Molin smiled awkwardly and didn’t say that he was transferred from his cell.

Although they didn’t make much friends before, they both knew that the other party had just chatted again. At the moment, they became good friends after talking in three or five sentences.
Chapter 83 War burned the city
Chapter 83 War burned the city
"Although we just met, I feel that you are like an old friend of mine." Molin poured a glass of water for Mo Ran, while holding a kettle, he said that he was happy to go to a happy place, and they each drank a mouthful of water instead of wine.
"I haven’t had any friends since I was so big. You are the first one." Mo Ran was deeply touched.
I thought that I had seen Mo Ran leave silently after school, and Mo Lin knew that he was telling the truth. If he hadn’t been in the brig for two months, he wouldn’t be so easy to open his heart with himself, for he was afraid of Mo Ran.
"If there is no small white to chat with me, I think I will be like him," Mo Lin said.
"By the way, tell me something about you." Mo Ran asked with interest. He gave Mo Lin a different impression. It seems that judging a person’s personality from his appearance is very inaccurate.
Mo Lin drank saliva and told her own experience, but some bizarre links such as the reincarnation of the red dragon were still concealed, which made Mo Ran uneasy.
From the story of Mo Lin, Mo Ran was surprised to open his mouth, but his mouth never closed during the whole story.
"God, I really regret that I didn’t go to Baibing City with you." Mo Ran praised repeatedly. "It’s so interesting to have so many strange experiences."
Molin shook her head in annoyance. "Is it interesting to be in?"
"It’s better than being let in without doing anything," Mo Ran sighed.
"What the hell did you do wrong?" Mo Lin knows fairly well, but still hopes to get the most detailed statement from Mo Ran.
Mo ran hesitated for a while and finally whispered, "I just practice too fast …"
Mo Ran’s statement and Xiao Bai’s judgment were almost the same, but the story told by him gave Mo Lin a great shock.
"My dream since I was a child is to be as powerful as the Seven Heroes. Since I was six years old, I have been secretly practicing my body." Mo Ranyin seemed to think of something hard in the past with a little trembling voice.
Mo Lin listened to Mo Ran’s words and seemed to see another self. Two people also have dreams, but the starting point of efforts and the path of experience are different.
"I practiced hard every day until I passed the Mohist exam and became an ink to be distributed to Teacher Wolf Tan. Teacher Wolf Tan taught me the three-pulse and seven-wheel cultivation method. I practiced hard day and night. Teacher Wolf Tan said that the average Mohist would wake me up in three years for one year." Mo Ran continued.
When Mo Lin estimated in his heart, he found that Mo Ran had awakened psionics during the new trial. It seems that the confrontation with Yang Li was indeed intended to give way to Mo Ran.
Seeing that Mo Lin’s expression is a bit strange, Mo Ran explained that "three veins and seven rounds are the seven great families’ training methods, and it’s normal for you not to know if you are an ink writer."
Ink Lin, of course, it’s hard to say that he has a lot of things to hide from ink Ran. He can nod his head and agree, and he has to make a modest appearance.
Mo Ran then said with a self-deprecating tone, "I came to give him a surprise without telling Mr. Wolf Tan about the formal exam, so I continued to practice hard. I didn’t expect that I found a very strange thing."
"What’s the problem?" Ink Lin nervous to ask
"I found that my heart chakra is naturally connected, and I can easily lead the umbilical chakra psionics to the heart chakra, so I secretly cultivated in the hope of awakening the heart chakra psionics," said Mo Ran.
"Did you succeed?" Mo Lin is trying to get through the middle passage of the root chakra and the dense chakra, and he is very interested in Mo Ran’s cultivation method.
Mo Ran shook his head. "I was discovered by teacher Wolf Tan before I succeeded. He was very happy to wake up my psionic powers. But I lost my temper as soon as I found out that I was practicing my heart chakra. I was sentenced to three months in solitary confinement if Mo Mo was not allowed to practice his chakra rules. It’s only been two months now, and I don’t know if I can go out for another month."
Mo Lin wronged Mo Ran very much. He was born with the constitution of practicing heart chakra, but he had to give up because of the rules of the Mohist. Now Mo Lin has a little understanding of Zhu Pingman’s remarks that satirize the Mohist’s "brain-dead".
"Be patient for another month. It’s just the right time to meditate and practice. You have awakened psionic powers. There is no problem after passing the exam." Mo Lin comforted Mo Ran.
Mo Ran seemed a little upset and seemed to be under some pressure. He hesitated and finally said to Mo Lin, "I have a secret that you must keep for me."
"I won’t reveal it." Mo Lin saw in Mo Ran’s eyes that he knew that what he had to say must be very important.
"I also secretly practice the heart chakra, and I feel that I am almost successful." The expression on Mo Ran’s face seems to be a little lucky and a little scared to eat sugar.
"You …" Mo Lin said.
From what Mo Ran said just now, he already knew that Mo Ran’s dream was to pursue great power. Now it seems that his passion for pursuing power far exceeds his respect for the rules of Mo Ran.
Mo Lin couldn’t help thinking about himself. What should I do if Mohism doesn’t allow myself to practice psionics? He reasoned that he would probably secretly practice like Mo Ran, and he was even more cordial to Mo Ran at the thought.
"I think I did something wrong, but I just can’t help but want to practice and see how strong it will become after I get through the umbilical chakra and the heart chakra." Mo Ran’s eyes burst into excitement and the whole person looked radiant

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