And it must be said that Gao Lu hates her father, not only her, but also her father Gao Zhanren.

Because Gao Zhanren, although he is generous and graceful outside, returns home as a different person and becomes a demon with extremely low self-esteem and distorted personality.
Gao Zhanren’s background is very general, and he can get to where he is today. The position of CEO of Yang’s family flag group is his personal hard work and struggle for many years. He was bullied and excluded from his poor background. Gao Zhanren has always been very inferior, and he has always been eager for power and status. He has achieved his goal by various little-known means, slowly climbing from a junior employee of the group to the management, then seducing his own level at the expense of his wife, and then taking the opportunity to discredit the level. In this way, he finally climbed his dream position by hook or by crook.
However, he bullied and tricked his wife into sleeping with others, but he disliked his wife and often suspected that his wife was cheating on him again. However, he gave the outside world an image of his family, a good husband and a loving father and never divorced his wife.
Although she was born before all this happened, Gao Zhanren was still neurotic and often doubted whether she was her own flesh and blood. Therefore, since childhood, she always watched her father beat her mother with cruel and merciless hands at home and shouted "bitch", "bitch" and "bitch"
So this time, she didn’t want to follow Gao Zhanren to Yangjia Mansion, but she was forced to change her clothes and come here with her father for fear that her father would beat her mother again. It seems that this is just a meal. It does everything by itself.
After her father walked into the banquet hall and sat down, she didn’t behave like her boss’s daughter, but looked around. Although she was reprimanded by Gao Zhanren with a low warning, she still went her own way.
Yang night saw the luxuriant, and he must admit that this luxuriant is indeed a beauty. It is no wonder that the kind of mood will be swept off your feet and planted in her hand. Yang night doubts whether this luxuriant and Gao Zhanren, who is sitting next to her, have any blood relationship.
Everyone was here, and hundreds of bosses greeted each other with a smile. Then Master Yang Zhenkui came slowly from the second floor with a smile. On his left was Yang Ye and on his right was Yang Shan. In the lobby on the first floor, all the bosses got up and clapped their hands with their daughters. Those daughters saw Yang Ye, who was wearing a dark blue suit, smiling and waving, and their eyes were shining. They saw not only a handsome young man but also endless wealth.
Master Yang Zhenkui smiled and said a few simple words to inform the boss that there is no other meaning today, just to get together with these hardworking bosses and get to know each other.
The bosses all get together with a knowing smile? Then why must we all bring our daughters?
Yang Ye also said a few decent words, "Thank you for coming here today. You are all colleagues, my predecessors, my father and friends. Then the daughters of your predecessors who are present today are all my friends. I hope that you will make yourself at home today as a gathering of ordinary friends." Say, raise your glasses. "Cheers to your predecessors and beautiful women."
Everyone raised their glasses and said "cheers"
Then the whole banquet hall was full of excitement. Master Yang Zhen-kui sat in the main seat, surrounded by several bosses with the highest level of flags. Yang Ye took the glass and went to every table with Yang Shan to say a few pleasantries and propose a glass of wine.
Round and round, Yang Ye and Yang Shan finally reached the table of Gao Zhanren and Lush. Yang Shan had frowned slightly and was a little exhausted. He gently posted a complaint in Yang Ye’s ear. "Eldest brother, so many people wear high heels, and my feet are sore."
Yang Ye smiled and said, "The horse will reach its destination soon."
Yang Shan one leng just wanted to ask Yang night has gone out to Gao Zhanren and grow that table holding a cup to talk.
As usual, the boss of that table also got up and introduced himself to Yang’s gentleman, with more emphasis on his daughter.
Gao Zhanren smiled and introduced himself and his side, staring at the glass root without looking at Yang night.
Yang Ye pretended to be slightly surprised and asked, "Have we met each other somewhere, Miss?"
Gao Zhanren’s face and horse showed great surprise and secretly pulled a face.
Leng leng looked up at Yang night and answered "No" lightly.
Gao Zhanren’s face suddenly turned gray and he wanted to cry in disappointment.
Yang Ye’s expression didn’t change. He smiled and said, "Oh, maybe I mistook one for another" and then left the table with a few pleasantries.
Gao Zhanren sat down and said, "You are fucking sick! Master Yang wants to talk to you more! Why are you so ignorant? "
I turned my head to one side and didn’t care about my father, but my heart was really a little surprised. Why did Mr. Yang ask me that? See me? It’s impossible. There are so many darling daughter here who are more beautiful than me. It’s not without …
On the other side, Yang Shan closely followed Yang night chasing the little question "eldest brother, what are you doing? Didn’t you see another one? "
Yang night smiled and didn’t reply. Yang Shan laughed again and again. Finally, he could not bear to let a maid in the corner of the banquet hall take Yang Shan away from the hall to have a rest.
I don’t know if anyone remembers that this maid was ordered by Mr. Yang to send the big lady back to her room. In my heart, I enjoyed the flowers and earned it. I grabbed Yang Shan’s arm. Yang Shan’s feet really hurt. I saw my eldest brother Yang Ye go again and follow the rustling.
While holding Miss Yang Shan’s heart, I was secretly glad that the gentleman had noticed me! With so many maids in the banquet hall, what gentleman would choose me? Am I really so outstanding?
I couldn’t hold back laughing myself. Yang Shan, the maid, laughed at her feet and gave her a hard stare. She bowed her head in fear and thought of letting you wait for me! The gentleman has noticed me, and it won’t be long before you call me sister-in-law. I’ll deal with you then!
Yang night several tables turned several times, and finally went back to Gao Zhanren’s table with a smile and a wave of his hand, indicating that the seats would not get up, and then turned to Ms. Lang and smiled and asked softly, "I have been thinking about it for a long time, but I can’t think of a reasonable excuse. Why don’t you just come over and tell you the truth? Would you like to have a drink with me alone?"
Everyone at this table is stunned, thinking that this young gentleman is really impolite.
Glancing at Yang Ye’s arm, she was pinched by her father, but she barely smiled and said, "I’m sorry, it’s inconvenient for Mr. Yang."
Everyone is stunned again, thinking that Gao Zhanren’s daughter really has personality!
Gao Zhanren got up in a hurry and pulled up at the same time. He said to Yang Ye with an exaggerated smile, "It’s convenient for Mr. Yang! Convenient! Our home is convenient! "
Someone in the seat snickered and thought that Gao Zhanren was too impatient. It was incoherent.
Glancing at his father, he frowned slightly, and Gao Zhanren leaned close to him and said,
"If you make trouble for me today, see how I can clean up your mother and daughter when I go back!"
She was surprised that she really didn’t want to see her mother beaten again, so she sighed lightly and looked at Yang Ye coldly and said, "Okay, young master, where shall I have a drink with you?"
"My room" Yang night is still smiling and her eyes are calm.
Everyone is stunned again, thinking that this young gentleman of Yang’s family is really direct. I will take him as soon as I meet him!

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