I really didn’t sense the specific orientation of the two colonies, but the breath of the two colonies was much clearer than before.

I feel almost!
I almost sensed the specific location of these two low-level colonies, "Mitsubishi Ding said.
"How much is the difference?" Xu asked back.
"Maybe you can sense the specific position too far from the entry of the Unut asteroid?"
"What else?"
"Maybe I can feel it when I approach thousands or tens of thousands of kilometers in the direction where these two colonies are located," Mitsubishi Ding said.
"Maybe? How sure are you? " Xu asked back.
"I don’t know, but I can be sure that the ability to sense the position of the merozoite has really improved a lot. It’s really true that it is integrated into the Xuanyin glass body!" Mitsubishi Ding said
"The integration of Xuanyin glass body can not only allow you to expand the antenna and enhance your sensing ability, right?" Xu asked back.
"Of course, I never deny this." Mitsubishi Ding, an old coin, realized that he didn’t deny anything and admitted it directly.
"That I am not demanding that you help me find the two marked low-level colonies. This Xuanyin glass body is you. No matter what ability you want it to expand.
But if you can’t find it, don’t blame me for depriving it, "Xu said.
"But I can’t feel the boss until he leaves the Unout asteroid."
"This is simple"
Fifteen minutes later Zhou Chuan arrived.
Now Zhou Chuan is a professional senior military adviser of Tongtian Special Combat Team. Theoretically, he has to obey orders and retire this head.
After half an hour, I got a refund and confessed that Zhou Chuan left the Unout asteroid in a space plane after making a request to the Unout asteroid Huaxia base.
Mitsubishi tripod with a strange antenna on its side.
Next, Zhou Chuan will fly this celestial plane around the Unut asteroid, expanding the surrounding distance and searching for the location where An Xiaoxue and her low-grade clones are carried.
It’s time to make a retreat.
Sigh arranged that he still had to finish it.
Not long after Zhou Chuan set out, Xu retired. After contacting the base of Unute asteroid Huaxia area, Ma arranged for him to pass.
Xu tui didn’t dare to test the delivery requirements of the delivery channel in Unut Mars.
Dare not try.
The nucleus of his mental body is the strongest, which can reach the intensity of the stars.
If you really pass the standard, you will pass it according to the standard of mental body, which is equivalent to giving up the opportunity to send the Unout asteroid Mars to the channel to pass the star-rated strong.
Ten days if there is no Eldar attack.
If there really is an Eldar attack, then Xu tui is a sinner!
Generally speaking, the traffic limit will be kept. Whether Mars or Unut is attacked, at least one strong star can quickly support it!
For example, if the Unut asteroid is attacked, Erila can quickly get to Unut from Mars.
Erila’s strength can definitely affect the war situation.
It is known that the landing sites of Mars, Unut asteroid and moon are all sent to the target planet randomly when they are sent through the measuring channel.
However, the Unout asteroid is relatively small, and the random landing site is nothing.
When the Unut asteroid arrived at Mars through the quantitative channel, Xu Xu felt a little abnormal fluctuation from the red fire slips again.
I am very familiar with this, and I will lock the area near Mars crater with a single move.
Sure enough, Xu retired and landed near the crater.
Can the red fire bamboo slips born on Mars affect the landing point of Mars?
A few minutes after landing, I received a communication from Gaisheng, the accusation officer of the crater Mars base.
I have to say that after Huang melted the Xuanyin glass body, he expanded and proposed many components to form the communication function, which is not bad at all.
"You just landed around the crater and you can get to the base in about ten minutes?" Gaisheng was surprised. "I’m ready to pick you up with a fighter plane. I didn’t expect such good luck?"
"A little luck"
Two hours later, Xu retired and was sent to Phobos by Gaisheng.
Phobos and the problem of the lunar delivery channel will be seen in person.
Mars and Unout asteroids can be said to be unblocked or idle due to traffic restrictions.
But Phobos and the lunar delivery channel are lined up!
All kinds of materials and personnel need to pass through the long queue in front of Phobos-1 delivery channel.
Mainly because the level of the delivery channel here is quite low, that is, it takes an hour for the delivery channel to cool down and recover after sending a gene evolution strong person in the past.
Sending all kinds of materials and large and small objects is also slow.
The queuing order was actually three days later.
This place is too fragile to pass through.
Fortunately, Cai Shaochu ordered and the military greeted him early. Xu tui is an absolute priority traffic sequence.
Being cut in line at the first time should not be arranged to be the first in traffic.
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