"Cinnabar blood red? What? " Zhang Tao’s sleeve was pricked with vermilion, and his right fingernail was deeply immersed in Zhang Tao’s skin. However, due to Sunday’s ice body, he stabbed the skin and hurt Zhang Tao.

"Strange tricks to harden your body" vermilion red did not answer Zhang Tao’s question, but the left fingernail also suddenly stabbed Zhang Tao’s neck
Although his body hardened, Zhang Tao did not dare to test the attack strength of the other side with his own life. While leaning back to avoid the attack, Zhang Tao also raised his right foot to vermilion.
Cinnabar Red Ha ha a smile gave up the attack and also released Zhang Tao’s right hand. Two people met briefly and then split up. However, Cinnabar Red Landing Instantly actually attacked Zhang Tao again. This champion is fearsome. Cinnabar Red will attack the same person twice? It has been said that this person’s strength has made cinnabar red feel threatened and will choose to divide and then quickly.
"Are you crazy?" Zhang Tao body move back quickly.
Cinnabar red licked his lips a little charming. "You know what makes me feel threatened, so you have to die." Seeing cinnabar red hands waving, two red paw prints suddenly roared in the condensed gas.
Zhang Tao can feel a stabbing pain in the skin. I dare not move on Sunday, but Zhang Tao’s body flashes rapidly and the pink light hits others for a moment.
Ah! As soon as a scream, five or six people were dismembered and died, and blood mixed with dirt sputtered out. This scene actually made the surrounding audience scream.
"why?" A moment later, a huge burly man came to the back of Zhang Tao, and his fist, which seemed to have his own body size, waved and saw this man’s eyes. Zhang Tao knew that he was deliberately targeting himself and was going to kill himself as soon as he got there. What is this? Is it that you have sinned against disorderly iron? Does he arrange for someone to solve himself?
Even if you arrange your own people, you can divide them into four zones. There is little possibility that you can let your own people get together, but the chaos is lucky. At least one person entered the second zone and saw vermilion red to attack himself. Then he seized the opportunity to attack him unprepared, and Zhang Tao’s punches broke out instantly. I can see that his strength is a saint level. Although he is a junior saint, he is also a strong one.
Zhang Tao didn’t choose not to hesitate to punch! There was a strong wind when two people collided. Of course, Zhang Tao didn’t have the strength to go, but such a close distance has reached Zhang Tao’s requirement that "the spiral is really broken!" Like a tornado, the spiral qi enters this person’s body.
He will instantly feel tingling, and then he will lose his ability to resist and become a man to kill fish. The strong man instantly let out a scream, but Zhang Tao has jumped high on his right knee and hit his cheek, covering his face with his hands, and his huge body is flying out.
Coherent reaction This strong man actually bumped into someone else, and suddenly someone else attacked him, and his anger also launched a counterattack. The strong man could scream and be killed by others.
And for a moment, Zhang Tao suddenly bent down and lowered his head. At the same time, the vermilion attack had fallen, but he raised his foot and continued to attack Zhang Tao. Then he accelerated his efforts to see that the ghosting flash had disappeared.
Zhang Tao clearly knows that vermilion hasn’t pulled out its strength and just attacked is the most common temptation. So Zhang Tao can’t touch him hard and simply choose to avoid "like sliding without leaving a hand to live fish". Even if vermilion stops in situ, no one dares to attack him because it is purely a dead line [
The melee in the second area has been going on for a long time, and now almost half of it has been eliminated. The remaining people are getting stronger and stronger, and the intensity of the fighting is getting higher and higher.
On the other side, a tall figure’s fists were like a flash, and everyone who was hit by him screamed and fell down. It seems that he is a player who may live in this melee, and his soul shape makes it difficult for the enemy to avoid his iron fist.
And the fierce fighting is not just on this side. A pair of twin brothers dance broadswords and drive the enemy back and forth. Finally, they can be frightened by the fact that they were dismembered by four broadswords. In this way, there are many allies in the melee, even if they lose their lives in the final, there is one more chance. However, the melee will squeeze out the battle than their powerful opponents. Of course, the twin brothers are naturally close.
"Let me learn about vermilion." At this moment, this slender but very thin man suddenly rushed over to see him with specially made gloves in his hands. He knocked down two other opponents and put vermilion on the target, while the two twin brothers on the other side also attacked Zhang Tao. "We must be the last to live, right, brother?"
"Kill his brother" The two men held broadswords in their hands and waved four broadswords ("Six Nights" to see the latest chapter gap "Listen to the tide pavilion to see the fastest update of the density of twin brothers. Where have Zhang Taowang’s sisters seen it?
The twin brothers are both intermediate saints, and attacking the vermilion is a master of the intermediate peak saint level. There is no strength or special ability here to lead you to live.
For a moment, cinnabar red paws suddenly appeared a trace of blue brilliance. Zhang Tao was still an ice crystal, but it didn’t feel the slightest chill. But for a moment, the original blue brilliance turned red with cinnabar red paws. This enchanting red will attack him and infect him.
Zhang was steadily retreating, but suddenly he stretched out his hands "fist collapse! Thousands of strengths are one! " Both hands made the fist collapse and the ice hardened on Sunday. Zhang Tao directly confronted the other four broadswords.
The change of two people has caused the surrounding audience to pay attention to the original shouting and become invisible! Attacking vermilion and vermilion crossed each other. His fists were still in the attack posture, but his body was already falling apart. Perhaps it was because vermilion attacked so fast that he didn’t feel any pain and was killed.
On the other hand, Zhang Tao’s fists and four broadswords collided with each other, but the twin brothers screamed. The four broadswords were instantly broken and violent, and the two huge bodies flew out with heavy impact, causing ripples.
Wow! The whole fighting field is boiling. It is well known that cinnabar is red and powerful, but the consciousness of Zhang Tao, a dark horse, surprises everyone. The real reason is that he actually solved the twin brother with one move.
At the same time, Zhang Tao and cinnabar red eyes collided again. At this time, there were only five people in the whole field of rolling famous novels to see the fastest update platform.
"This cinnabar has stronger blood red strength, and it’s worthy of being practiced by a barren hand. It seems that he is likely to win the championship again this time." The speaker was wearing a white leather coat, but red cinnabar painted a red flower on his chest, which looked neither fish nor fowl.
"But to my surprise, this Zhang Tao defeated his twin brother without attribute power. His fist strength is very strange. It should be a mysterious guy with some tricks." The other person seems to be a pair of eyes, and the head of the game is biased to one side like a mental disorder. Chapter 795 The second district is over.
Speaking to this man, the man wearing a white leather coat smiled. "Death, did you see this guy named Zhang Tao? If he can live to the end, will you be in charge of the account after you finish? "
"Bai Gong, if you want to rob the vermilion blood red in the wild, that guy will definitely turn against you and deny people-""Death even talks to Bai Gong, but his face is biased to one side as if he can’t see Bai Gong in his eyes.
Bai Hong ha ha a smile. "I’m not interested in this vermilion red. I bet that person in the third district will definitely surprise you in the final."
"I really didn’t see what you said about a death race. This strange guy looks really strong," said Death.
"It’s quite strong. I didn’t know he would take part in such a competition, but it’s a violation of the rules. But since the dominant adults know that there is no objection, we should turn a blind eye. Anyway, this competition is just death and happiness." Bai Hong shrugged and said [
Challenge cinnabar red smiled at Zhang Tao. His body seemed to be wrapped in a layer of red jelly. "Now that the person in the way has been killed, let’s go first." Zhang Tao took back his fists and looked at cinnabar red but didn’t speak, but it was obvious that Zhang Tao was ready.
On the other side, there are three people who also witnessed the blood-red performance of Zhang Tao and Zhusha. Two people suddenly said, "Why don’t we unite with the three to solve them first?"
"I agree with you. What do you think, brother?" The two men are obviously going to form an alliance because vermilion and Zhang Tao are powerful, which is beyond their imagination.
At this time, the two men turned their eyes to the last face. This man turned to smile when he heard these two words like a smiling tiger. When the two men were not there, his figure flashed as fast as a gust, and he saw that he stretched out two index fingers that seemed to harm his hands and inserted them into their Adam’s apple.
Blood was blocked by fingers and didn’t spray out, but their bodies trembled and their weapons fell to the ground. Their eyes were full of horror. They didn’t expect this person to suddenly kill them. "I don’t need alliance white? This ring can hold one person, that is, I am me! " Blood kept flowing along the fingers, and soon the two clothes were wet and turned dark red.
Pulling out your finger and spraying blood soon lost its power. Obviously, it’s almost the same. "Anyway, the death competition finally left a person to kill you. Is that okay? Remember my name, black finger. "
Hearing the Black Finger Declaration, people at the venue became excited, and they also saw the instant killing of two people. Needless to say, Zhang Tao and Cinnabar’s blood-red strength naturally made these three people fighting inevitably thrilling, and the audience became excited.
Their favorite is the fierce competition. The more similar the strength, the better it looks. But for the black finger declaration, Zhang Tao and cinnabar’s blood red faces seem very dull. The black finger grinned. "It seems that you don’t believe it? So who shall I let go to hell first? That’s you. "Then he disappeared, and I have to say he was quite fast.

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