This chess game is too difficult.

If the loser doesn’t lose the two most precious things, then the outcome of this chess game is called losing.
But now Ulla doesn’t want to lose.
Absolutely can not lose
If the two most precious things are lost, no matter which one is, it will be a disaster for Ula.
Finally, Ulla finished the layout in two minutes.
This time, the layout is that the red front turns to defense.
The red car went in two and went in five directly to the first-line and third-line soldiers on the side of the Tianhe River, that is, Xu retired from the defense here and bit a Ma San defense at the back.
The two guns are also cooperating with the translation. One gun enters the river to help defend the other gun rack, and there is an offensive situation behind the three soldiers.
The river patrol car on the second line has four chess pieces, and Luqi has not made a firefight. If it is a firefight, it may win, but the loss may be very great.
So Lurgi also organized an offensive in a staggered way, and at the same time, once again, the black soldiers on the third and seventh lines of Maimang advanced into the red and black ranks at the same time. One step has been to kill the bayonet and see the red.
Only two rounds of chess have become very complicated, and a bloody battle is coming.
The main reason is that the chess owner is free to act.
The chess owner can move freely, and all the chess players can move once every turn.
From the third round of the chess game to this third round, Ulla had no choice.
Must attack face to face
If we don’t attack again, the red side’s first-hand advantage will be completely lost
If this advantage is lost, the probability that the red side will be defeated in this game will be as high as 95%
In an instant, Ulla decisively reached the order, which is similar to changing the order.
The red guns on Line 3 directly bombarded the black pawns on the opposite side, and then retreated. The red soldiers on Line 3 were also soldiers, and the red guns attacked and killed the black pawns on the opposite side together.
At the same time, Ulla almost gave up the right position and pulled all the troops to the left chessboard.
You have to say that this is not in line with the chess style, but this Tianhe chess game is different from ordinary chess.
Ula, if we don’t adjust the level of black’s elite in that round, we can hit the red side hard in an instant.
At the same moment, the red cannon attacked and killed the third-line black pawn Xu tui, and suddenly there was an illusion that his 100-strong army also directly killed into a battlefield.
He made a total of 400 troops with red artillery and attacked 100 troops with black soldiers.
The number is very dominant, but it can’t be compared with the elite
Xu tui-hong pao’s two families have nine guards’ stars, that is, 20 in total, while the black pawn across the street has nine guards’ stars, with 60 and 40 guards.
This war fell into a disadvantage from the red side.
Many people are afraid of such a war situation first, just like the Red Gun Three Eyes Ghost King, who has no hope of winning when he sees such a war situation.
He hopes to be resurrected after being killed.
But for an instant, the three-eyed ghost king suddenly saw Taishan Mansion as soon as he stayed, that is, Xu retreated like a sword and rushed into the other camp like an arrow.

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