Willy also had to give a wry smile to say that he has no feelings for Chu-chu Li. It’s sheer nonsense. Willy knows that he still has a lot of apologies for her. After all, he is really disgraceful to her. He is suspected of deceiving people’s feelings. Of course, Willy didn’t expect Elder Li to drive her back. It is estimated that Elder Li now wants his great-granddaughter to have an affair with Willy. This is really good for Wan Houmen or his Li family.

Of course, it’s already throbbing and complaining. It’s also a good thing for Chu-chu Li to suddenly become throbbing. After all, although her combat experience may be weak, she can still dominate a hostile deity with her initial strength and a puppet.
In this situation, the more our high-end combat power is, the better.
A fishing and anti-fishing battle followed the layout plan of Incarnate’s son. It was very early in the thunderous raid. Just as the night emperor succeeded in his plan, he was triumphant. From the collection, a bunch of elite soldiers were summoned, and a group of people came to die.
Willy also moved his hand, holding the same confiscated Tibetan soldier tower, and also killed his own elite without saying anything. Now that things have come to this, Willy is also something to say. It is also very painful to try his best to get rid of the night emperor or reduce his own losses.
At the sight of "I Grass", the dark night emperor’s eyes will pop out at the sight of throbbing over there. It’s not just the grief and pain after being betrayed by the incarnate son. It’s more horror and inexplicable throbbing. Is that small as making up so many high-end combat effectiveness? Don’t say it if you suddenly come up with a refined virtual level. Even the deity is twice as much as expected.
It is now that the night emperor has no chance to go back on his word, and the elite can do their best to fight to the death.
….. To be continued …
P to be continued
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Chapter seven hundred and twenty-seven The outcome has been divided.
It’s not the same as usual. It’s that throb takes the lead and takes the initiative to attack quickly www, qb5, cm Now he has mastered the law to the point of perfection. Although it’s not as good as refining the virtual strong, few people can compare it in the deification level.
Body shape is like a ghost, looming in the fierce evil wind ShaQi shuttle trance has cut into the other side of several strong gods. You’re welcome to smash the prepared Yin ShaQi out.
In a series of explosions, seven pieces of yin evil spirits and thunder exploded at the same time, and the joint reaction tore up all the three powerful body shields and Lingbao, which hit them hard.
Ding Wanyan’s careful refining of Yin evil spirit and thunder is really an extremely terrible weapon of war, especially in this kind of yin evil spirit, which is even more powerful. He knows that it is better to break one finger than to hurt his ten fingers. Immediately, when the three people were blown up, their arms were stretched out in a row, and the mysterious and sinister elements quickly transformed into ghosts and ghosts, forming a few deep and remote darkness, and the big palm with a strange smell was ruthlessly taken.
The ghost palm is not too powerful in the hands of thunder, and the power of consumable spells is not very strong. However, it is not bad to make up for the knife when it is blown up by the thunder in the dark.
The three powerful men who were controlled by demons didn’t even come out with the last scream, so they were smashed by the ghost palm.
Reluctantly put away the fleeing Yuan God in the middle of the back, and it’s also very carefree. Just now, one enemy, three, although not seconds kill, will destroy them in three or two strokes. That’s a whole three strong men in the initial stage of deification. They belong to the object to be worshipped in six domains and nine continents.
Of course, the rapid achievement made by willy is also due to the gentle words of yin evil spirit and strong thunder, which refines the essence of yin evil spirit into a one-time explosion and consumes it as a super weapon for killing and setting fire.
Willy had to attack the others in the first battle, and the others were not idle. Beatrice started the totem pole, counted the evil beasts flying out and helped the four arms to hold all kinds of weapons. At this time, Beatrice was as good as a four-armed god of war, and she roared and roared, and one person circled the four initial stages of deification
In the throb camp, the three refined virtual-level strong men are naturally aiming at their opponents. The devil in purgatory is holding a flaming knife, and his whole body is domineering and amazing. Especially, his body is like a rock, and his wings are high and flamboyant, which makes him look like a supernatural monster from purgatory. Of course, the devil in purgatory is a supernatural monster from purgatory.
Willy arranged for him to fight against the night emperor, who was born in the abyss. The demon clan is also a very powerful race. From the outside, the Shura clan, the abyss demon clan, the purgatory inferno and even the higher inferno are somewhat similar in appearance. However, these four races are completely different. These four races are the minions of the higher inferno when it first made a crusade to the west for several world signs.
Theoretically speaking, the shura clan seems to be stronger, but the rest of the races are not bad. It seems that the overall strength is not worse than that of the shura clan, but the individual strength is absolutely not bad because of the reproductive problem, racial war potential.
The momentum of the Night Emperor is also very grand, tall and majestic, with a slightly dark body and dark armor. The skin is wrapped in a fierce rage. In the face of the provocation of the devil of purgatory, the Night Emperor also roared like a fierce beast. "I didn’t expect that I had been sleeping for ten thousand years, and the inferno also had a virtual refining period. Let me meet you. Is it my abyss demon clan strong or your inferno strong?" His weapon Lingbao is a dark brown handle.
Although the abyss demon is full of cruel fraud and betrayal, it has to be admitted that it is a race that is very powerful in fighting. Otherwise, the abyss demon can’t occupy the position of the abyss Lord most of the time.
Of course, purgatory inferno is not bad, and it is also the leader in the purgatory domain with extremely bad environment, which makes other races feel a little breathless.
The two fierce demons collided violently together, and pure power was in confrontation. Every collision can stir up a violent shock wave that no one can get close to and blow away those evil winds.
The ghost emperor is right, but the shura clan bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully, bully.
However, after being possessed by the demons, his strength will increase instead of decrease, and he will not suffer from fear of fighting. His desire and morale will always be passionate, but the ghost emperor is definitely not an ordinary person. Although he has just advanced to the virtual period, he is very vigorous in fighting and fighting. In particular, his best at the magic words is that he has been able to fight against three ghost gods since the beginning, and he has already been a figure in the virtual level. His mental strength is stronger than that of deification, and his magic words are more perfect.
The mantra is used to control the enemy, and all kinds of ghost spells are put to good use by him. He is as handsome as art, and his long white hair shows the charm of a vicissitudes old man.
Rao is a strong bully, but in the hands of the ghost emperor, he can’t get along well, and the ghost emperor is just restraining him, not killing him
Against that petite female fangs of Shura, like a girl, King Glory naturally took on big fangs, but the refined virtual middle class was a powerful one, and the three refined virtual levels of the strong were strong. Although the strength was not bad, it was still slightly insufficient to want to fight against the female fangs of Shura, but King Glory also tried to pin down the fangs and prevent her from having the opportunity to slaughter them, which was just a deification level.
It’s impossible for the three refined virtual pairs to decide the outcome for a while.

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