Jiao surnamed female is not from one leng.

"This is the true master of Zen Buddhism." The other person in the room is tall and thin with a three-inch beard and a sly triangular eye.
One hand a bald monk said
"Jiao Mei is not quick to see it."
Female face suddenly quickly jiao way
"My daughter Jiao Yuhua has seen the real master."
True figure, fat facial features, a backlog of face fat, a few shapeless, and a pair of small eyes swept Jiao Yuhua’s eyes, and she lost interest.
"Nice name? … just so-so"
Jiao Yuhua’s appearance is not bad, but he is obviously not really seen in his eyes. He has seen many women with extraordinary looks.
Which of the ten goddesses in the Buddha Palace is not a fairy figure? Even he has tasted their physical giving.
"Yes" JiaoYuHua don’t so charming laughed.
"My little girl’s body can’t enter the eyes of the master."
"Go ahead" triangle eye mouth
"What is it?"
"Yes" smell speech JiaoYuHua look a path.
"This group of people who have come to consult have gathered enough people. I don’t know when Master Wuyuan will sometimes consult?"
"This ….." The triangular eye hesitated and didn’t answer to see the truth.
"Martial Uncle Wuyuan has other important things recently for a month or two, even if he has no time." What a random wave.
"Let’s talk about it later!"
"ah!" JiaoYuHua face a white can’t help but trail.
"If the master source stone has been handed in for three or five days, it will not be a big problem for a month or two, even …"
"why?" True eyes narrowed.
"Opinions can’t be cured"
"No, no,no." The third eye hastily waved its eyes and turned around.
"The master doesn’t know that these people come from all over the world and can find the right way. In a small place, they are either rich or expensive."
"Master Wuyuan, if you don’t have time, can you just ask a teacher from Yakushido to come out and make a sample?"
"They begged, but they spared no expense!"
"Oh!" I’m really interested when I pick my eyebrows and sit down.
"There are so many other disciples in Yakushido that it is not difficult to find one."
"O …"
Speaking of which, he smiled again.
"I must ask an outsider Buddha, and I can do it for you!"
"That …" The expression of the triangular eye slightly changes, and the throat turns.
"Most of these people are women with poor looks and poor quality, even if they can’t see them, but there are a few good ones."
His eyes flashing way
"Little people can arrange"
"Well" really shows satisfaction.
"You are well-informed"
"Master" then Jiao Yuhua took a sip.
"There is another person who wants to cure his voice."
"What’s the cure?" Really frown
"Isn’t the dumb day just the candidate for practicing closed meditation? I think this person is brought directly by my Buddha."
Jiao Yuhua’s face is exposed to Shan Shan.
"His mother is afraid she won’t."
This is true in exchange, and the strange eyes with triangular eyes seem to be such a thing. Where can anyone object?
Taipingfu east zone
Here is a stronghold where all ethnic groups are placed near the capital.
There are many emissaries of various nationalities in the military compound, and some places are guarded by private soldiers. Even the imperial court can’t break in.
Xuantianmeng has a similar station since.
Zhou Jia took the jade die as the elder of Xiaolang Island and went all the way to Xuantian Pavilion.
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