzhi, Manyun, Bai Ling, Fate, Tianji, Mungo, Yunyang and Gong Yang, each of you will lead your own troops and follow me to Niutoushan, Heiyue and Zirui, and you will stay at Linxi Palace and guard the portal!"
Xing Xuan’s voice boomed in Linxi Palace at once. Linxi Palace was busy at once, and in a short time, two golden lights flew up from Linxi Palace and went in the direction of Guanjiangkou. It was nymphs and Gong. Then, under the guidance of Qiongzhi, Manyun and others, 300,000 sailors also flew out of the sea in a huge array on the sea. Xing Xuan, wearing a colorful Chen Xing crown on his head and a scarlet Ufa robe for ten days, was shrouded in the golden light of twelve lotus platforms. He flew to the 10,000 Buddha soldiers and said to the Buddha general, "The ghost fairy has reappeared. Are you interested in destroying the ghost soldiers with me?"
The Buddha looked hesitant on his face, folded his hands in front of Xing Xuan and said, "Gouchen the Great. The little monk Mokeqiye obeyed my Buddha’s decree, only to protect the security of Linxi Palace, but not to wipe out the ghost soldiers in the fairy world! "
After hearing this, Xing Xuan smiled, and suddenly tricked into the Moke eggplant leaf. Without waiting for the Moke eggplant leaf to react, Xun said in his ear, "Aren’t you ordered to spy on me? Aren’t you afraid that I will go out this time to make peace with the bodhi old zu that Sunday? Welcome him into the celestial world. Then attack your western paradise? "
With that, Xing Xuan laughed and suddenly returned to Linxi Water Army. He said to Qiongzhi and Manyun, "Go. Go to Niutoushan! "
The Qiongzhi and Manyun put their flags in their hands, and the 300,000 water army marched in the direction of Niutoushan. Just flew tens of thousands of kilometers away. Mungo and Yunyang caught up from behind and came to Xing Xuan. He said, "The 10,000 Buddhist soldiers are following us, and that guy named Mokeqiye said he wanted to see Emperor Gou Chen. He has something to say!"
Xing Xuan laughed and said, "I have nothing to say to him. You tell him that if you see ghost soldiers in the future, listen to me and I will keep him safe!"
After hearing this, Mungo and Yunyang flew back and sent a message to Namoko eggplant leaves. After listening to what Mungo and Yunyang said, Mo Keqie Ye felt cold sweat on his head. Emperor Gou Chen just said that he listened to his moderation and made sure that he was all right. But what about the 10,000 Buddhist soldiers? Moke eggplant leaves dare not think about it! The junction of the demon world and the nether world-Styx. 300,000 fiend soldiers are transpiration, and they are arranged on the banks of the Ghost River, waiting for the ghost soldiers to climb 6 again, and then, they will be returned to the Styx again. Mao Xiaoyu is still wearing the mask of the cold-focused beast for ten thousand years, and the cold breath is scattered from her face and body, which makes people feel more unfathomable. However, this mask of the cold-focused beast for ten thousand years is not the one she used to wear. Her original one has been given to Bai Ling, and now it is just a substitute for that one. Within her body, black and white breath cycles, which is the black and white gas produced by chaotic Yin and Yang. This is what she got from Violet. It is precisely because of this that none of the strategies and tactics she formulated in these three years were seen through by the ghost soldiers, and the mirror of death lost its effect on him, forcing the ghost soldiers who occupied most of the territory of the demon world back to the ghost river. By her side, black wind, wave if degrees, degrees of falling into the sea, flat lonely mountain, dementia big fiend Compaq Joe B … And so on, all the fiends will ride on their own beasts, and the monstrous momentum will spread out, which is indomitable and there is the momentum of winning belief, which makes the spirit of 300 million fiend soldiers greatly boosted. This is quite different from three years ago. Three years ago,Most of the territory of the demon gods was filled with ghost soldiers, and even ghost soldiers appeared in the decapitated city. Xingtian’s big fiend just let the people be patient again and again, waiting for the ghost soldiers to help them wipe out the heaven, but the heaven didn’t, but the whole demon gods were going to be wiped out. Countless ghosts, fairies and ghosts cast their upper body spells unscrupulously in the magic world, and wantonly destroyed them with the help of ordinary people’s bodies. However, the fiend soldiers were warned not to conflict with the ghost soldiers. At that time, hundreds of millions of fiend soldiers felt an unprecedented shame. Just, the will of the big fiend can’t be disobeyed, and the will of the big fiend can’t be trampled on. You can only watch the great mountains and rivers break and the people’s blood become a river. The turning point was born after the reincarnation of the great fiend. As a woman, General Mao Xiaoyu shouldered a heavy burden of 1,000 kilograms and resolutely directed tens of millions of fiend soldiers to attack the ghost soldiers, vowing to completely expel the ghost soldiers from the country. The evil spirit of the fiends and the evil spirit of the ghosts and immortals collided violently in the magical realm, causing numerous deaths and injuries on both sides. But a year ago, Mao Xiaoyou suddenly made a big leap and increased his skill. In a year, he drove all the ghost soldiers out of the magical realm and drove them back to the Styx, only letting them rise and fall in the Styx. This is the pride of the whole demon world. There was a sudden earth-shattering cheer in the Styx. Then, the blood soared, and the water column of tens of millions of meters went up into the sky, and the mounts such as Heifeng and others were shocked to "step"
Take a few steps backwards. Only Mao Xiaoyu is quiet and natural, and his body is like a javelin sitting on the dragon’s tooth beast. His eyes emit firm eyes and look at the huge figure formed by countless blood and black gas indifferently. Needless to say, it must be the long-rumored Sunday bodhi old zu. He couldn’t sit still because of the fiasco of the ghost soldiers in the demon world for a year. Now, he finally came out in person. Mao Xiaoyu has long been psychologically prepared to directly face the bodhi old zu on Sunday. "Mao Xiaoyu, how dare you disobey the will of your Xingtian fiend when he left!"
On Sunday, the bodhi old zu’s hoarse voice rumbled in the ears of 300 million fiend soldiers. Some of the fiend soldiers who were cultivated for a lower level showed a painful look on their faces, and their bodies slowly softened, and black juice flowed out of their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. "Big fiend when he left just told me to abide by the decision between once and the nether world. But I didn’t say I would obey your command. At that time, our partner seemed to be the king of the earth, not you! "
Mao Xiaoyu said calmly. "Ha ha ha … what a glib girl! Do you know that the earth treasure king is me, and I am the earth treasure king! "
Sunday bodhi old zu laughed and said. "Shinohara elementary ignorance. But the contract is clearly written, and it is also the seal of the Earth Treasure King. I didn’t know that the earth treasure king was still fake, and I didn’t know that the ancestors of Sunday had done such despicable things! "
Mao Xiaoyu said coldly. It turns out. Last time I signed a cooperation agreement with the nether world, it was also Mao Xiaoyu’s horse. At that time, the earth treasure king had been imprisoned by the Sunday bodhi old zu, and what Mao Xiaoyu saw was just pretending to be the earth treasure king Sunday bodhi old zu, but at that time Mao Xiaoyu didn’t see the true face of Sunday bodhi old zu. "Hey, what a bold girl! Mao Xiaoyu, the bodhi old zu pities you for being a talented person, so you have to compromise everywhere. Don’t be ungrateful! "
"It’s a real hero to know the times and follow the general trend, Mao Xiaoyu. Now you still have a chance to yield to my ancestors on Sunday and make great achievements in the future. Otherwise, today is your death, and I want you to disappear!"
On Sunday, the bodhi old zu flew into a rage and made an ultimatum to Mao Xiaoyu. "Dare you?"
Black Wind, Wave Ruodu, Ping Gushan, etc. qi qi course mounts, and guard them beside Mao Xiaozhuo. Among the large array of 300 million fiends, they waved flags and slowly circulated, only waiting for the command to attack the first ghost in the nether world. "Sunday, bodhi old zu, if you want to negotiate, you still need to show your sincerity. You know that you have no capital to threaten me now!"
Mao Xiaoyu’s mind is bright, knowing that Sunday’s bodhi old zu is a bully is always a coward, ha ha a smile and said to Sunday’s bodhi old zu. "Hum, wench madness! ….. well, you say first, your conditions! "
On Sunday, the bodhi old zu weighed for half a day, but he gave up the idea of catching Mao Xiaoyu. This Mao Xiaoyu’s cohesion is extraordinary. Even if his achievement method is borne, it is not easy to kill Mao Xiaoyu under the escort of 300 million fiend soldiers. Maybe he will be seriously injured. In that case, it would be too uneconomical, especially if he is still unstable in the nether world, and the remnants of the earth treasure king have not been cleared up. Therefore, Sunday bodhi old zu dare not take risks. "First, the ghost soldiers can’t use the body of the people in my magic world to destroy the foundation of my magic world; Second, ghost soldiers should not stay in our demon world and disturb the purity of our demon world; Third, on Sunday, bodhi old zu, you can’t use the mirror of past life to predict Yunpa and play tricks on all the demons in the demon world. Fourth, the ghost fairy can’t perform ghost magic in my demon world; Fifth, the ghost soldiers have wreaked havoc in our demon world, and you must make compensation for Sunday’s ancestors! "
Mao Xiaoyu spoke five conditions in one breath, and the bodhi old zu frowned on Sunday. "Behind the three to say, but the first two, Mao Xiaoyu, you are a bit unreasonable, aren’t you? Without the help of those ignorant people’s bodies, how can our ghost soldiers climb 6 in the demon world and not 6 in the demon world? How can we attack heaven and the western paradise, and how can we supply without staying in the demon world? "
Sunday bodhi old zu hate way. "Ha ha, bodhi old zu, let me explain!"
Mao Xiaoyu smiled. "With the wisdom and achievement method of the bodhi old zu, with the help of grass, wood, stone and ash, the ghost soldiers can also guarantee that they will not be eroded by the sun be the spirit within the five realms, right? I, Mao Xiaoyu, can promise at this time to draw a 3,000-mile territory on the river of the Ghost to be owned by the nether world, which will become your 6-point landing, and then mobilize all the fiends in the demon world to build tens of thousands of large-scale transmission arrays here, leading directly to the heaven and the western paradise. At that time, as long as you are the bodhi old zu, you can immediately lead troops to kill the heaven and wipe out the bunch of bald donkeys in the west! "
After listening to Mao Xiaozuo’s explanation, Grandfather Zhou was lost in thought. After a long time, he nodded and said, "All right, just do as you say!"
However, the blood cleared away, rejoined the Styx and disappeared. At that time, thirty million fiend soldiers suddenly cried out excitedly. Heifeng came to Mao Xiaoyu’s side and asked with some worries, "General Mao, can you trust the bodhi old zu on Sunday?"
"Actively training, this is their breathing space and ours, waiting for the next round of war!"
Mao Xiaoyu said coldly. "Yes!"
The big fiend replied in chorus, for this woman whose capability is obviously much worse than theirs, all the fiends admire from the heart. If it weren’t for her, the demon gods no longer exist! For the first time, the people’s reliance on Mao Xiaoyu’s life actually passed the original Xingtian fiend. Just, no one understands, the original Xingtian fiend with endless fighting spirit chose to retreat this time, and he was reincarnated like a grandson. Where is his reincarnation? The big fiend joined forces to display the foresight achievement method, but it was impossible to find the whereabouts of Xingtian’s big fiend. It was really full of strange things. The black moon rose in the gray sky of the magic world. At this time, the magic spirit of the magic world is the strongest, and the war has temporarily passed. Numerous fiends are delighted to enjoy the magic spirit falling from the sky and run themselves for a real yuan. Mao Xiaoyu rode on the dragon-toothed beast, feeling the magic falling from the sky and entering the body. With the operation of black and white gas turning into chaotic truth, he suddenly felt a burst of melancholy in his heart: it was a bit mean to get the truth, and almost killed Violet. I’m afraid that person will never forgive himself! Thinking, two drops of glittering and translucent tears gushed from eyes, dripping along the mask formed by the cold spotlight beast for thousands of years, gradually forming two glittering and translucent ice beads, and "snapping" and "snapping" fell to the ground. "Mao Xiaoyu, you cried, hee hee, General Mao cried!"
A black light suddenly flew in. It was a fool Compaq Joe B. When he saw Mao Xiaoyu’s appearance, he immediately clapped his hands and shouted.

Chapter three hundred and forty-six Fight against Buddha
"You fool, what’s your name?"
Mao Xiaoyou quickly dried the tears on her face and scolded Kangbo Qiao Yi. "I’m not a fool, I’m Chiyou!"
Compaq Joe B cried discontentedly. "You are a fool, an absolute fool!"
Mao Xiaoyu is not interested in coaxing this guy today, staring at him and saying. "Whoops, people are not fools, not fools!"
Compaq Joe B burst into tears and rolled on the ground. A deep sigh came out of Mao Xiaoyu’s mouth, "Good boy, get up, you are not a fool, I am!" "
"oh! I am not a fool, Mao Xiaoyu is a fool, haha … haha … "Compaq Qiao Yi jumped from the ground and clapped his hands to publicize Mao Xiaoyu’s" quotations "everywhere. Flowers fall, another year. There is no natural barrier of Styx between the celestial world and the nether world, and all the demon kings in the celestial world are far from the unity of all the big fiends in the magical world. Long Xingxuan knows this, so although there are many opportunities to kill the 500,000 ghost soldiers in the celestial world, Long Xingxuan wisely chose to keep a little fighting power for them, and then let them run the exquisite tower of Yin and Yang to regenerate the dead ghost fairy. There is no other reason than to let the demon kings in the celestial world take the lead in foreign enemies, so that Qi Xin can be foreign, not internal. Six hundred thousand Linxi Palace demon soldiers changed into eight hundred thousand, and the power of Gouchen Emperor’s clique increased silently. However, every time he sent troops, Xing Xuan carefully controlled the demon soldiers under three hundred thousand, which was not only training. And maintained his unbeaten record, and constantly established prestige in the hearts of those lich kings. The 10,000 Buddha soldiers of Moke eggplant leaves didn’t suffer much damage, and they fought against the ghost soldiers for more than 50 wars, only damaging a few hundred Buddha immortals. This data is a miracle compared with the damage of Niu Mowang, Dumpling Devil and Peng Devil. Moke eggplant leaves know that it was their own actions that saved the lives of these Buddha soldiers, and they turned a blind eye to Linxi Palace. Or report to the Tathagata Buddha. Fully obeying Long Xingxuan’s dispatch, he just regarded himself as a pawn from the front, so more people will survive among the buddhas and immortals.Long Xingxuan is interested in protecting them! Lord Peng finally made up his mind and broke off relations with the bodhi old zu on Sunday. Take all the demon kings who once followed themselves to take refuge in the bodhi old zu on Sunday, just like themselves. After suffering for three months on the twelve-product lotus platform of Xing Xuan, all the ghosts in the body were burned away, and the voice of the demon king was restored. The cracks in the Dan of Yuan Ying in the mud pill palace were also healed, which made the Lord Peng finally relieved and grateful to Xing Xuan. He even married his daughter Gong Yang and married Xing Xuan in-laws. Linxi Palace and all the people have also adapted to this kind of daily sending troops to kill the enemy. It seems that everything has become a habit to improve their skills and practice in the battle every day. Zhen Ying, Heiyue, Bai Ling, Qiongzhi and others have all cultivated for more than 150,000 years, and they have truly become the great immortals in the celestial world. Even the purple pistil and fate of the celestial body have been cultivated for 30,000 years, and the power of Lingxi Palace has once again risen to a higher level. I’m afraid that Tianji and Whitestorm are the shallowest people in Linxi Palace. One reason is that the place of formation is the body of immortals. Even practicing the chaotic Yin-Yang method can’t make the people of this immortal body increase their cultivation quickly. The other one is born dull and enthusiastic, but he can’t learn anything. He can’t even do such a simple thing as absorbing people. Others can absorb one tenth at the worst, but he can’t even absorb one percent. "Erlang God is coming back from the Western Buddhist world!"
Xing Xuan suddenly said to Bai Ling and others around him on this day. "That’s not the day when the ghost soldiers are extinct in the celestial world!"
Bai Ling ha ha laugh. "No, it’s time for these Buddha soldiers to get out of the celestial world!"
Xing Xuan suddenly stood up, a powerful momentum boundless, dispersed in all directions. The whole Linxi Palace demon soldiers felt this huge momentum, and at that time, the blood in the body suddenly surged up, and countless uh guano soared. Bai Ling and others couldn’t help kicking back, with a full face of surprise. "All stay in Lingxi Palace, no matter what happens, don’t go out, take a good look at the palace door!"
Xing Xuan said, and his body flashed, and he was already out of Linxi Palace and came to the vast East China Sea. The light gray frock, wearing a certain flat frock, and his eyes are pleasing to the eye, people can’t think of this monkey who once made a scene in heaven and made his personality public. In this way, the Jade Monkey Fairy was quietly suspended in the vast East China Sea, and the wild sea breeze roared at the sea, passing through his body, his frock, his cap and even his whole body’s hair, without moving a hair. Moke eggplant leaves led 10,000 Buddha soldiers to pay homage to the Buddha in this fight, but the Jade Monkey Fairy didn’t look at it at all, his hands folded and his legs crossed like a stone in the air. Erlang God Yang Jian stood irate at the Monkey King in the past, and today’s fight defeated the Buddha. However, even though Yang Jian was imposing, the three-pointed double-edged knife in his hand radiated radiant light. However, how do you look at it, it was also like the footman around the Jade Monkey Fairy. The monkey sat in the void, and there was no momentum at all. However, how people look at it, they also felt that his position was the core of heaven and earth, and everything was centered on him.
"Fight over Buddha? Jade monkey fairy? Monkey King? "
Star Xuan appeared beside the Jade Monkey Fairy, and uttered three names in one breath. The balance between heaven and earth seemed to have changed subtly, and Yang Jian couldn’t help but cut open the third eye in the middle of the eyebrows, and looked at Star Xuan. At first glance, the color of surprise on his face was big. "Can, but it’s just a code name! I have seen Gouchen the Great! "
Jade monkey fairy slightly opened his eyes, light said to the star xuan. "Ha ha, there were people who thought I was your reincarnation. For this reason, I took advantage of your name!"
Xing Xuan ha ha smiled and said these words, but there was no shame at all. "Everything has good and bad sides. Gouchen the Great took my name, but it was later misunderstood by liu er macaques, and the karma was not good. The Great was also a loss! "

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