"You are me! I will definitely get you! Definitely! "

Liu Chen looked at the number of people who came back from the team today and actually decreased by half! Everyone is very embarrassed and sad. What’s more surprising is that Nangong Obsidian and Nangong Qianqian came in with them!
"How can you be with them?" Liuchen gather together to two people in front of small asked
"forest encounter"
The nangongshan Sandy heart some inexplicable fidgety then lost four word floor.
The nangongshan obsidian eyes light move in the opposite direction, people chasing behind asked today’s experience.
"You met the wild animals?" Liu Chen’s voice is like hearing something incredible. Half of his mouth can be stuffed with an egg!
The nangongshan obsidian nodded his head and looked at the table. Osmanthus Jelly made some mistakes. Chapter 179 Let’s make a deal.
"What do you mean by your expression? Do you know it’s a herd of wild animals? I have never seen those who can come back alive! "
Even though I know that he is not an ordinary person, I have been here for two years. Every time, I have vowed that people will go to the treasure hunt base and go back, let alone meet wild animals!
But he came back here with so many people intact! It’s incredible!
The nangongshan obsidian beside some trance people say what but I don’t know.
"Knock knock"
Just when LiuChen chattered, there was a knock at the door.
"Well, it’s me, and you’re tired today. I think you just came to deliver the food before eating."
Su Xuemen hand tray smile at the otaku said
Liu Chen heard a little familiar sound and thought, did he really miss a lot?
The nangongshan obsidian eyebrows a Cu slightly dissatisfied just want to refuse to see that many people have hit the door.
A big red dress is exactly the same as just LiuChen. He can’t help but think that when they first met, the corner of the picture was sobbed.
Su Xue came in. "Thank you for helping Cher today …"
LiuChen hook hook lips "as committed partners, then."
Su Xue startled looked up at the slightly teasing eyes and then looked forward to looking at the speaker who had not spoken.
"It’s none of your business." The Nangong obsidian folded his eyes and looked directly at the laughing person with a thin nu way
Liuchen touched the nose and was not angry. His eyes were quite interested. After a round, they left with a smile.
Being alone made Su Xue feel her heart beat faster, and her eyes were obsessed with looking at her, and she didn’t want to open her mouth to destroy this rare peace.
Nangong Obsidian frowned. He didn’t remember anything Su Xue said, so he woke up and said, "I don’t know you. You mistook me for someone else."
Su Xue shook his head to be sure he didn’t mistake one for another. Absolutely not!
His figure has carved his heart like a brand!
The compartment was depressed for a while, and the Nangong Sandy’s belly rang unwillingly, so he wanted to call his brother to dinner. As soon as he walked to the door of his room, Liu Chen pulled her aside mysteriously.
"What are you doing!"

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