The appearance of the protagonist in this drama made the scene a little annoyed and the atmosphere became hot. Everyone’s eyes fell on Huangfuce. Seeing that he was driving in a bloody scarlet light, he circled around the circuit and fell to the stands in the wide * field. First, he bowed to the bodhi old zu and said, "Monty Palace Huangfuce sees you bodhi old zu" but he bowed to Yang Curtain alone. "See Martial Uncle wearing a blue robe and Yang Curtain’s eyes at his body, and he saw through him now." Entering the late stage of foundation construction and reaching the ninth floor of foundation construction period, you have to really leave. You are not yet fifty, are you? " "Little Strategy has been practicing for forty years this year for thirty-five years." When Huang Fuce answered his age, his eyes were full of pride. At the age of forty and thirty-five, he practiced for nine floors in the late period of the foundation, not to mention that it was rare in the world, but it was also a very proud achievement. However, Huang Fuce knew that all this was forced out by thunder. Although he practiced hard, his competitors were not too aggressive in practicing, but now he is almost desperately trying to add his qualifications to the practice after six or seven years. It is really excellent now.

Huangfuce’s strength now makes the ghosts in the stands feel hitched. In just ten years, Huangfuce has been promoted from the fourth floor to the ninth floor of the foundation period. Such exaggerated progress has made the bodhi old zu’s heart uneasy. Although it is said that six or seven years ago, his troublesome apprentice is said to have built three floors of the foundation, the ghosts know that he is now repairing the highest, which is probably about five floors. That Huangfuce "is four floors short of repairing. How do you play this?
That fucking little "also don’t know whether it’s better to go back to the ghost cave two years ago or whether he tailored a set of horoscopes. Ghosts can’t live without condescending to their disciples even if they come back a few days ago. Himself, but he prepared a lot of powerful characters and Dan medicine.
The situation of "old ghost" is not good. * …… "The ghost bodhi old zu said," This little qualification of Huangfuce is really not bad. It’s already late in the foundation period. I believe that in less than 20 years, the evil spirit Sect of za will add another elixir. ""Hum, we’ll have to wait until he can live today … "The ghost bodhi old zu replied with some anger.
Even the colourful magic sounds awesome. "Old ghost, I think your * baby apprentice seems to run. Is this Lianzhuang still doing it today * …"
"If you are afraid of the seat, do it alone." The bodhi old zu, a ghost, was reminded of anger by a run by Yan Mo.
"Don’t be angry, I’m not practical, but" In order to support you, I’m throwing caution to the wind. "I got up and giggled after Yan Mo said," This life and death is better than fighting. I’m sorry. Today, I’m going to play with Yan Mo, but then the bodhi old zu can participate. "Even watching the battle, you can buy a note of ten thousand spirits. At present, the odds are that Huang Fu Ce is one to lose one point five, throbbing one to lose two. Everyone has seen that Huang Fu Ce is really powerful and has become a figure in You can go to the gambling table to buy a bet, but the odds will change at any time. "When I talk to Yan Mo, I can ask the bodhi old zu to buy * …" Yan Mo said, "Pointing to a row of tables beside a wide * field, many Yan Mo brothers are serious about selling special chips there.
When the odds come out, everyone just ponders over 10,000 Ling to buy Huangfu Cesheng. If you win, you can make a profit of 5,000 Ling. If you bet on Lei Dongsheng, you can make a profit of 10,000 Ling. But then again, now everyone has seen Huangfu Cesheng’s strength. It can be said that his winning face is extremely high, although he can earn 5,000 Yuan, but the chances of holding it are high. Although gambling on Lei Dongsheng can win 10,000 Yuan, many people think that it is a waste of water. Didn’t you see that Huangfu Cesheng has
Some people who were optimistic about Huangfuce immediately rushed to the gambling table, took out the lingshi and bought Huangfuce to win. Some lingshi were not low-ranking, and two or three brothers made a total of 10 thousand to buy Huangfuce to win.
With the purchase of HuangFuCe to win more and more people, Yan Mo’s face is also a little ugly. He said to Wan Gui, "Are you sure about your apprentice, old ghost?" It’s risky for us to do this. If you’re not sure, I’ll adjust the odds to stimulate people to buy thunder to win while other old ghosts haven’t bet. "
"Nonsense, that little thing is so willing to never do anything … although the bodhi old zu has been moving for ten years, he always feels that his brother is very unusual and low-handedly complains," If it is tempting to suppress willy and lose us. "
"All right, I’ll throw caution to the wind and lose. I’ll go back to you every day to eat and drink * …" After the colourful magic sound.
Shura day a group of people are also some itching to ask wu peng "wu eldest brother do you know that throb compared with this suspection.i policy? Who do we want to note? "
Wu Peng is also a bit difficult. Although he knows that the willy is extremely powerful, it seems that this Huangfuce is not weak. This has already reached the ninth floor of the foundation period, and when the willy broke up, he was just betting on the third floor of the foundation period. He was not sure to bet on Huangfuce. He remembered the battle of the willy and the ice clouds. He shook his head and said, "Look at this Huangfuce again. It’s very strong. You are willing to play according to your own judgment. I wake you up. It’s as good as I am now."
The people of Magic Prison Sect seem to want to put their feet around him, and he keeps asking questions, and he is also in trouble. When he didn’t see Huangfuce at first, he thought it would be better to win by willy, but now he doesn’t think so. Huangfuce is obviously not an ordinary person, and he is not sure whether he can defeat him, but he doesn’t think it can win himself.
Because Li Huntian didn’t decide whether the magic prison clan also went to buy Huangfuce to win the gambling table, and quickly said to Yan Moyin, "The bodhi old zu bet Huangfuce to win has exceeded three hundred bets and willy can’t make ten bets. Do you want to adjust the odds * …"
"Don’t continue" Yan Mo is determined to support Willy and make a lot of money. How can he adjust the odds? If the final result is that Willy wins, then the more Huangfuce, the better.
"Yan Mo, don’t blame me for being cruel if you don’t change the odds." Skeleton bodhi old zu Jie Jie kept laughing. "Two thousand bets on Huangfuce won * …" Ten years ago, after that big gamble, Skeleton lost almost everything. Over the years, he has been thinking about revenge. Before the war, he made a patchwork of things and borrowed very much, and only two industries were pawned out. Finally, he collected two thousand Lingshi again.
The only thing that annoys Bones Bones is that Huangfuce’s strength is too high to win, and the odds are too high. However, this is normal, and Yan Mo is not a fool, although the odds are quite silly in Bones’ view.
Is it willing to bet on thunder to win? A thousand bets is enough for Yan Mo to bleed out. Worse, he’s not the only one betting on Huangfuce to win the odds. If she continues to go, Yan Mo will definitely lose everything.
"Cut the crap and bet on words. Take money out first according to the rules * …" Yan Mo didn’t good the spirit said.
"Jie Jie, I have no credibility in this respect?" Skeleton bodhi old zu jie strange laughed "when did you ever rely on gambling debts? If you win 2,000 Lingshi, you can always serve me. If you lose, just prepare 1,000 Lingshi. ""Hum * … "Yan Mo is also dissatisfied with him. Although this man has many problems, gambling debts are really not bad. My heart is also uneasy. It is really sad to lose.
Several other bodhi old zu, then, are also afraid of colourful magic change odds. They are also shouting for you three hundred and I five hundred. They all want to make a good profit. They don’t believe that willy-nilly can be better than Huangfuce.
More and more people have joined the bet, but the vast majority of people continue to bet on Huangfuce to win the soaring bet. It seems that the demon’s heart is getting mad and he really wants to lose and can sell himself.
"One hundred bets will win". A tall masked woman dressed in a red wedding dress appeared at the gambling table and threw a hundred lingshi.
Many Buddhist monks in the construction period died alone and bought a ten-bet bet, but this woman in the construction period couldn’t help but raise eyebrows when she bought a hundred bets or bet on thunder to win. Soon, someone recognized her waist and whispered, "It’s an Acacia of Yin and Yang." "What are you looking at?" Be careful, aunt, dig your eyes "QiFeiFei cold hum.
Some people are afraid that this has retreated a few steps, but a few monks in the foundation period of Yin evil spirit are surrounded. "Little bitch, here’s Yin evil spirit Sect, not your request Sect * …"
Suddenly a cold air filled the room, and the men looked up and ran with their heads down.
….. (to be continued)
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Overlord hard bow for a monthly ticket ~
Qi Feifei’s side head looks but sees that Dongfang Fu and Ding Wanyan are pretty and vain. Facing Ding Wanyan in front of your face, Qi Feifei somehow always feels a little guilty, but it’s not good to see her guilty again. Just run and say that running is not losing momentum.
Is ding politely smiled and nodded to her "this is the request of qifeifei qi pool? Sure enough, it was a female high school hero who met Qi Shimei in Ding Wanyan, a ghost cave of Yin evil spirits. "
Seeing that she is so dignified and polite, Qi Feifei is also a little not to be outdone and gently nods, "Yin and Yang Albizia Zong Tiannv Palace Qi Feifei has seen Teacher Ding Dongfang."
In this way, one build what did not build, the two people chatted happily, but what they were thinking about in their hearts was only known to the parties.
When this head is eagerly looking forward to throb, it has actually already reached the gate of Yin Shazong and has been lurking in the dark. At this moment, he already knows that Huangfuce has arrived at the field and just wants to enter through the gate. When he saw a black wind, he suddenly rolled up to himself and throb. The enemy was so close that he didn’t find out that the other party was a monk in the then period. Rushing to cast a ghost escape technique, the figure is still ghostly, and the ghosting image is swept backwards again and again. It is faintly visible that blood and fog are surging, and it is almost impossible to capture his whereabouts.
"Huh?" A woman was strange and light in the black and evil wind, but then the black wind soared several times, and the speed became faster, but it still swept in and flew away in the distance.
Willy indecision in a remote mountain valley can’t cover her tall and graceful figure with a silky black robe. Her long black hair is floating in the wind, and a faint fragrance is floating in her nose and heart. No, she will already see who she is when she looks back, that is, the figure engraved in her heart is so clear.
Willy never thought that she would turn into a strange wind at this time and drag herself here. I don’t know if it’s coming or not. But willy is more concerned about the strength gap. He is also a six-story monk in the foundation period, and he is a strong man with a very clever weapon and baby. However, he is still as weak as a worm in front of this woman and he doesn’t know how to control his excellent emotions on weekdays, but he can’t help but be passionate and difficult to control in front of her.
There was an angry voice in my heart, and I was a little depressed. "Monty’s adult doesn’t know that it’s important to call my brother here?" In my heart, I can’t help but guess maliciously. Did she know that she was covered in treasures to impress her brother?
"Hum!" A cold charming hum sounded, and then the hoarse and low voice said, "Is that all you can do?"
Willy’s heart froze and he couldn’t help but get angry and scold, "It’s my willy that’s useless, but what’s wrong with you?"
"Bold ~" Monty suddenly turned back, and his stunning appearance suddenly became a little more angry. "Do you really dare to kill you?" Say raise my hand is a claw as if it were condensed by a black fog, and a magic hand escaped to the big monty hand. It was this trick that she got the big monty hand from the evil spirits.
Willy’s face turned cold and raised my hand, and it was a ghost fire bomb. It went off quickly and quickly, but of course he didn’t expect this blow to detonate the big monty hand. At the same time, the red devil flying sword Ling appeared in front of him, and the qi poured into him, and the almost blazing white flame burst into flames. As Willy went, it immediately turned into a crimson shock and suddenly went straight to the sky.
Boom ~ ghost firebombs hit the big monty hand with four splashes of fire, but the big monty hand was lagging behind and kept coming to throb. In front of throb, H emerged a silver and gorgeous shield. In the face of the oppression of the big monty hand, the original palm-sized shield seemed to rise in the wind, and it was already in front of the big monty hand.
Crashing in the two intersecting blow’ immortal shield impressively blocked the big monty hand that bursts of milli light melt up the magic gas.
Is almost at the same time throb red devil fly sword is also heavily cut in the didn’t dodge monty body, but haven’t to her front was blocked by a penetrating energy fire suddenly and violently ripples impressively blowing around the trees to fall outward.
"Extremely shield? Extremely spiritual sword? " Monty is also slightly surprised. Just now, the big monty hand was just playing around, far from her real strength, but she was surprised that willy could block it with his own ability.
And the burning flame sword seems to be far more powerful than ordinary magic weapon. Of course, there is no arrogance to admit that you have walked in the hands of Monty. But after cutting her sword, my heart is also comfortable. Raise my hand and recall the red devil’s face. It is somewhat calmer and nodded. "The shield is called the immortal sword and the cloak is called the bloody weapon." Willy also felt that it was necessary to hide Monty’s excitement just now.
Three horoscopes?
Monty’s brain is also a little dizzy. Although it is easy for her strength to get three extremely clever devices, this kind of thing is incredible when she starts from Lei. No, some people are surprised to see Lei. "Yes, you have made great progress. Adding three extremely clever devices does have the ability to fight against Huangfu Ce, but you should be careful that Huangfu Ce also has an extremely clever device in his hand. In recent years, millions of people have been fed with blood. Now the power of the blood magic knife has exceeded that of ordinary extremely clever devices."
Willy startled that Monty didn’t help his brother. He even told his killer copper that millions of people were feeding his blood to the blood knife. This Huangfuce is terminating beyond his imagination. But Willy thinks that many people want to kill Huangfuce, but he can still do it, but he also gently bows his head and says, "Thank you, Monty’s adult."

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