Cole also want to say something Goethe is with the wave.

The carriage was quiet again.
Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the police station.
Cole and others with Goethe walked to the police station.
Everything is according to the process.
But when I first entered the lounge next to the police station-
"Goethe, are you okay?"
Judy, Goethe’s math teacher, came over with a worried face.
Next to them are some aggrieved female forensic Garifa and the dignified Xiusta. Further away, there are a group of police officers.
Xiusta is different.
These people’s eyes are not only reckless but also full of malice.
Said he was a police officer, but more like a gang member
"Be careful"
Hugh Starr low said
Goethe nodded without trace.
He didn’t let Ann come because he was worried that the other party would play hostage.
He can still protect three people.
There are not enough’ blood crow spirits’
"Ann didn’t come?"
Female forensic Garifa was relieved when she didn’t see Ann in the crowd.
Only teacher Judy simply looked at Goethe’s body.
"They said you had an accident. Are you all right?"
Teacher Judy looked worried.
"It’s okay, Miss Judy."
Goethe said with a smile
Aside those eyeing up to police officers is walked to come over to cole and others surrounded unloading handcuffs-the whole process cole three people didn’t resist.
These people will cole three people away.
The whole lounge is left with Goethe, Judy, Garifa and Xiusta.
The door was opened from the outside.
The lounge camera suddenly lit up.
Cournaud’s ugly appearance appears.

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