Seeing May disappear in the blink of an eye, Burn Lao’s face is a little ugly!

Why does he have the illusion that he hasn’t settled his daughter yet and she’s married? !
At that time, Su Ling gently drank porridge with a porcelain bowl. When she saw the stiff appearance of Huang Laosan Junyan, she couldn’t help laughing. "Don’t call it a rare little friend to play with her!"
"Just playing with her?" Burn old this words say that finish Su Ling rice congee choke throat tip will not come or not!
Can this fellow be a little purer? !
How old are May and Jinyan? ! Four years old. Hey!
Besides, they are cousins. What else can they do if they are not playing?
See Su Ling choking burn old which also attend to the girl directly got up and bypassed the round table Su Ling side stroking her behind her!
There is still a lot of love in the mouth and said, "Be careful!"
This way, burning the third child is simply a male god!
Su Ling was slightly surprised by hng!
How to say it! Although the former Huang Lao San is equally inarticulate, he still has a cold temperament, and many things seem indifferent on the surface!
But now he looks the same, but all his actions make people feel warm and considerate for no reason!
This ….. Little heart plop plop!
"I’m fine!"
Ambiguous atmosphere was gradually flowing in the room, and they ran away early. In May, they also struggled to walk with their calves and soon ran to the side of the wing not far apart. Their faces became more and more watery because of running.
"Cough! Snow aunt is early! "
Sure enough, Xiaoyue ran away with a bag in her hand regardless of her parents. It was Jinyan’s little basin friend!
At that time, Shinohara just came out of the room with Jinyan in her arms. When she saw the small figure in May, Shinohara smiled at her at the door and waved to her immediately, "Come in in May!"
When I heard that May crossed the threshold with her calf and walked into Fang Xiaoxue’s front, I immediately raised two bags in my hand and said to Jin Yan, "Yan Yan gives it to you!"
Xiao Xue "⊙ ⊙!"
Hihiko? !
She looked at May so flattering Jin Yan, and immediately felt that Jin Yan had a backer from now on!
This little girl in May heard some news from Lou Zhankou last night, so it’s definitely not something in the pool!
"Sister!" Maybe it’s because Jin Yan, who was familiar with May last night, just woke up with a red face and leaned over to May and shouted one.
What surprised Shinohara Snow even more was that after calling, Shinohara was bound to break free from her arms and was slightly dismayed. Shinohara Snow let Shinohara go and saw her son run out hand in hand with May!
I didn’t even say hello to her!
What a situation!
Since then, the whole mansion people will always see Jin Yan crying timidly with a sister behind May!
And the two little guys are getting longer and longer together!
Yu Xiaoyue’s body belongs to the third place, and it is gradually urged to treat Jinyan like caring for a flower. Anyone who treats Jinyan badly can immediately go out with a machete and fight hard with others!
And this also created Jin Yan’s gradual change of personality. After years, their experiences as adults will always be the most unforgettable in Jin Yan’s heart!
Of course, watching May and Jinyan become more and more intimate, Shinohara Snow and Su Ling are also happy!
After breakfast, Shinohara Snow appeared at the door of Su Ling’s house without accident. Although she saw the scene of Huang Lao and Su Ling together all day, she had to interrupt their increasingly pleasant atmosphere.
"I said you two also do some business? !”
Shinohara snow put on a skirt and walked into the room. Su Ling smelled it and looked at Shinohara snow with a flash of her eyes and joked, "What is the so-called business of Tainu Temple?"
"Ling you don’t talk like a book with me! I mean, are you going to accompany me to the palace? I want to see Youqing! " Shinohara Xuemen’s discussion directly changed Su Ling’s face slightly!
Of course she knows what it means to enter the palace now! What happened to Youqing last night was so urgent that she was really not ready to meet him!
And sit there burn old saw this and got up and walked out of the room without saying a word!
If this situation is put in the past, it will definitely make people think that he is sulking! But now Su Ling will never recognize it like this again!
By virtue of the fact that Woo-ching is related to her now, no one would sit idly by if he fell into the water after drinking!
See burn old talk from shinohara snow will be more bold to Su Ling side bluntly said, "Ling, you should not plan to ignore you qing? You … "
"I didn’t!" Su Ling eyebrows slightly become warped lift eyes looked at shinohara snow retorted after continued "shinohara snow how could I ignore him! But he is still accepting the fact that I have been worried that if I meet him, it will not cause him any harm again! "
"Ah, what you said is also reasonable! Yes, I want to go to the palace to see him. After all, I once met him. Now I can’t avoid it when I come to Qingguo and Nanxia. Besides, I should say hello to the emperor! "
Shinohara snow face as usual said that he was going to and Su Ling and other fine she lifted up her eyes and looked at Shinohara snow and intuitively she did something abrupt today!
The most important thing is that she understands Xiaoxue and naturally knows that she is never the one who will take the initiative to give herself trouble!
Although it is necessary to have a face-to-face meeting with the emperor as she said, she has the impression that Shinohara’s trip should be kept secret and suddenly want to enter the palace!

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