"Are you sure you want to play with him? Miss ice embalm "LanRuiHao woke up.

The words sound just fell and will Norman suddenly smashed the marble table in front of everyone with one punch, and they changed their faces.
"Are you sure?" Lanruihao woke up again.
"Cut the crap!" Xiao Xun made a preparation to impress.
"Xiao Xun" The Nangong Mingtian looked at Xiao Xun with a little worry.
Xiao Xun turned his head and smiled and said, "It’s okay. He can’t hurt me."
Then he stared intently at Will Norman and said "Go ahead"
The words sound just fell and Will Norman punched Xiao Xun in the face a sentence ago.
Xiao Xun didn’t move his mind and meditated on one, two, three. He suddenly took a step back, brushed his fist before the wind, and then quickly bowed his head and avoided the second fist, followed by a foot kick, which took Will Norman a few steps.
These are still damn familiar with Xiao Xun with a wry smile.
Kirin looked at Xiao Xun, who just dodged and rarely took the initiative to attack, and frowned and asked, "What happened to Miss Liuli?"
Coloured glaze also saw it and said, "My royal family once heard that the Lord and Xiao Xun were handed over by Master Will."
"What are you kidding? Master Will disappeared 18 years ago to protect Duke Lei. At that time, the Lord and the young lady were only two years old at most." Linglong also chimed in. N You lost.
"What are you kidding? Master Will disappeared 18 years ago to protect Duke Lei. At that time, the Lord and Miss were only two years old at most." Linglong also chimed in.
"What should I do now?"
"Look at the situation again!" Coloured glaze at that time also have no idea.
The three of them talked every word to Nangong Mingtian’s ear, and Nangong Mingtian was surprised again.
Finally, a few minutes later, a flash of light in Xiao Xun’s eyes blocked Will Norman’s oncoming punch and then backhand grabbed her wrist and dragged her behind him.
Will Norman was dragged by Xiao Xun and couldn’t keep his balance. He fell behind Xiao Xun and passed by. Instantly Xiao Xun picked up the left ear controller of Dai Wei Norman and then quickly said that Will Norman pulled back to prevent him from falling to the ground.
Unexpectedly, Will Norman, who just showed steady, quickly punched straight and didn’t respond to Xiao Xun’s face.
"What’s the matter? Isn’t the controller already off?" Linglong said, and rushed to damn it, come or not?
"It takes less than 5~1 minutes for the brain to recover from long-term external wave interference," Kirin said with a bite.
Coloured glaze to see the problem at the same time has been rushed to think for small embalm when this one punch but also come or not?
Lanruihao also revealed a triumphant smile.
Rourou screamed with fear, "Ah ~ ~ ~" and hid in Hao’s arms.
Just when the fist was about to hit Xiao Xun’s face, Xiao Xun’s purple eyes shot straight into Will Norman’s eyes.
Looking at Xiao Xun’s purple eyes, Will Norman tried his best to force his fist to stop, and finally his fist stopped before Xiao Xun’s nose, and the stone in everyone’s heart was also released.
"You, are you Kaoru?" Will Norman said in disbelief.
"What do you say? Master, "Xiao Xun said sweetly.
"Haha, you’ve grown so big," said Will Norman, laughing face upwards. "I thought you and Lian were just kids when they were young."
"You were defeated by a kid," Xiao Xun said discontentedly with a pie mouth.
"Yes, yes, yes, I remember that when you practiced, Lian often protected you behind you and protected you properly. I didn’t expect that shine on you was better than blue now."
"Master Kaoru doesn’t need protection, Kaoru needs to protect others." Xiao Kaoru seems like a joke, but his tone reveals firmness.
Xiao Xun clenched his fist slightly and carefully held Will Norman to the sofa and sat down.

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