At the same time

A marginal breath emerged from the field.
"Rumble …"
The sky is steep with muffled thunder.
With the wings, the hurricane rolled up and a black mountain appeared. With the thunder roaring, the hurricane roared and the black mountain did not move.
The figure slowly turned its head like a knife and chisel, and the facial features were full of three-dimensional sense. He looked at the audience, and the voice of the believers was solemn and solemn, like a bronze bell and Lu echoing in his ears.
"My name is Sakhalis, the father, Archangel I"
There are people in the Mu world in the crowd who are conscious of their heart movements.
This name is famous, but it is not an archangel, but a sinner in the abyss of fallen demons
But …
That’s before
"Welcome to the archangel!"
"Welcome to the archangel!"
Believers are constantly drinking in Austin, and it is his honor to get the favor of the archangel.
Sakhalis nodded with expression.
"There will be two archangels waiting for you to continue to maintain the uninterrupted array, and if necessary, sacrifice blood to the creatures."
"When the divine domain arrives, you will get the angel position, and the divine domain will be immortal from then on."
Everyone’s face is full of enthusiasm
"obey the archangel’s order"
The earth trembled and a figure fell beside Sakhalis.
Sakhalis, a different person, is really coming to the market. His burly body is like a violent bear with black hair.
"Usok, the demigod"
Sakhalis nodded at each other.
"You are here, too."
Usok is more than four meters tall, wearing a crude animal skin and a black axe on his back. He rubbed Pakistan and looked around.
"This is the market world. If all the abilities given by different gods’ blood in our place disappear, only the source remains."
"Well …"
"In addition to us, there are Loen, the archangel Dokiel and Bailie, but it seems that Loen has found them."
Not everyone in the divine realm is very good.
Especially the twelve archangels, some of whom are enemies of life and death, are not in harmony with each other even if they all serve the Father.
"Market boundary?"
Different from the burly beast god Usok and the three-dimensional features of Sakhalis, Loen is beautiful, blond, slender and explosive, which is like an art.
He stepped on the water and it fell from it.
At the same time, I feel the strange world in front of me silently with one hand.
"Divine power is suppressed, and the rules of control disappear. Only the innate ability can keep the strength … greatly reduced."

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