Should these two talk so crisply? !

He’s worried, too. Hey!
A face of tangled Su Yu wanted to draw a circle next to it!
But soon when he was not sure that his mind was still wandering in his mind, Su Ling, at the forefront of the forest, suddenly moved her lips and smiled skillfully. "Here we go!"
After all, everyone stepped on the fine snow and went to Su Ling’s side, and everyone’s eyes were faintly looking at the sky!
What the hell is coming? !
What about the proud eagle? !
Where? !
Doubt has not been solved, but Su Ling gently whispered to the distance, "Heavy hair …" Off-topic:
This is a chapter on the phoenix mansion of the 62 nd power!
"Heavy hair …"
Su Ling’s whispering suddenly made everyone’s eyes fall from the sky!
Heavy hair? !
That proud white tiger!
Sure enough, when everyone looked at the snow in front of them, they felt something glistening running rapidly in the snow!
It’s just that the heavy hair in the snow is also white, so it bounces lightly and makes it easy for people from distant towers to spy!
A few breaths are running far away, and heavy hair is just around the corner!
Hurrying to make its four claws covered with snowballs!
However, it jumped up and flew directly to Su Ling!
Long time no see, I miss you very much!
It’s a pity that the heavy hair body is still taking off, and suddenly it is alert and feels a danger!
A casual glance at its green eyes shows that Huang Lao’s abyss-like eyes are blooming with extremely dangerous light!
Nai for his own safety, heavy hair can also be forced to land, and then she rushed to Su Ling’s front with a run and a jump, and rolled around her legs!
"Heavy hair, why are you here!"
Su Lingbi loves squatting beside Mao and touching his snow-white hair.
At the same time, people’s worries are completely settled at this time!
Heavy hair here, then May is definitely also!
I feel that Su Ling’s touching the face of a heavy-haired tiger is full of enjoyment!
And I heard Su Ling ask it more joyfully and rubbed her calf!
Heavy hair doubt let Su Ling in the mind to determine one thing in May and two hairs should be temporarily safe!
Less imprisonment has not happened yet!
Otherwise, heavy hair wouldn’t have run out so easily!
Heavy hair exultation seems to have dispelled the haze floating in everyone’s heart for days!
At this time, everyone is looking at a person, a beast and a kind of joy, and their hearts are also filled with emotion!
"What about heavy hair in May and two hairs?"
Su Ling whispered a word while fiddling with the big hairy legs and snowballing!
Then through the heavy hair of human nature, I gently’ ouch’!
It turned around and ran two steps in the direction of the ghost town, and then it looked at Su Ling as if it were going to take her to them!
See this Su Ling worry finally settled!
After she got up, she looked back at the third place and then at Su Yu and others, sipping her lips and then said, "I’m in town now, you …"
"Go together!"
Burn old no doubt tone directly interrupted Su Ling words!
Obviously, he knew Su Ling’s idea for a long time. She wanted to enter the city by herself!
If not burn old words fall Su Yu and Su Ao and others have nodded!
Even Shui Tianyue took Su Ling’s arm and suggested, "Sister Su, let’s go into the city together!
Anyway, it’s already dark! We can also have a care when we all go together! "
Smell silence Su Ling quietly tightened his brow "no! There are too many of us and it is very inconvenient to move! "

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