"I don’t eat mushrooms. You can catch me a pheasant and come back. Be fatter." Xiao Bai said and fell asleep again.

"You are still picky!" Mo Lin was depressed. He felt that he had a wronged kannika nimtragol ready-made. Zhu Ping Man Xiaobai and Mo Zhi Wei Ling were really fierce, but his temper was weird and he was very upset.
"Tricholoma matsutake … a little fatter pheasant, and then dig some herbs and minerals by the way, so the day is wasted." Molin sighed and went out.
After a long time, Xiao Bai suddenly woke up in his sleep, and his black eyes flashed with a ferocious look.
"Who is so bold and unabashedly close to Mozi Village!"
Walking in the sunshine, Meilin feels comfortable all over the mountain. It’s been a long time since he came back from Baibing City. In the past six months, he has been practicing almost every night for a long time and has not tasted what it is like to sleep.
Being quiet is far more important to physical and mental recovery than sleeping. Except for a little subconscious need for sleeping, Mo Lin seldom feels tired.
After devouring the dragon soul and playing the secret wheel, Mo Lin is even harder. In addition to consolidating the power of the root wheel secret wheel and learning some combat skills from Zhu Pingman, he also has to learn from Xiaobai, such as refining the power of the dragon soul to become an engineering ink. After the ink knows the taste, he takes over all day to make some strange tools and magic weapons.
When Mo Lin was divided into three parts, he practiced endlessly. Even if he was interested, confident and energetic, he was full of practice and life was a bit boring.
Therefore, he cherishes this precious rest, and he is not in a hurry to complete the stop-and-go. He enjoys the scenery in the mountains, listens to the wind and leaves rustling, looks at the wildflowers on the roadside, and drinks a few cool mountain springs, which is considered as stealing a half-day leisure.
Tricholoma matsutake grows in high mountains, beautiful forests and sunset mountains. Among the mountains, Tricholoma matsutake is the closest and most likely to grow. Sunhook Mountain is named after the hook-like shape that is always hidden by the mountain peaks every time the sun goes down.
Sunhook Mountain is towering like a cloud, with a height of 3,500 meters. Seen from the mountain, the top of the mountain is shrouded in mist, which is like a fairyland. If you just climb the mountain before, it will take a lot of ink. Now he has the spirit, and he is as light as a swallow. It is extremely easy to leap from one dangerous peak to another and climb a steep slope.
Have such a light body thanks to Zhu Pingman * * in recent months.
Molin has awakened the psychic powers of two acupoints, but they should be weak. Otherwise, Yang Li will not be evaded in the exam with a knife in his chest.
Zhu Pingman flew into a rage afterwards and taught Mo Lin a lesson, and then he made up his mind to do well. Mo Lin not only asked him to continue to practice this life-saving trick every day, but also gave him two sets of different tricks.
First, the root wheel spirit can light up seventy-four points on the waist, legs and abdomen, and the "ladder cloud vertical" is practiced with the wind point. As the name suggests, it can be virtual. After two months of rough training, I feel that my body is twice as light as that of a leopard, and when I climb the mountain, a person can leap like a bird with a little toe.
Until now, he didn’t realize the feeling of the blue sky and Xin Jiang during World War I, but he was getting closer and closer to the blue sky and the psychedelic posture of the wind mark and the moon shadow.
In addition to the ladder cloud, another trick is that the secret wheel spirit can light up the points around the abdomen to stimulate the clumsy fire in the Shengfa Palace to attack the enemy. This clumsy fire can be attached to the red soul sword, and its power is amazing and its shape is very similar to that of a military snake. Therefore, Zhu Pingman named it "snake mountain"
Mo Lin has learned new tricks, but his strength has greatly increased. Unfortunately, no opponent can occasionally comment on Zhu’s indiscretion. It’s unbearable to enter the mountains today, but it’s also a bit like finding a fierce beast to try Jianmang.
Mo Lin, a lonely man in the mountains, is also happy to put himself in a posture. Seventy-four points are shining, and the wind points are also blooming in green. It is like a Shan Ying cliff hovering all the way to the top of the mountain and soon coming to a beautiful forest.
This is a pine forest. The crimson pine stands upright and exudes a mighty and unyielding momentum. Molin walks into the forest and looks around, hoping to find traces of pine mushrooms.
There are three conditions for the growth of Tricholoma matsutake: "the sandy loam of Pinus koraiensis on the top of the mountain" and the symbiosis of pine fibrous roots can generally be found on the gentle slope of the dense forest where pine trees grow.
Although it’s just spring and summer, it’s not the best time to pick pine mushrooms, but Molin is lucky. Soon several pine trees found pine mushrooms clustered around the roots. He carefully dug all the pine mushrooms with his knife and shovel, and soon filled a small bag, feeling that it was almost enough for Zhu Pingman and Mo Zhiwei, so he stopped digging.
Looking down at Mozi Village at the foot of the mountain, the top of the mountain felt relaxed and refreshed. Molin took a deep breath on the top of the mountain and smelled of pine trees. Suddenly, a warning sign appeared in the heart of the mountain.
"It’s evil!" It was in a flash that Mo Lin identified the source of danger, which was a powerful demon spirit approaching rapidly from the east, and the target seemed to be Mo Zhe Village.
"How can there be such a bold monster?" Mo Lin was shocked, so he didn’t hide the need. Since Mo Lin could detect the ink masters in the village, how could he not find it?
And there is obviously a source of evil spirit. Even the snake is not strong enough to challenge Mohism alone.
"What kind of guy is it …" Mo Lin’s heart was amazed. This incoming monster beast is not only bold but also surprisingly fast. It will soon cross the distance of dozens of miles and it will become stronger and stronger. It seems that Mohism will never be seen.
"No, I’m going back to the village to be alert." Mo Lin’s heart will return to the village with a careful wind.
Although there are many masters in the village, Mo Molin can’t help but worry that he wants to go back and offer his strength.
Take action at once at the thought of Mo Lin’s putting pine mushrooms in his pocket without giving Xiao Bai a pheasant. Use the ladder to fly all the way from the top of the mountain. On how steep the mountain road is, he always leaps and floats like a feather.
Moments later, Molin has reached the mountain and that terrible monster has appeared in the northeast of the village, but strangely, it has stopped moving and I don’t know what to do.
Molin looked at the village from a distance and saw that the Mohist Tower had ignited a wolf smoke. The smoke was an alarm to wake up all the villagers.

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