Yunzhen’s lips are tight and everything is acquiesced.

At this time, Yunlei did not ask Yunzhen, and quickly took Liu Yunyang’s arm and asked anxiously, "How is Liu Shaoxia, my master, now? Can that poison be forced out?"
Liu Yunyang shook his head. "Not yet, but Liu’s elder told me that it should be almost the same in a few days, so you don’t need him to worry. Now you still have to think about how to deal with this demon that has been lurking around you for hundreds of years."
Yunlei was relieved and then turned and glared at Yunzhen. "Are you still human, beast?" Master treats you so well that you even plot against his old man’s house. Today I will clean the door for Master. "
Cloud really gave him a dirty look and said, "I’m afraid you’re a little short of the truth. To tell you the truth, there was no one here who was my opponent hundreds of years ago. I’ve been hiding it. Now that you have to force me, don’t blame me."
Yun Leiwen was so angry that he trembled, pointing to Yunzhen and cursing, "What an arrogant person! You are simply-"
Beside her, Yunhuarou comforted Yunying and cried, "Don’t you have a little affection for hundreds of years and cheat me?"
Yun Zhen avoided her eyes and said indifferently, "There are some things that I can’t decide. I don’t want to blame tamarix chinensis lour Yunyang. If he didn’t understand the secrets of colorful clouds, I wouldn’t have come this far."
Yunying smiled bleakly and laughed wildly, and the whole person fell into an abnormal mood.
Aside Yunyi hurriedly told Yunhua to help her to rest aside and not to make her so excited.
Looking back, Yunyi looked at Yunzhen coldly and asked, "Yunzhen, let me ask you one last question: What is poisonous to Master?"
Cloud really smiled coldly and grunted, "I can tell you something. Guess for yourself."
Yun was so angry that he tried to fight before, but he was stopped by the sea of laughter, which made him a little confused.
Looking back at this smile, the sea clouds puzzled and asked, "Laughter hero stopped me?"
Laughing at the sea, he advised, "Don’t be impulsive. He deliberately angered you and then took the opportunity to escape from his poison. I don’t quite understand it, but now I have guessed something. Would you like to listen?"
Yun Yi nodded, "Laughter Hero, please tell me. Yun Yi just wants to know what this beast is cruel to wicked heart."
Laughing at the sea and smiling, the eyes swept the crowd. As soon as everyone looked at themselves, they couldn’t help saying, "The real reason is very simple. If you think about it carefully, you should remember that you once told me that Yunzhen once left the cloud wonderland. After that, Yunzhen was greatly stimulated, and his personality changed slightly. Now it seems that Yunzhen was already dead, but the person in front of us is an impostor!"
Bold speculation is like a storm that engulfs everyone.
The cloud in the field is really pale with horror, and the original calm face is full of shock.
Yunlei, Yunyi, Yunhua and Yunying were very surprised. It was really hard to accept the unexpected result.
However, if you think about it carefully, Xiao Canghai’s inference is absurd, but it explains what Yunzhen will do to Liu Tiandao.
Since Yun Song is proud of the moon and the Buddha’s door and sneaked into the fairyland to steal art, why can’t others send someone to pretend to be him?
After understanding this truth, Yunlei said sadly, "It turns out that everything is like this. You not only killed my younger brother Yunzhen, but also cheated her younger sister Yunying, and poisoned her old man’s house. Today, my elder brother in Wonderland wants Master to clean the door even if he gives his life. Now you will come out and die." After that, his consciousness is firmly locked in Yunzhen’s body and he is pushing forward step by step.
When Yun saw this, he shouted, "Brother, don’t be busy with me. Clean the door for Master. We must not let him go today."
A few feet away, Yun Huawen’s face was charming and he shouted, "I’m also a brother in a cloud wonderland, and I can’t live without it." Say that finish, I flew half way towards Yunzhen.
Yunying hesitated for a moment, and finally his face turned cold and looked solemn. Yunzhen’s eyes appeared beside him and waving his hand was a slap in the face.
Looking at the palm of your hand, the cloud really changed slightly until the palm of your hand came to him. He sighed lightly and whispered while avoiding the palm. "Although it is not enough to repay me, I owe you a little kindness."
Chapter seventy-two Fall short
Yunying shouted coldly, "Shut up and be honest with me. You are strangers to each other. Your poison to Master is my enemy. Take your life."
With both hands waving palm power, the dazzling blue brilliance is like a light blade breaking the secret and attacking towards Yunzhen.
Around Yunlei, Yunyi and Yunhua launched a sharp offensive at the same time, forming a closed barrier to cover the clouds.
Since then, Yunlei’s figure has been divided into three hands, and the blue light flashing transfer of the trick has turned into three lightsabers, and the cloud is really cut in three directions in the enchantment.
Clouds and clouds on both sides rotate at high speed to form a dragon and phoenix light beam, which instantly supports the enchantment and engulfs the clouds in one fell swoop.
In the face of danger, the cloud really roars, waving his hands alternately and reversing the crown wheel. A red and a black brilliance emanates from his body. As he rotates, a strange light world is formed, which not only meets the attack of the cloud and a cloud, but also resists the attack of the cloud shadow and the cloud thunder.
At this moment, from a distance, I saw three ten-foot-long blue lightsabers slashing toward the cloud at an included angle of 30 degrees, and formed a group of dense and continuous attacks with the light band emitted by the rotating light beam and cloud shadow hands in the center.
Zhongyun’s true figure has been reversed at a high speed and turned into a beam of light. When the red and black light circles meet the dragon and phoenix beams, they spark and splash with each other. Thunderbolts and powerful air currents sweep across the fields, forcing people to watch the sea and laugh at the willows and Yunyang.
Surprised at this scene, Liu Yunyang frowned and said, "Is this cloud really so strong that four people can cope with the attack together?"
Laughing at the sea, he looked dignified and worried. "I think today, the four of Yun Lei are afraid that Liu Yun is not true. In that case, if we meet him, we will have one more nemesis."
Liu Yunyang said coldly, "So I will leave him and not give him a chance to escape."
Laughing at the sea and shaking his head, he said, "It’s too late at this time. You can’t stop root cutting. Let’s watch and bet on a cloud."
The fierce battle in the field is still not over, and the light world, Yunyi and Yunhua, which are plagued by the reversal of Yunzhen, are in a stalemate for a while.
Peripheral cloud thunder that imperial god struck three swords and chopped down hard, which made the cloud true light world suddenly tremble, and only lasted for a moment, the dragon and phoenix beams forced the smoke.
At this time, Yunying smiled grimly, and the right hand was holding the body of Zhenyuan. It was really frustrating to attack the cloud when the slender palm appeared on his chest.
It doesn’t feel good. Yunzhen roars, a slight quiver moves 796 times in a row in the shortest time, and Yunying is hit by a palm, and the body falls backwards.
Aware that the body has been injured, Yunzhen’s eyes turned to consciousness, and the situation around him was analyzed. It was found that Yunlei, Yunyi and Yunhua were all paying attention to themselves, and each of them made a sharp attack and sealed every corner that could be retreated.
I feel a little heavy. Yunzhen is a bit stronger than them, but it is also difficult for four people to attack themselves together.
If you go on like this, you will eventually lose, so you have to think about countermeasures immediately
Seriously consider the cloud, I really know the eye situation, and I have no choice but to leave.
However, it is a key to leave smoothly.
Before he laughed at the sea, it was a pity that he always got rid of the entanglement of laughing at the sea.
Now that you are one enemy, can you find a flaw and seize the opportunity?
In thinking, the cloud really keeps changing its posture, and the four people around it don’t touch it hard.

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