Jun Feng warmed his head and suddenly looked at him with some grievances, big eyes and dissatisfaction. "You bully me?" She said softly, "What’s the difference? It’s just that there is a lover who is imprisoned by the secular world. If you are my teacher, you can distort the facts and teach me a lesson!"

Lin Taifu glared at her and couldn’t help rubbing her head even though she knew she was faking it …
"Don’t you dare say"
Naidi’s criticism is that she distorts the facts herself.
Jun’s eyes narrowed with warm laughter.
The nangongshan Sandy looked at the drums in the heart of Rui Wangfu, and he wanted to escape, but he wanted to talk when he came out …
Nangong Obsidian was very happy when he saw her. They haven’t seen her for a long time since the second time. He was worried about her illness and didn’t know how to face her. But he can see that she is now well in front of herself.
"How can you come today?"
The Nangong Sandy held the medicine tightly in her hand, and her face was red. Finally, she said, "I didn’t come to see if there is any place where I can help. After all, my brother is getting married and I have to do my part as a sister."
The expectation eyes are hidden, and there is a trace of disappointment in the fundus.
The nangongshan obsidian lip Angle to hook a is some meaning don’t "you don’t work so hard at the beginning of a serious illness, I don’t need your help here, you’d better go back to rest well. Chapter 1834 The tie kisses.
The nangongshan Sandy flat flat mouth so forced to get rid of her?
"After my brother, we rarely have a chance to drink. Anyway, there is nothing better than having a drink today?"
Teach him his lines according to your warm wind when you come. The Nangong Sandy Yingying has a trace of expectation in her eyes.
The nangongshan obsidian frowned heart whisper this is meaning? Separation?
But he has almost no reason to refuse all her requests.
In a short time, the table was filled with her favorite food. Nangong Sandy was so happy that he remembered what she liked to eat!
While he was not paying attention, he poured something into his cup and then raised a glass to say, "Here’s to wish my brother and sister-in-law a long life, Sun Mantang."
"Here’s to my brother and his wife."
"This cup commemorates that we will eventually die."
Drink all three cups in one gulp. Some of Nangong Obsidian’s stupors will eventually die.
Heart suddenly bitter unceasingly indeed as expected was he guessed it?
Soon the nangongshan obsidian will feel whole body hot belly stretched tight to death, even looking at the nangongshan Sandy eyes have become so different only reason told him that he can’t do this …
My mind suddenly flashed a certain possibility. Nangong Obsidian suddenly looked at the smiling girl in front of me in disbelief …
"Are you …"
That stained with * * * sound with a hint of huskiness has a sense of sexy.
The nangongshan Sandy smiled "yes, it’s me! Brother, let me help you in. "
As soon as I came into contact with him, Nangong Obsidian felt that his body seemed to have been pushed out of control. There was an angry way in his words: "Nangong Sandy, do you know what you do?"
The first time I saw him so angry, the first time I heard him call her Nangong Sandy angrily. Looking at being beaten, my heart sank with a sneer. "I didn’t know what I was doing when I came! Now I know that I am in a mess. Since my brother is in the fiancee’s palace, why not go and solve this pain? "
Anger in Nangong Obsidian’s eyes was even worse. She gave herself medicine and it was someone else?
Nangong Yao, shaking the shoulders of the upright man, gnashed her teeth and said, "Is this what you came here for today?"
Seeing her solemnly nod, Nangong Obsidian’s hot body made him want more …
The nangongshan Sandy bit his lip slowly tunnel "do you know what my mood was like when I knew you were married? Brother, why do you want to be like this and why do you want to get married? "
Now that we have reached this point, we are fortunate to say everything.
The nangongshan obsidian fierce looked up and couldn’t believe what he heard. He just now she was Liu Shuya, but after seeing the bitterness in her eyes, an idea slowly expanded …
(steep turn the nangongshan Sandy sharp eyes looked at him "tell me! You have always regarded me as a sister, haven’t you? "
The nangongshan obsidian silent crawling lips way "I …"
For a second, he opened his eyes wide and looked at the lip print. His lips blocked all the words he wanted to say …
The nangongshan Sandy is afraid that he will say that he will kiss the tie …
Four eyes are relatively shocked. The Nangong Sandy wants to leave with a pain in his heart, but he is suddenly hugged by the man. Chapter 1835 1835 Long, long ago.
"Silly girl doesn’t know how to breathe?"
A deep voice sounded in the ear with a hint of anger.
The nangongshan Sandy stare big eyes still can’t remember how to breathe. What did he just say? He didn’t push her in disgust?
Nangong obsidian feels that her body is about to explode. Generally, her whole body is flushed with JingXie. The only thought left in her mind is to completely integrate her with her.

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