Chapter four hundred and seventy-eight Siege Ling Ji

Around Nezha, the mountain soldiers will set their guns and halberds, and in a flash, several Buddha arhats who were about to run away fell in a pool of blood.
"Who is so bold, incredibly dare to commit crimes in my little Sumeru Mountain, really when I am a bodhisattva heart, won’t kill? !” A few Buddha arhats just fell in a pool of blood, and suddenly a mighty golden light burst out of thin air behind the temple gate. bodhisattva lingji’s treasure-house was solemn but his eyes were full of pitfalls, and Zhang Erjin appeared in front of all the soldiers in heaven.
"Nezha, the great god of Santan Haihui!" See holding a musket, Nezha, standing on the temple gate with his head held high. bodhisattva lingji’s eyes narrowed slightly. "What are you crazy about, bringing so many mountain soldiers to my little Sumeru Mountain to make trouble openly? Do I really think Lingji is easy to bully? !”
"You can’t bully? !” King Tota turned out from behind the array and faced bodhisattva lingji proudly. "Even if you have three heads and six arms today, you have to admit it!"
"Tota king excavate! ?” See excavate, bodhisattva lingji canthus muscle unnatural twitch twice, "you incredibly dare to bring your son to my little sumeru mountain militancy, do you really want to cause Buddhism and Taoism war? Is the Jade Emperor crazy enough to indulge you so much? !”
"Ling ji, now you still don’t understand? ! Without the will of the jade emperor …! " Excavate raised his hand and motioned backwards. "How dare I be bold and provoke trouble innocently!"
Under the signal of Excavate, the troops of Zhongjun in the heaven were divided into two sides, and the Jade Emperor and the accompanying celestial immortals appeared in bodhisattva lingji’s field of vision.
"The jade emperor! !” See the jade emperor appeared in front, bodhisattva lingji immediately stare big eyes, not just composed.
"Lingji!" The jade emperor’s voice sounded like a solemn Hong Zhong. "Your Buddhism is very aggressive, and my heaven has endured your Buddhism for a long time. Today, all the Buddhist forces in the upper bound were completely wiped out, and finally the Buddhist temple was taken, and the last foundation of Tathagata and Buddhism was destroyed! If you are interested, don’t resist. I can leave you a whole body! "
Hear the jade emperor was so boastful, one side of the heart can’t help but worry, "you are a fat guy, well said, do you really have the ability to do bodhisattva lingji? !”
Nine heavy thought in my heart, but I saw bodhisattva lingji behind the temple gate. After hearing the jade emperor’s remarks, I paused. The next moment, I didn’t even return to the temple. Suddenly I wiped my head and fled in the direction of the Buddhist paradise. * Book * Bar (.paoShu8.)
"Want to run? !” Excavate a look at bodhisattva lingji fled without fighting, want to run away, single-handedly, call to arms, "tight encirclement ambush! !”
Around Little Sumeru Mountain, a group of heavenly generals were ordered to sacrifice the French seal almost at the same time, and the divine power of millions of heavenly generals gathered into a vast net, covering the whole Little Sumeru Mountain.
Bodhisattva lingji rushed to the edge of the enchantment of tight encirclement Fumozhen, and his whole body was full of gold. A pair of Buddha’s palms pushed a golden swastika word and slammed it on the enchantment.
"Hum-hum-! !” The enchantment fluctuated and buzzed, but it finally returned to its original state and was firm and unbreakable.
"Kill! !” Trapped in bodhisattva lingji, Nezha commanded, regardless of bodhisattva lingji, led the mountain soldiers who failed to maintain the magic circle of the Buddha in tight encirclement, swarmed into the Little Sumi Mountain, and launched an encirclement and suppression campaign against the Buddha Lohan in the Little Sumi Mountain.
The one million troops who have been transferred from Jiuchong to play soy sauce are naturally following suit, and they are mixed in the troops of the heavenly soldiers, ready to fish in troubled waters at any time.
"Ling ji, you can’t run! As the Jade Emperor said, those who are interested should stop resisting, and resistance is futile! " Excavate held the exquisite pagoda in his hand and looked at bodhisattva lingji with a grinning face. "If you give up resistance, you can leave a whole body!"
"Since I can’t run, I’ll fight with you! I will pull you as a cushion when I die! " There is no way in heaven, but there is no way out. At the moment, bodhisattva lingji, who is desperate, has lost his previous ZhuangYan treasure, and his face has become ferocious. He is holding a dragon treasure stick in one hand and a dingfeng bead in the other, and he is bold and pouncing on Li Jing.
As the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces in heaven, there was no need for Excavate to personally make moves. A group of immortals who accompanied the Jade Emperor flew out for a dozen times, intercepted bodhisattva lingji who rushed up to Excavate in a crazy way and killed him together.
At the moment, the air is bright and the energy is stirring.
Fists can’t compete with four hands, and men can’t hold wolves. Although bodhisattva lingji is also a Buddhist, he can be called a great power. However, in the face of the siege of more than a dozen big immortals with the same strength in heaven, he is also incompetent. He is trapped in it and is baptized by the storm, and he is gradually exhausted.
Bodhisattva lingji is still like this, not to mention those ordinary Buddha arhats in the temple of Little Sumi Mountain, and they are no match for the heavenly generals. They were killed without a single person, lying dead in all fields.
Looking at the battle in mid-air, watching the nine eyes turn straight, and thousands of thoughts turn in my heart.
Look at this posture, bodhisattva lingji. It’s only a matter of time before he is done by heaven.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s done or not. What matters is bodhisattva lingji’s baby Dingfengzhu. Once they kill bodhisattva lingji, there are two possibilities. One possibility is that Dingfengzhu can’t explode, and with bodhisattva lingji’s death, another possibility is that Dingfengzhu will explode naturally, but even when Dingfengzhu, such a good thing as Dingfengzhu, is eyeing up by the wolves in heaven, it must have nothing to do with him.
That is to say, once bodhisattva lingji dies, no matter whether it explodes or not, it is concluded that the wind-setting bead will be of no benefit to him except that a corpse is of some value.
So on say, he can’t let bodhisattva lingji die at the hands of the people in heaven, and he will die at his hands.
But this problem comes again, even if he joined the fray, he grabbed the last blow to kill bodhisattva lingji. As long as it is under the nose of the heaven gang, nothing is good, but they will finally get it.
"Gee … kill is not, don’t kill is not … what should I do …!" Nine heavy toss and turn bitter thought along while, suddenly a brainwave, "aye … got it! It’s not good to get started, so just think of some way to get bodhisattva lingji to a place where no one is there, and then take care of it slowly! And this place, hey hey … that’s not ready! "
Thinking of this, Jiuzhong immediately used the Alliance Channel and said to the troops stationed at the entrance of the 18-story Hell Void Gate, "All the troops listen to the order, and immediately give up the entrance position for 10 kilometers!"
Although the troops stationed in the 18th floor of hell didn’t understand the reason for this order, they still obeyed it. Ninety-nine million troops rushed back ten kilometers like the tide, making room for the entrance of the Void Gate.
"Retreat in place? !” Nine heavy asked.
"In place!"
"hmm!" Nine nodded, and opened the voice communication, calling Shen Yue, "Yue Er, are you in the colorful magic now? !”
"Yeah! What’s wrong? !”
Chapter four hundred and seventy-nine Please enter the urn
.. "Go to my master at once, just like this with him …" Jiuzhong told Shen Yue about making a book (
"Ok, I know." Shen Yue hung up the voice communication and hurried to the colorful magic capital.
The Monkey King, the Great Sage King, and all the monsters who escaped from the seven-level pagoda of the burning ancient Buddha did not gather in the colorful magic capital, but found a crystal mountain behind the colorful magic capital, built a temporary nest among the mountains and temporarily stationed there.
Soon, Shen Yue found the Monkey King’s abode of fairies and immortals and met the Monkey King.
"Oh, it’s one of my good disciples’ women. What do you want with my grandson?" Jiuzhong is the Monkey King’s apprentice, and Shen Yue is a Jiuzhong woman. In the Monkey King’s eyes, she is a member of her own family. When she treats her own family, the Monkey King does not show any power, but the tone of her words is very approachable.
"Tiger, let me tell you …" Shen Yue taught her according to the script. "Heaven has already begun to start work on Buddhism. Now the vanguard troops are encircling bodhisattva lingji’s forces, Lingji, and there are many treasures. The tiger doesn’t want them to fall into the hands of heaven, so he called me here. Please give him a helping hand and kill bodhisattva lingji together."
"These Buddhist bald donkeys have caused me to see the light of day for thousands of years, and it is not enough to die." the Monkey King’s eyes flashed with cold light. "How can my lovely disciples help him? But there is one thing I have to do first. Now it’s not time. I’m sure I can’t make public appearances to let the people in heaven know that I’m out of trouble. "
"This tiger has already thought of it," Shen Yue said. "So the tiger will think of some way to get bodhisattva lingji into this eighteen layers of hell. You just need to wait for him in the vanity gate and wait for bodhisattva lingji to enter the jaws."
"Well, my disciples are really thoughtful, and my skull is just to make it easy to walk, waiting for the bald donkey to go." the Monkey King disappeared in situ, and the next moment he has appeared outside the magic crystal mountain range, roaring towards the entrance of the vanity gate-book _)
"Hey, Monkey Brother, wait for my old pig, and I’ll go too", followed by Pig Bajie, Sand Monk, Bailong, and so on, all the big-name monster beasts that are about to fade out these days, surging out of the abode of fairies and immortals, driving a continuous demon cloud and heading straight for the entrance of the vanity gate.
"Tiger, the Monkey King, they are already in place." the Monkey King and others took their positions. Shen Yue immediately called Jiuzhong by voice. "We can implement the action."
"Okay," Jiuzhong turned off the voice communication, started to act, gathered to the edge of the mid-air chapter, and waited for the opportunity to start.
At this time, bodhisattva lingji, surrounded by celestial beings, was a little overwhelmed, and he was in an abnormal mess. His cassock Buddha was about to be burned into a sieve, and the whole person looked like a beggar flower.
"-force a tiger to jump over the wall, want me to die, we also don’t want to be better, a big deal to fight a fish to die." bodhisattva lingji growled, and the whole person turned into a blazing golden light, just like the fierce sun in the middle of the sky, overflowing with the wave of destruction, bombarding the four celestial immortals in front of us, which was thunderous and thunderous, and one of the immortals who bore the brunt was directly into thin air.
Then several big fairy, also can’t dodge, seeing will be bodhisattva lingji’s big kill nullify.
At this critical juncture, Jiuchong suddenly appeared between the two sides and stood in front of the big immortals.
"Those who block me die" bodhisattva lingji has killed the red eye, knowing that he is miserable today, so he simply ignores who is in front of him, nullifies them all and pulls them to be buried with him.
Opposite bodhisattva lingji’s fierce lore, Jiuchong was able to shrug off, raised his hand at will, and a crisp ring appeared behind him, so the door of vanity appeared out of thin air.
Nine steps into the void, borrows power out of thin air, and withdraws into the void door.
In normal times, bodhisattva lingji must ponder whether this is a trap or not, and he will not rush easily. But now bodhisattva lingji is hot-headed, even if he realizes that this may be a trap, he still has no hesitation and is bound to nullify everything in sight.
Across a space ravine in the void, bodhisattva lingji chased Jiuchong like crazy and rushed into the void door without hesitation. "If you can’t run away, be buried with me."
"Good student, get out of the way." Jiuzhong, who was in a hurry, suddenly heard the sound of the Monkey King’s voice coming into his ears. Without any hesitation, he crushed vanity, turned 90 degrees straight in the middle and traversed out.
As soon as Jiuzhong moved out, bodhisattva lingji, who was as fiery as the sun, was killed.
On bodhisattva lingji’s head-on, in the direction of Jiuzhong’s retreat, a huge column with a thick tornado appeared in Lingji’s sight.

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