Guglielmo Stendardo was the first central defender to be dealt with.

Perugia is a second-division team, so it seems to have no resistance in front of Lazio, and the players themselves are more willing to go to Lazio. Even if Lazio is not doing well now, it was the league champion a few years ago, and its reputation is still there.
Finally, Stendardo moved to Lazio for free.
Cribari used to be on loan, so now he just keeps a cooperation intention with Udinese, and has not really talked about it.
Hugo campagnaro’s transfer negotiations are also going well. Piacenza, where he is located, is currently struggling in Serie B, and there is no way out. At this time, there is a first-class team like Lazio looking for him, and he will definitely not want to stay in Piacenza.
In the end, Lazio bought the ownership of Campagnaro for 700,000 euros.
Stendardo and Campagnaro both joined Jose Passareira and Pa Wen on July 1st.
Of course, according to the winning plan, many players will join Lazio on July 1st this year …
In midfield, we have modric, plus Lee vilani and giuliano giannichedda, who Changsheng intends to stay, so we have a lineup, but we need to add players. After all, the team can’t have only one lineup.
Melo is going to talk to Mallorca at the end of the season. Now Mallorca has just bought Melo, and Cooper is quite optimistic about Melo. Now, people will either not sell it at all or take the opportunity to ask for wild speculations.
For the transformation of the midfield, Chang Sheng is going to do this.
Because of tactical requirements, Chang Sheng must add more points in midfield, so he needs players who can pass and receive in midfield, even Melo is such a person.
But it’s not enough.
The traveler always knew who was suitable, so he set his sights on Khedira.
In the future, the main midfielder of the German national team, the core of the midfield, and the main midfielder of Real Madrid are still playing amateur league in the second team of Stuttgart at this time, and even have no professional contract.
Although he is almost eighteen.
His first professional contract was signed in 2007. At this time, if Lazio wanted Khedira, it didn’t need to pay too much money. It only needed to give Stuttgart a symbolic training fee, and he could be poached aboveboard.
Moreover, at this time, the Stuttgart club did not attach importance to him, and did not think that he could grow into a German international in the future, or even play a major role in the giant Real Madrid.
So Changsheng can get a bargain again.
Although in Real Madrid, Khedira is a defensive midfielder, in fact, Khedira is an all-around player in offense and defense. When he just became famous, people thought his template was Barak. Only from this point can we see Khedira’s ability and technical characteristics. Ballack is not a blue-collar midfielder.
It was only when he went to Real Madrid that his offensive ability was suppressed and he was asked to concentrate more on defense. But even so, watching the Real Madrid game, we can often see Khedira rushing ahead of xabi alonso, appearing in key places many times, and even hitting the opponent’s penalty area to shoot.
According to Chang Sheng, Khedira’s role in midfield can be exactly the same as Boots’s, adding a delivery point and an organizer to the midfield. In this way, when Leigh vilani or modric is restrained, Khedira can shoulder the task of transporting shells forward.
Boots’s advantage lies in speed, while Khedira’s advantage lies in body and defense. Khedira can not only organize the attack, but also the defensive hardness will not be affected, which makes it unnecessary for him to allocate a player who is only responsible for defense in the midfield, which can save the number of people and maximize the attack power of the team.
In addition to Khedira, Changsheng also took aim at Juventus’ young player claudio marchisio. The central midfielder in the future unbeaten championship team of Juventus is still waiting for his chance in the youth team of Juventus.
Marchisio is characterized by his tough style and excellent offensive and defensive skills. As a midfielder, he has excellent running and intercepting ability, which makes him a barrier to the midfield. At the same time, it is also his characteristic to insert the ball back and kick it out.
The plan of Changsheng is to rent marchisio first, and then try to buy half the ownership of Marchisio. As for whether or not to keep marchisio … Changsheng knows that it is difficult, because marchisio has been a Juventus fan since childhood. When he can be alone and Juventus calls him, he will definitely go back.
But at that time, Changsheng believed that he would have more choices, and at the same time, he could exchange this half of marchisio’s ownership for something he wanted.
From the selection of Khedira and marchisio, it can be seen that the requirement of midfielders in the winning team is that they have good offensive and defensive abilities, but also have certain offensive abilities, especially the ability to pass the ball.
This is because the tactics that Changsheng will use in Lazio, that is, the improved mad dog tactics, need such midfielders.
Changsheng hopes that his team will have more organizers, so that when some players are restricted or in poor condition, other players will come forward. Let the team always have people who can play the ball and will not be restricted by the opponent’s various tactics.
Of course, if the whole team is in a low state, there is nothing we can do …
That’s the rhythm of the death of me, not the crime of war.
In a word, this is one of the adjustment strategies that Changsheng came up with after suffering setbacks in Rome.
Increase the organizers in the center and frontcourt, so that everyone can launch an attack or become the terminator of the attack, thus making the opponent completely confused. But at the same time, he reduced a lot of meaningless passes. He asked the players to pass the ball more succinctly and simply when attacking, and not to do too many cross passes or returns, which wasted time, except brushing the ball control rate.
Combined with the active running of the whole team, it will speed up the team’s attack a lot.
In fact, emphasizing speed on the basis of control is a constant pursuit.
Therefore, he increased the delivery points and organizers in the center and frontcourt, not to further strengthen control, but to speed up.
César Luis Menotti, a famous Argentine football player, once said, "The purpose of training is to improve the speed to perfection". This is the law of football itself: every new kicking method becomes faster through development and improvement.
In fact, because of his Valencia, Barcelona’s style of play appeared in advance, and there have been many countermeasures against this tactic in football.
After all, opponents are not fools, so you can take a set of tactics for ten years.
Everything is always changing, the opponent is changing, and you have to change yourself, otherwise you will die of closure.
Accelerating on the basis of controlling the ball is the change of this tactic given by constant victory.
When the midfield was finished, it was the striker’s turn.
Always winning in formation or sticking to 433, so he needs three starting strikers.
At present, Rocchi and Pandev can still be used, but they are far from enough.
After david silva came, Changsheng put him directly in the position of winger, so that he could break through on the wing and organize in the middle, which is actually the same as Ronaldinho’s play in Valencia.
On the front line, Changsheng also plans to buy out one and rent the other to save money as much as possible.
He is going to loan borriello from AC Milan.
In fact, borriello became famous very early and has long been regarded as the promising star of AC Milan in the front line. But the actual situation is indeed a tortuous road.
Borriello has been on loan everywhere since his debut at AC Milan.
What treviso, Empoli, Reggina … These teams all have traces of borriello’s effectiveness.
Now he is being loaned to Reggina by AC Milan.
Next season, he will continue to be on loan, and perhaps even Borriello has resigned himself.
If I remember correctly, next season Borrielno will be loaned to Sampdoria for half a season, and then to treviso for half a season.
All the winning players have to do is to rent borriello directly for one season.
As a substitute, borriello is enough.
In addition, Changsheng needs to find a suitable shooter for Lazio in the future.
This time he turned his attention to France next door.
He took a fancy to the later "civet cat" Benzema.
Benzema was still in Lyon at this time. Although Benzema has been selected for the first team in the 2004-2005 season, his chances are very limited.
For Chang Sheng, if he wants to win Benzema, then this season … no, this half season will be his last chance.
He didn’t get many opportunities in the first team because Lyon coach Gerard Houllier thought Benzema was too young to take him seriously.
Although Benzema has become a minor celebrity among the youth team players, it is still unclear what he will grow into in the future. It was in 2007 that he really began to show his superstar temperament.
Now, many people think he is talented, but no one knows what he can achieve in the future.
Can always win to know.
This is a constant advantage.
But even so, it’s not so easy to win their star of hope from horace, a famous miser.

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