This information says that the situation at the crater base is really dangerous.

Like the Mars base in Huaya region, you also have a team with a total number of 20 people, of which 60% are fighters in Huaxia region.
But up to now, the falling star team of Mars base in Huaya region has not been dispatched.
The location of the crater base in Huaxia District is more important because there is a measuring gate. There is only one platoon for the falling star squad in Huaxia District.
Counting the total number of falling star teams in other areas has reached 50.
Actually, a third of them have already been sacrificed. It is conceivable that the situation is fierce.
Keke judged that the assault team composed of the strong in the transmutation environment was probably extremely close to or entered the crater base.
Otherwise, we won’t move the falling star team!
"Is there need more effective support! Give me a little and I’ll let you take an elite team there, "Feng Xuanbiao said.
"In this case, I can’t wait. I have to go there by horse. It takes three hours to get to the crater base from here, even if it’s a skyfighter," Xu said.
"But …"
"No, but you can give me a few people transferred here? I can take a few if I can fight! " Xu tui said
Crater mountain must be rescued by horses if it is allowed to retreat.
It’s just a matter of measuring the size of the crater, that is, you have to save your life even if you retreat.
An xiaoxue’s wasteland is the crater Mars base. Let’s go at the gate.
Time return temporary period
However, if the door of the crater Mars base is always in the hands of the Blue Star Terran, then the Blue Star Terran can continuously put in supplies and put in the famine again.
But if the crater Mars base is lost, then …
The consequences can’t even be imagined!
What kind of courage do you dare not face!
When landing on Mars before, it seems that you can choose the landing point because of the red fire change.
But at that time, Xu retired and chose to follow military orders!
Although Xu tui is not a soldier, he will follow military orders when he goes to the battlefield!
That would be a military order, and it would be possible to retreat!
"This … I’m afraid there is no one who can fight on my side …" Feng Xuanbiao wry smile.
"No one can fight?" Xu retreated in astonishment.
"I think these genes have been fighting for three days in a row for the shortest time. Their physical strength, mental strength and extraordinary strength have all consumed drama …" Feng Xuanbiao smiled bitterly.
Xu retreated in astonishment.
However, this is also normal. This side has been in combat for five days.
Sleepless continuous combat load is very heavy

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