"No, it’s okay." Gu Jinxi shook his head and opened his mouth, and a trace of scarlet flowed out of his mouth.

Even though he was still weak, the old medicine man took out a round and crystal-clear Dan medicine from his medicine chest and fed it to Gu Jinxi. "The five-element needle array consumes the most energy. Didn’t your master tell you?"
"…" Gu Jinxi chose silence.
"Medicine old you …" Xie An some doubts.
"Xie An, you shouldn’t forget the reason why the medicine family was killed in those days." The old medicine family looked ugly with his head down. "The medicine family has long gone. Now I can see the successor of the medicine family Juexue … even if I die, I will be in print."
Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech eyes slightly glowing red thin lips slightly moved but didn’t say anything.
"My medicine has condensed the toxicity of his body to the hanging pivot point, and I think I should know how to deal with it if necessary." Gu Jinxi is so weak and pale that she seems to be unconscious at any time. "Later, I will ask Zhen Niang to send me the prescription, and then add the poisonous powder of ghost butterfly wings and twin flowers to detoxify."
Yao Lao nodded. "It is a good way to detoxify Datura without breaking the balance between Datura and Deep Blue."
"Then Jin Xi, do you want to have a rest first?" Xie An looked pale Gu Jin sunseeker in the mind a little guilty.
"No, now Gu Guogong’s house is unstable, so I have to go back early." Gu Jin just stopped and turned to look at Xie An. "If Lord Xie really feels guilty about visiting another day, please ask Lord Xie to know more."
Xie An nodded "good"
"So Jin Sunseeker will leave first." Gu Jin Sunseeker nodded and turned to Xie An, deeply setting the medicine. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her medicine family has become an understanding of fate. If Master is still alive and knows that there are people in the medicine family, it must be very heart-warming.
Xie An vomited heavily and looked at Gu Jinxi for a long time before saying, "When will Yi Er wake up?" I feel bad for my son, but it’s the same for my daughter who disappeared just after birth; I don’t know if the child is doing well for more than 30 years, but how is it now?
In fact, his heart is also white. Xie Yi is sure to find out what will bring fatal disaster.
"Three days will be ten days soon" Gu Jin sunseeker turned his head deeply to coagulate Xie Yi trance and thought that his eyebrow eye Su Yi was somewhat similar and suddenly had a bold guess.
But in retrospect, I can’t help but shake my head in my heart. There are so many coincidences in this world. "Goodbye."
Return to Muxi Pavilion from Xiefu.
Gu Jinxi almost depends on Ye Zhenniang, and Ye Zhenniang is also very tired.
"Miss, are you all right?" Ye Zhenniang put Gu Jinxi on the soft couch.
Gu Jinxi suddenly felt that his throat was red and sweet, and his mouth was full of blood.
"Miss!" Ye Zhenniang’s eyes popped out immediately.
Gu Jinxi just stopped. "I’m fine."
"How can this be all right?" Ye Zhenniang’s face suddenly changed when she retorted and pulled her wrist to detect Gu Jin’s sunseeker situation. "Miss, how could you do this? How can it be called nothing if the heart pulse is damaged? I’ll call Dr. Lin at once! "
Gu Jinxi shook his head and almost tried his best to catch Ye Zhenniang’s sleeve "no, no"
"But you …" Looking at Gu Jin Sunseeker’s weak appearance, Ye Zhenniang’s eyes are red.
"Zhen Niang, aren’t you white?"
Gu Jinxi bowed their heads and closed their eyes and took a deep breath. "Five-element needle array is a unique skill of medicine family, but every generation of medicine family has a master and a prospective master who are allowed to learn." She said, clutching her chest, coughing gently, covering her lips with two handkerchiefs, and then kneading into a ball with a faint smile. "It is not because of the unique skill, but because the five-element needle array needs more than ordinary people’s efforts to support it."
It is easy to feel tired when you concentrate on one thing, but once the doctor gives an injection, he must stick to it until the end; It is not unusual for doctors to move the five-element needle array. Once this happens, it is inevitable that the heart pulse will be damaged.
"That young lady, you can’t …" Ye Zhenniang shook her head. "If you let the two young masters know about you …"

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