As soon as Su Wan fell asleep, someone quietly and carefully touched her room.

As soon as the people in the room came in, they quickly ordered Su Wan’s sleeping point, and then sat in front of the bed and looked at Su Wan. Although he protected her all the way, he always followed her far away and didn’t have a chance to get close to it. Now, I don’t know that my thoughts are flooding.
He stretched out his hand and held Su Wan’s little hand and kissed it gently. Then he stretched out his hand and touched Su Wan’s face and found that she seemed to have lost weight. Seeing that she had lost weight, he could not say how distressed he was.
If it weren’t for the nine-turn phoenix-phoenix robbery of Wan’s son, they would both be husband and wife now, and it is still unknown whether this nine-turn phoenix-phoenix robbery can be solved. The thought of this Xiao Huang makes me feel heartbroken.
This is a feeling that people can’t vent.
If you encounter positive bad guys, you can handle them and calculate them.
But now it happened that somehow some factors stopped them and there was no way for him to get angry.
But although I don’t know if I can find a solution in the end, he will never give up Xiao Huang easily, clutching Su Wan’s hand while thinking, showing that he will not give up his determination easily.
Then he thought of two flies around Su Wan, and he couldn’t help nagging, "Don’t forget that the capital of Xi Chu promised me not to mess with those wild flowers casually, and none of those guys were kind."
"Especially Xiao Ye’s past life, he has wronged you once. You must never like this guy again in this life. If you think of past life later, you will be very sad. The best way is not to like him and keep him out."
Xiao Huang is going to forgive me for talking endlessly. A scream suddenly broke the harmony of the room outside.
Xiao Huang came to want to stay more, but this screaming sounded footsteps outside the room. It is likely that Bai Qin and others came over. Xiao Huang couldn’t stay any longer. He reached out and ordered Su Wan’s sleeping hole, then shook Su Wan’s hand and finally flicker out of the house.
There are many experts outside Su Wan’s hospital to protect it, that is, Xiao Huang’s martial arts is very good to break in easily. If others are afraid, don’t even think about it.
Xiao Huang smoothly out of the Sue wan Sue wan room outside Bai Qin and others have rushed in.
Su Wan rubbed his head and woke up with a confused face. He just slept well and was confused. It seems that he still dreamed of Xiao Huang talking to her. Does she miss him?
Think about it, too. She hasn’t seen him for more than 20 days, naturally.
But she didn’t show it in front of people.
Sue wan was thinking of Bai Qin purple jade and others have flicker rush in.
Su Wan looked up. "What’s the matter?"
Bai Qinfei quick mouth "infanta is Linyang infanta. I heard something came up in the infanta’s room.
There are many snakes in the room? "
When Su Wan picked her eyebrows, she intuitively thought that it was my uncle who did it. If so, he really went too far. She must talk about how he can treat girls like this. Sandy is not a bad person although his mouth is a little damaged.
It would be bad for him to put a snake. Su Wan’s face was covered with a layer of frost and motioned Bai Qin to get dressed for her and tidy it up.
By the time Su Wan arrived at Muqian’s place, the snake in her room had been driven away, but Muqian was very pale and scared.
Because of this, she is very excited at the moment, and she is particularly resentful of the news that she came here earlier.
She screamed sharply. "Phoenix left the night, you insidious and vicious guy. I just said a few words, so you retaliated against me. First, I tampered with my sedan chair and didn’t fall to death. Now I put a snake to intimidate me. Do you have to kill me? Okay, I’m afraid of you. Can’t I go to your country? I won’t go, let someone send me back to the place of Xi, or I will be killed by you before I enter Qingxiao. "
Mu Qian’s words were just walked in from the outside. Su Wan heard Su Wan and picked an eyebrow and looked at Feng from the night and said
"Uncle, it’s not true that you let the snake go. If it is, it’s not good for you to do things this time."
Phoenix’s eyes narrowed slightly from the night pupil, and the eyes were covered with cold frost. He looked at Mu Qianshen and said, "Lonely can’t talk so much. You think too much."
Phoenix leaves the night, so Su Wan believes it.
Because if he did it, he wouldn’t deny it. On the contrary, he wouldn’t admit it if he didn’t do it.
Su Wan went to Muqian and put his hand around her and said, "It’s okay, it’s okay, uncle. Although the previous soft sedan chair was wrong, he said that he didn’t let the snake go. Don’t be angry."
Mu Qianqian sobbed in Su Wan’s arms. "He doesn’t believe what he says."
Feng Li’s face grew colder after listening to her words. "I said I didn’t do it, but I don’t know what those snakes will come."
Everyone in the room looked up at him and said, "The incense of Linyang County is a kind of spice that snakes like very much. This is a big forest. Many snakes will naturally climb over when they smell your clothes and spices. This is why snakes appear."
He said that without looking at Mu Qianqian, he turned and walked toward the door, and snorted, "If Linyang monarch doesn’t want to go to Qingxiao country, he will send you back to Western Chu."
MuQian leng a chicken from the night has gone, she looked up at Su Wan and said, "He doesn’t want me to go, I’m determined to see what he can do to me, and this time I’m going to QingXiao country, I must let everyone see this guy’s face and see how bad he is at ordinary times, even bullying weak women."
Mu Qian said with a snort that Su Wan knew that she would not be able to meet.
She must have previously left by herself, and now Phoenix has agreed that she will not leave. It seems that some people will not be able to meet each other. Hum may not really say anything.
"Well, Sandy, don’t worry, I won’t let my uncle bully you again. I’ll talk to him later. My uncle is very good, but sometimes his mouth is poisonous. There is nothing wrong with it."
Su Wan’s mission gave Feng Zili a good impression. Unfortunately, Mu Qianqian had a deep prejudice against Feng Zili. She decided that Feng Zili was the kind of person who was so insidious.
Seeing that it was late at night, Su Wan spoke to Mu Qian again and decided to go to bed. But when Mu Qian was scared by a snake, where did he dare to sleep? This room firmly took Su Wan’s sleeves to sleep with Su Wan.
Finally, Su Wan agreed. She hugged herself and was followed by Su Wan to sleep.

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