Yang Li, a former Mohist village, is also a hiding place, and now he is likely to hide in the mire.

Mo Lin guessed this and walked into the quagmire. He took out the jade knife blade and condensed a bright blue light.
Molin slowly raised his knife to blossom, and suddenly wielded a knife to cut into the mire. This knife was castrated in a hurry, and with the power of crossing the river, any living thing hiding in the mire would be run over by a blade.
The knife fell and a black shadow appeared behind Mo Lin.
Yang Li did not hide in the mire, but dug the trunk of a dead tree into a hole in the tree.
There is a big flaw behind Mo Lin’s hand, so Yang Li will certainly not let him rush out of the tree hole, and the spike will aim at Mo Lin’s back and the black light will flash to kill him.
The blade fell into the mire and was rolled up. The mud inside turned into a black mud rain from the sky.
The black light flashed through the middle of the back of Mo Lin.
Yang Li was first pleased and then surprised because the "ink forest" stabbed by the spike suddenly waved and then disappeared before his eyes.
"It’s a phantom!" Yang Li is extremely angry.
At this moment, with the mud and rain all over the sky, Mo Lin showed himself. He had picked his back and slammed his axe.
Yang Li knew that he couldn’t stop his body from flashing and chose to escape. Now Yang Li has given up the dignity of the ink man, and he won’t be entangled.
Molin didn’t expect Yang Li to escape. An axe fell and almost split the earth in half.
Yang is far away from the figure and has been swept out. Mo Lin followed with a cold hum.
The two men competed with each other at a rapid speed, and a piece of swamp passed quickly and ran out for dozens of miles.
Yang Li is very good at running for his life. Besides running in a straight line, he will sneak and ambush from time to time.
Ink Lin has been chasing after Yang Li all the time, and he has to put his plane in ambush.
The two men fought in circles in the everglades, chasing them from the moonlit star at midnight until the mist rose in Lebanon, and there was still no head-on battle.
"What’s his idea …" Mo Lin was a little puzzled.
Yang’s power in vitro comes from the divine world, and it has similar properties to the cosmic power that Mo Lin feels. It is precisely because of this that once Yang leaves, it is difficult for Mo Lin to chase after him regardless of his escape.
The two men kept their distance, and the sky lit up slightly, and the scenery in the swamp became clear, which was even more unfavorable for Yang Li to escape.
Seeing that I was wandering around, I actually returned to the vicinity of the big tree of the wooden spirit, and Yang Li went straight to the tree and settled down, then turned around to face the ink forest.
Mo Lin rushed to the crowd and stopped to look like Yang left. I don’t know what medicine he sells in the gourd. Does Yang also know that the entrance to the world is in this tree?
"You want revenge on me?" Yang from calm look not to come out after a night of running.
If the two people circle in the swamp as a straight line, I’m afraid they can run to Mohist Village.
Mo Lin vaguely felt that something was wrong. Now Yang is so cunning that people can’t figure it out, but it’s always right to be careful where you compete with him.
"You know what I’m looking for you for. Our feud should be over." Molin sink a way.
"Very well …" Yang Li grinned with a strange smile. "I’m sorry that the knife didn’t kill you."
Molin slowly drew out the jade jade knife, and the rising sun shone bright and soft like a bay of lake water.
Yang Li also flashed his spike dagger, and the black blade was blooming, which was full of mysterious divine power.
The genius of the two great Mohist villages confronted each other like this, but they didn’t make moves at last. They both knew that once they rashly attacked each other’s strength, they would probably expose flaws.
All the masters have a heart-killing attitude, and the outcome may be a trick. They dare not make a move at such an important moment.
The light is getting brighter and brighter, and the sun horizon is ready to move, and it will jump out at any time.
Ink Lin suddenly moved in the heart to perceive Yang from the idea.
Yang Li’s back is facing the sunrise direction in the east, while Mo Lin is facing him. Once the sun rises, the sun will inevitably affect Mo Lin’s vision. Perhaps this is the opportunity that Yang Li has been waiting for.
The sky in the east is gradually bright as if there is a huge torch burning and dyeing the white orange. The fire is generally full of rosy clouds, and poor vitality is accumulating and ready to burst out at one stroke.
Yang Li’s waiting is this opportunity. He and Mo Lin went around in the middle of the night and finally chose this place to fight a decisive battle. It was the sunrise that brought dazzling to Mo Lin and the tree behind him.
When I first came to the Everglades, Yang Li found that the center of this tree, Fiona Fang, was full of rich wood elements.
If it is former Yang Li, he will not notice this, even if he is aware of it.
Now Yang Li is able to absorb this wood element and enhance his combat power by altruistic divine power.
Yang Li’s mind of trying to kill Mo Lin never weakened once. The absolute advantage was escaped by Mo Lin, which made him always regret that this time Mo Lin came to the door. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity again and refused to fight head-on. It was just one thousand mistakes.
The sun horse is about to rise, and Yang Li has absorbed a lot of wood elements, and his final blow is ready to go.
Chapter 4 Five Mountain Magic
Chapter 4 Five Mountain Magic
Yang has the last moment to live from Molin’s heart. The moment the sun rises, Molin will die.

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