At that time, I knew that I was crying and crying and fainted.

"It’s scorpion venom"
Kang Rong aside slightly checked a body low track
"Zhou Xiong’s hand is a man of practice, and the man should want to warn Zhou Xiong that he can leave such a trace."
"Scorpion body, heaven is pretty" Zhou Yi’s eyebrows drooped.
"Brother Kang, can you find out who did it?"
"This ….." Kang Rong hesitated.
"Judging from the toxicity of the corpse, the strength of the hand is by no means a beginner, Zhou Xiong … I think it’s better not to check it."
"The other party should also don’t want to do things in the handmaiden’s hand."
"I’m white" Zhou Yi nodded lightly.
"But I’m also curious about where I offended people?"
"Brother Zhou doesn’t know?" Kang Rong raises eyebrows
"I don’t know" Zhou Yi shook his head.
"So …" Kang Rong wanted to think in the previous step and gently picked the scorpion mark on the leg and wrist of Baoyu’s body.
"This thing is the symbol of the door-refining gas shop, saying that the hand belongs to this one."
"Bo’s position as a monk in the later stage of gas refining is second only to that of the three true theorists, and his strength is probably not weaker than that of Zi Zhen Xian Shi."
"Besides, this gas refiner is overbearing and it’s best not to provoke him."
Zhou Yi face a heavy.
He’s not stupid. He can naturally hear the warning from the other side.
"Zhou should not be qualified to offend a gas refiner."
Kang Rong nodded
He is quite familiar with Zhou Yi, knowing that this sexual calm can be said to be too careful to find fault with himself.
Wanted to think about him slowly.
"I can try to ask, but I don’t know if I can find a clue."
Zhou yi hand again way
"I’m in charge of that water area, and there are not many red sands. I wonder if Brother Kang is interested in taking over and paying a few liang a month."
"Oh!" Kang Rong’s eyes lit up.
"Of course."
Zhou Yi can earn a pound or two of red sands even if the output is less than one month, and he can earn a lot even if he changes hands.
Yu Zhouyi …
After Baoyu’s death, he was left with Aquarius alone. Naturally, it is impossible to arrange for direct subcontracting outside.
"Just a handmaiden."
Sweet and fat, sitting on a stone chair, the fat spread on the bottom covered the stone chair without leaving a trace.
"Teacher Zhou, if you want to pick a few from me, that’s it."

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