Director Zhao nodded again

"Our information consultation was happy immediately after the bank remitted the money."
See the class will get up from director Zhao hurriedly. "Wait, I still have some files here without information … The boss of the virtual city tunnel construction likes dogs and long-legged sports beauty. You can approach him in this way …"
"I also like dogs and beautiful women with long legs, which can’t be said." Banzu smiled. "Besides, your way is out of date. We don’t need to get close to him. We will consult information in a more effective way. We are experts in this field. I won’t tell you how to work. Don’t tell me, OK?"
Then the class smiled and pointed to the meal in front of them and said, "This meal is on me."
Jia Yelian beside a few people are straight leng ears heard a face of meng force.
How can they all talk about payment without saying a few words in total?
Yu Ruzhan didn’t say a word? What always feels like being cheated?
Wait, you can’t really be cheated …
Mom cheated me by selling a batch of scams?
What professional company is Lao Zhao looking for?
How dare you call yourself a professional?
Jia Yelian was angry when he saw the class come to him, took out a tiger doll from his handbag and put it in front of him.
"I didn’t expect Mr. Jia to donate so much money to help the tiger. It seems that Mr. Jia really likes the tiger and gave it to you."
Say that finish class family nodded to Jia Yelian and then pushed the door and left.
Jia Yelian gawked at the tiger in front of him and became furious after a long time. "I bah this garbage professional company! You just like tigers. Your family likes tigers, me, you, fairy board, and I killed you … "
Nobody dares to mock me!
And at this level, I dare to say that I am a professional company!
Class out of the fast food restaurant casually threw the backpack and glasses into the trash can to touch out the words "I just shocked them and they will call the advance payment soon. You should first prepare to invade the virtual city tunnel builder …"
"We’ve come in …" A woman across the street said, "I’ve never seen such a good intruder. The security measures of this company are really terrible. I could have dug up all the information of this company a few days ago …"
"This business is really simple." The class laughed.
Chapter 26 Bat Gongying is growing
Coming out of the meeting just happened to be the rush hour, and Zhuang was blocked in the road not far away.
At this time, not far from Zhuang, I especially miss my carriage.
But I can’t. The virtual city is not Jiahu virtual city. Most roads can’t be used by carriages. Even with the special permission of the travel company, it can be used on some non-main roads during off-peak hours.
Finally, the car ran to the nursery not far from the manor. "How is my bat Gongying?"
After a round of recruitment, the staff in the manor is finally complete. In the past two days, the efficiency of the manor has finally increased and then stabilized, which is barely in line with the conditions for bat cultivation.
Seeing Zhao Minhe, Nong Lixin and others waiting to get the bat Gong Yingzhuang not far away, he was disappointed. "Ah, why are you still so big?" How long will it take to grow up? It won’t always be so big … "
The cultivation of Bat Gongying is much more troublesome than the cultivation of cattle banyan and dog-ear vine, and its growth speed is extremely slow, even in the nursery, it can almost grow at a tortoise speed.
First, it takes a long time for several light green buds to become several green leaves, and then the leaves stretch on the ground and grow up slowly.
But even now, the leaves add up to nothing but a slap in the face.
However, not far from Zhuang, it’s a little white. What is it called Bat Gongying? Because it looks really similar to dandelion. Several slender and light green pieces are spread all over the edge of white fluff, just like the leaves of animal teeth stretching to the ground.
Daniel is a tree, two girls are a vine and Bat Gongying is a grass?
"Shh …" Zhao Min immediately put up his finger not far from Zhuang and then waved to him to let Zhuang lie prone.
Not far away, Zhuang lay wondering and saw a small head on the blade surface looking at it with his eyes open.
Big ears, big eyes, short nose and small mouth look almost like a pair of black beans like ordinary bats. Zhuang’s face is reflected in his eyes, and he blinks and then shyly hides behind the leaves and disappears.
"Ah …" Not far from Zhuang, I felt that I was sprouted by this little thing and reached out to touch it. "Don’t be shy, little guy. Let dad see that dad likes you …"
"Don’t!" Zhao Min quickly stopped Zhuang not far away. "Master Zhuang, you’d better not touch it now. Your hand is too powerful …"
Not far from Zhuang, I looked at my hands. When I thought that my hands were stained with blood, I sighed naively and circled to the other side. I saw those small eyes coming out from behind the leaves and staring at him with big eyes, and then I turned around and disappeared.
"Ha, this little guy is playing hide-and-seek with me!" Zhuang is not far away from heart, and I don’t remember that I thought this little thing was too small just now. I walked around Bat Gongying for a long time until I turned myself around.
"No, I have to go back and have a rest …" Not far from Zhuang, covering her head, "Woo, this little guy is the youngest in the manor, so I’ll call him … Xiaofu!"
Zhuang straightened up and looked at him from the blade surface. Xiaofu shook his head and said, "It’s hard to imagine that this little thing is the most trusted hunter of manor owners?"

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