Yang Ye asked Mr. Ji Ran to shorten the course.

◎ Yang Ye felt that she was in love with beauty.
◎ Dong Shi’s mouth is full of oil and his words are amazing.
We take it back
Wen said that Dong Shi’s ambiguous smile told Yang night an earth-shattering news-Xi Shi likes him!
Yang Yezhen was dumbfounded on the spot. It sounded like a fable. Because he went to the teacher Ji Ran House several times, he went from unfamiliar to familiar with Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, and then relaxed with two beautiful women and called him brother. In this process, Yang Yezhen never found out what Xi Shi felt for him. He always called him brother shyly, and then there was nothing to say. However, Zheng Dan’s eyes became more and more ambiguous and moist when he looked at Yang Yee.
Later, the eyes and expressions of the two beautiful women became more and more sultry, especially Xi Shi’s almost natural charm. A smile and a petulance were enough to make Yang Ye sleepless all night, but that Yang Ye seemed to be the first effect of Ji Ran’s teaching Mei Shu. It was definitely not what Xi Shi had for himself.
I can’t believe that Yang Ye was killed. I can’t believe it.
"You you you you you you … what did you say? Xixi Xixi … Xi Shi likes me? " Yang Ye stuttered and felt that his mouth was not himself. "You, you, you, how do you know?"
"Doctor Fan, you are scared. This is what Xi Shi’s sister told me personally." Dong Shi was so naughty that she blinked her eyes. A handmaid who accidentally saw this detail flopped and fainted at the door.
"She, she said it herself?" Yang night this stirred up the feeling, just like Xiaoxiao undressed in front of him a long time ago, and he was all hot and dry.
"Of course, Sister Xi Shi grew up with me and kept nothing from me!" Dong Shi proudly raised his neck. "It was the time when Dr. Fan took me to see her. She secretly told me …"
Well, it’s really time to talk about Xi Shi, such a peerless beauty. It would be a pity if there were no stories.
Everyone knows that Xi Shi was born in Zhuluo Village, Zhuji, Zhejiang Province during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. More than a month ago, when Xi Shi was washing clothes in a small river near the village, she was dragged by her sister Dong Shi to sign up for the "Super Girl" draft in Vietnam. She still didn’t know what happened.
From birth to now, Xi Shi hasn’t been out of her own village. She is so simple and kind that she is afraid of catching mosquitoes and throwing them into other people’s mosquito nets. She is afraid of catching bedbugs and throwing them into others’ necks … A joke. When she walked up to her in front of the steps of Wangfu Hall, Xi Shi was shy. She was shy not because she had an inexplicable affection for the handsome man in front of her. This affection came from the way the man looked at her with such sincere eyes, so undisguised and so surprised .. She looked at her like a rare treasure at that time.
Later, things were not complicated. After seeing Gou Jian, Xi Shi knew that it was the current king. When Gou Jian wanted to send someone to send her and another woman to the bedroom, she also knew what the king would do to her. Then Xi Shi saw an amazing scene. The man named Fan Qingxiu dared to argue with the current king regardless of his life, and he also protected her and another woman’s innocence.
So out of affection and trust for Yang Yemo, plus the obedience of Xi Shi around him, Yang Yemo followed her to Ji Ran residence. Although she didn’t know she was staying, a woman was an idiot. She trusted her intuition and told her that the man would never hurt herself.
On the night of staying in Ji Ran House, Xi Shi scratched five small characters on the nail next to his bed, loving strangers.
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan studied Mei Shu at Ji Ran’s teacher. Yang Ye, that is, in Xi Shi’s eyes, brother Fan Li appeared frequently to visit them again and again, which brought happiness and expectation to her boring study life.
Especially after Xi Shi and Zheng Dan gradually got to know each other, every time in the dead of night, Zheng Dan’s sister praised Yang Ye for saying that this man is honest, careful, more kind and affectionate.
Xi Shi asked Zheng Dan’s sister how she knew brother was like this.
Zheng Dan smiled and slowly looked up at the moonlight outside the window and said softly, "Didn’t you notice? Our teacher, Ji Ran, is an old goat who often eats our tofu by means of teaching, and every time my brother sees it, he will try to stop Ji Ran from protecting us. "
Xi Shi looked at Zheng Dan’s sister and looked out of the window with a face of longing and admiration. Listening to her boasting about Yang Night, she felt a little uncomfortable, but what made her happy was that she was more and more glad that she didn’t choose the wrong man.
So one day when Yang night took Dong Shi to Ji Ran to see Xi Shi, Xi Shi secretly pulled him aside and whispered.
"How are you here? Is brother good to you? " Xi Shi took Dong Shi’s hand.
"good! Can’t you see that my figure has become so good? Now the bust is 36E, which is a whole cup bigger than the original one! " Dong Shi is flattered, reaching out and holding two pieces of proud flesh on his chest.
"… well, I’m relieved to see your heart so good." Xi Shi secretly glanced at the door and was chatting with Teacher Ji Ran. Yang Ye said to Dong Shi carefully, "I think my brother is really nice and so kind to you, to me and Zheng Dan’s sister …"
"People are very good, but no matter how good they are, they are just doctors. The difference between a doctor and a king is more than one word!" Dong Shi gently shook his head and said with a happy face, "You like him, I won’t argue with you, but I want to be a princess."

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