"That," replied Hatoyama, stuttering. Actually, it’s nothing … just drink more water before meals and eat more. Then you must chew slowly when you eat. Originally, we ancient gods and doves ate everything in one gulp, but I had to chew it up before swallowing it. I usually eat a meal for ten people and chew it for a thousand times … "

Yi Yuwen almost killed her heart when she heard this: "What are these?" Cough softly.
Shen Wuwei quickly said, "Husband. There is nothing unusual about these three things. They are all the personal belongings of Sister Hatoyama Ying, and you can’t see any abnormal energy fluctuation … "
"Yes! I don’t see a clue either. I just have a strange feeling. Can’t say what’s the problem … "Bao Xiang’s wife looked at those three things with a beautiful eyebrow and a slight wrinkle, which seemed to have an uncomfortable feeling.
Xin Ruyu also nodded: "Yes! It’s a very strange feeling. Although these three things are plain things, I always feel that there seems to be something subtle in them.
"If that’s the case, I think of one thing." After hearing what everyone said, she finally spoke without saying anything, but her face was quite serious. "I also feel a familiar smell in these three things."
Yi Yuyi asked, "Oh? Have you ever seen something similar in the past? "
Falling clouds shook his head and said, "I haven’t seen it, but I have heard it!" I once smelled the same smell in the study of His Majesty the First Emperor, but I didn’t see what it was, but the smell on these things was much weaker. "
"oh? So there may be relics of the first emperor in it? "
Falling cloud smoked shook his head and said, "No, it’s not the first emperor’s things. I just said that these things of Sister Hatoyama’s have the same breath as something in the first emperor’s study, which means that they once had the same owner. Although the same overbearing and tough, I am sure that it is by no means the breath of the first emperor, and these things have never been to Qin Gong. There is no smell of Xianyang on it. "
Yi Yu rubbed his temples and said, "There seems to be some trouble! The first emperor’s collection is more than a billion giants, but it’s hard to say which one is related to these things! "
"Master, I made this alms bowl for eating myself," said the dove. "There is nothing unusual and I have never left my body. There should be no problems that can be ruled out. And that Feng Chai, that is, an ornament, was bought by my mother in the decoration shop in Zhulu City. I think most of the problems should lie in the Yu Pei given by King Chiyou!
Falling cloud smoked a listen to can’t help but surprised: "Does this Yu Pei belong to King Chiyou? If so, that’s right! "
Yi Yu said urgently, "How do you say this?"
"King Chi-you and His Majesty the First Emperor are both great practitioners of military tactics," said the cloud. "They are the only people in the world who can have such a violent and overbearing atmosphere!" Moreover, I am afraid that only the breath of King Chiyou can leave a place in the study of His Majesty the First Emperor without being assimilated. "
"If so, it seems that this Qiong Qi’s family is mostly coming for this fast Yu Pei!" Yi Yu picked up the Yu Pei and weighed it in her hand. "But what’s the use of this Yu Pei?" Although Yi Yu was asking questions, he didn’t want anyone to answer …
Within the territory of Lingbaoshan, Hexi
Yi Yu sat alone in a slightly depressed position on the Borneo banner and said to herself, "Hum! No one came out to accompany me. If I had known, I wouldn’t have let them all be goddesses. It seems that this professional woman really can’t take care of her career and family! "
Xuanyuan Mausoleum, also known as Huangdi Mausoleum, is located in Lingbao, Shaanxi Province. According to legend, it is a cenotaph left by the people under the emperor’s reign when he ascended. Of course, these are all folk sayings, but there is another more bizarre saying in the field of repairing truth.
According to legend, the Yellow Emperor was supported by the celestial fairy house in the battle for the Central Plains, and finally defeated King Chiyou and his Dongyi tribal alliance. However, the power of the furious devil Chiyou is no small matter! Xuanyuan Huangdi and his relatives were also seriously injured and dying. As a last resort, Huangdi ordered the seriously injured and dying subordinates to be sealed underground and wait for the chance to see the light of day again in the future.
Of course, this is just a legend. For thousands of years, no one has ever entered the Xuanyuan Mausoleum to confirm this statement. But it is a mysterious force that has been guarding Xuanyuan Shengling for thousands of years that makes the monks in the world generally believe this statement. No one who enters the Xuanyuan Holy Mausoleum, no matter how high it is, can or escape. Over time, it has become a forbidden area in the field of fix-true, and there are even many decent fix-true masters. I’m afraid that the younger generation will accidentally get into it and add a lot of bans outside. Only in recent years, the secret seems to have changed, and Xuanyuan Shengling also shows signs of loosening.
"What a big mound!" Yi Yu couldn’t help exclaiming when she sat down on the Borneo trail! I saw a huge mound on the plain below. There are thousands of feet in the east, west, north and south! It’s 300 feet high just by visual inspection! Although most of the cemeteries built in the past dynasties have been damaged, it also shows that this Xuanyuan Holy Mausoleum was magnificent that year.
However, it is said that this is the place where the Chinese ancestor Xuanyuan Huangdi was buried, and it seems that it is not so calm and peaceful. I saw the sound of the sword shining below, and several people were fighting! Yi Yu heard the sound of the sound of gold and iron singing far away, but she was slightly surprised. She said in her heart, "Who actually came here to fight? Don’t you know the strange danger of Xuanyuan Shengling?"
Yi Yu took a closer look and was surprised! He actually saw a living Qiong Qi’s again! Yi Yu thought, "Isn’t the one we killed Qiong Qi himself! Or did he run away at the last minute? How did this happen … "
However, although Yi Yu is full of doubts in his heart, he will not be allowed to hesitate at this time. The following battle has also entered the final stage. Qiong Qi can win without ten strokes. At this time and Qiong Qi’s battle is Li Qiongying, Zhou Qingyun, Zhu Wen and Zi Xin.
Although Yi Yu doesn’t know how the four of them came to Xuanyuan Shengling and why they started to work with Qiong Qi’s, they looked at the faded purple and blue double swords and the depressed Zhu Wen and purple heart. Yi Yu knows that if she doesn’t come to the rescue, I’m afraid four people will die for two pairs. Yi Yu’s withdrawal will definitely make Qin Jian clear … If you want to know the funeral, please see the next "Secret of the Holy Tomb".

The secret of the two hundred and sixty-third back to the holy mausoleum
Jade saw the purple heart four people in danger, worried and rushed away with a loud roar with a sword. But at this time, Yi Yu is eager but not anxious. Although see purple heart Zhu Wen they several in danger but not recklessly. Yi Yu said in her heart, "Qiong Ying’s own cultivation is not weak, and her purple sword protection strength is absolutely tough! And Zhou Qingyun is even more powerful in the combination of purple and blue. Plus Zhu Wen and Zi Xin. Speaking of the strength of the combination of these four people is definitely not weak, but in the face of Qiong Qi’s unexpectedly falling into the wind and even risking his life! It shows that the strength of Qiong Qi’s family is strong, and I may not be able to beat the enemy. Don’t underestimate the enemy. "
Said purple heart how did these four people come here? It turns out that since the last meeting of Xiandao in the East China Sea, all schools and factions have smelled the smell of disaster, and they have closed their doors and stepped up their practice to cause and effect as little as possible. And the Emei Sect is on the cusp, and the internal and external difficulties make Shu Shi even more afraid to act rashly.
Although Qi Shushi is a palm sect of Emei, there are factional disputes and bad blood between Buddhism and Taoism within the Emei Sect, so it is impossible for him to want to have the final say. But now it’s the Eight Immortals who have crossed the sea to show their magical powers. If they can survive the disaster, they will live or die. Even among the students, it’s personal.
Qi Shushi took the opportunity of the last meeting of Xiandao in the East China Sea to make some small moves below. He left Xunlan in Emei Mountain for an excuse until after the three immortals in the East China Sea left, the wonderful lady was the oldest on the Ningbi Cliff. Although Xun Lanyin is just a woman, the means of this lady in charge of education is great. In less than three months, the next generation of qualified and potential disciples in the school were gathered in their hands.
As the saying goes, people go upwards and flow downwards. Although they all practice in Ningbi Cliff, it is obviously more promising if they can enter the palm of their hands. Those disciples are not fools, and naturally some people can see that today’s Ningbi Cliff is undercurrent. You must choose one side before the big disaster comes, otherwise you will be abandoned by all parties.
By the time the Three Immortals of the East China Sea came back from the East China Sea, Xun Lanyin had gathered his disciples together, euphemistically calling it training to cope with the catastrophe. In this way, even the elders complained and couldn’t say anything. After all, people didn’t say that they would take their disciples. At best, they could only borrow them temporarily.
The biggest losses this time are also those elders who entered Buddhism. However, Xuanzhenzi has long hated those Buddhist disciples in the school who recite scriptures and is willing to see such a result. Moreover, from the last conversation on the island of Langya in the East China Sea, it can be seen that the ascetic Buddhist monk is actually not willing to be this monk, but it is just a last resort. Now I see that Buddhism is frustrated in teaching, but I am trying to choose a time to keep my head up again!
In fact, until now, the ascetic Buddhist monk couldn’t understand why his master with long eyebrows was so partial to Buddhism. Even forced his disciples to tonsure and become monks. It is precisely because of this that both Chen Xuezi (xiao yue Zen Master) and Shen Xian are humiliated. Out of the door wall of the Emei Sect.
However, this long-browed real person also refused to do things, and he was banned from both of them. Let them be monks with a bald head even when they are out of Emei! That’s just the dust remover. Shen Wei, a girl’s family, you don’t care to shave her head off. How can he not hate long eyebrows! But what’s the use of hate …
Li Qiongying, Zhu Wen, Zhou Qingyun and Zi Xin have also been listening to the teachings under the seat of Mrs. Miao for two years. Although Zhu Wen and Zhou Qingyun are both disciples of Master Dinxia, it seems that this Buddhist master Dinxia has really reached the realm of nothing, and there seems to be no complaint about his disciples going to practice with Miao and his wife.
Originally, these four people went down the Ningbi Cliff together a few months ago. In fact, it is Li Qiongying, Zhu Wen and Zi Xin who are called experience. Especially Zixin didn’t go to the East China Sea Fairy Island last time. It’s been several years since she saw her lover. Why not be anxious? Although there is no big difference between a few years and a few days for the practitioner of truth, a few years is tantamount to hundreds of years for a girl who misses her lover!

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