"And these words seem like God is going to cramp someone and skin him?"

"sure enough, God was furious and he wanted to punish all those who stopped him from coming!"
"God, please make you angry, please punish those who know the world and punish those who refuse to admit your glory …" The old god stick took the elders to the ground and screamed desperately.
Opposite the golden hammer roared, "I’m a fairy board, you bastards don’t kill me, don’t you?" Always hammer you all to death! I’m going to crush you one by one, and I’m going to crush your mother again … "
Scold scold golden hammer mood suddenly collapsed.
"Boo-hoo-hoo, I beg you, please let me live. Don’t open the door again. I was wrong. Not yet. I was wrong. Boo-hoo-hoo … please let me go …"
Across the door, the old goddesses all trembled.
"I heard God cry! God, merciful God, are you crying when we humans are in hot water? God, great God, may your glory illuminate mankind. Please name the way forward for us … "
The old Diablo iii was so excited that he trembled. "Call everyone at once and let them listen to the seal … no, I want the world to hear it! Get the news out immediately! We will open the door to welcome the kingdom of God in God’s blessing! "
Another news from the earth swept the whole world like a hurricane.
At this moment, the industrial gate really launched all its strength and influence with great scruples.
No matter whether it is a religious state or some States with extremely weak religious power, news is broadcast overwhelming.
Network messages are deleted wave after wave, and immediately they are sent out again, shielding a key word and immediately giving birth to a new interchangeable word and a new substitute word.
Waves of news are on the air.
The industrial gate will be broadcast live again!
Emperor, he has made a will!
He will come to the earth to guide mankind and bring mankind into a new era!
And the emperor will punish all believers and all traitors. The majesty of the emperor is the devil and his lackeys. Tremble!
It’s not too late for those who are blinded by the devil to stop. It’s not too late for you to repent, abandon the devil and embrace God, and God will forgive you.
Both fanatics and ignorant people were incited again at this time.
There are several foolish men and women gathered in front of the manor. They curse and spit on them.
A group of old men and women stood shoulder to shoulder in a community in Wucheng, holding brooms, mops and even kitchen knives as if they were going to launch a holy war.
But this mess is far from being directed at the manor.
Believe that if you want to believe in God, you can be as enthusiastic as you want. Already broken cans and broken falls are waiting for the end of the world; Dissatisfied with the world, radicals who have long wanted to change everything have taken to the streets.
Beat, smash, rob, burn …
Chaos is spreading all over the world.
No one knows what will happen when human beings lose faith and confidence.
Humans and beasts are actually no different.
In the era of exile, not far from the village outside Hammer Town, the screen in front of me moved back to look at Hammer Town in front of me.
"You just won’t give up!"
"All the victims today are because of you."
Then he closed his eyes.
Reach out your hand
Mouth said a word.
Chapter 1237 Mountain!
Not far from Zhuang, close your eyes and reach out.
He said a word.
In an instant, a Yamagata crown appeared in his hand.
Its appearance is very delicate, and it is supported in the hands near Zhuang, covering a few places near the palm of Zhuang.
But it feels huge.
It seems that it is a real mountain in the palm of your hand not far from Zhuang!
The towering sky spans a mountain in heaven and earth!
This mountain is not far from Zhuang and the light and shadow in the manor were stolen from Berberia Manor. It comes from a subordinate manor of Berberia, and the owner is a part of the manor owner’s heart.
Not far from Zhuang, I once stole a lot, but in the end there were only two left.
One is a water polo, which turned into a manor Na Pianhai in the hands of light and shadow.
And this "Yamagata Crown" has been collected not far from Zhuang.
When he is free, he will take it out and study it.
At the beginning, those manor owners who celebrated Berberis birthday all looked terrible. Even giant creatures such as atresia and arching were as small as bugs in front of them.
I can imagine how powerful their fighting capacity is and how powerful their manor is.
If a water polo can add a sea area to the manor, can this mountain crown add a mountain to the manor?
The manor area will be much bigger again!
But he hasn’t found a way to make it work.

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