"Give them the whole 119 days’ robbery directly when the blood of the Houye family is in Du Jie."

"In this way, there will be a good starting point after soaring to the celestial world."
Blackie blinked.
"What if I die?"
Ye waved his hand with the wind.
"It’s okay. I’ll leave some things that can save lives later, and even if a few of them are chopped to death, they will be saved, and they will definitely remember."
Blackie nodded. "All right then."
At the same time, outside Jinghu Lake
With the clouds, they looked horrified and finished watching this Du Jie process that can go down in history.
It’s amazing!
"I remember that this day is not good!"
With the cloud seriously said
He looked at the sunny sky again and prayed silently.
Don’t be so abnormal when you are in Du Jie!
At this time, the celestial fairy gate appeared again.
The magnificent door opened slowly.
Ye took a deep breath with the wind and waved to hide himself and Xiaohei.
Then with Gu Youlan.
Run to xianmen
Chapter 188 Feixian Island
Xian Jie tai Kun da Yu
Emperor Shenwu is in the extreme south.
There is a flying fairy island here.
The so-called Feixian Island is the place where the Godsworn arrived after he ascended to the celestial world.
This is the place where the immortal emperor level is arranged in Gaodaofa.
The purpose is to bring the friar’s Ministry, which has soared from the world, into its own power.
If there is no such place, there is no guarantee that the monk will appear in any corner after flying to the celestial world.
If someone accidentally breaks into some terrible forbidden area, it is really but before he could conquer, he was dead.
In the territory of Emperor Wu of God, there are five flying fairy islands, each of which governs thousands of large and small worlds.
So is this one in the south.
However, in thousands of worlds, most of them have just reached the standard of soaring, and the world is called the initial boundary.
There are dozens of realms that have reached the level of the celestial realm.
There are only a few celestial beings.
There is one in Feixian Island in the south of Dajin Fairyland in Yuqiang.
There is a wide Sendai boundary on Feixian Island, and the monks will first appear on the Fairy Table when they fly up.
Sendai is surrounded by hundreds of powerful monks.
Their breath bases are all at the fairy level.
And further away, several simple attics are built, which are faintly revealed with stronger breath.
Being able to live in the attic is at least a fairy level.
These people all have a unified title on strength.
As the name implies, it is actually a monk who leads the world.
They wait here day and night, waiting for the monks to fly up from their own world and then bring them back to their own group.
People who can soar are extremely big and arrogant in the world.
But this is the celestial world. If you don’t hold a group to keep warm, I’m afraid it won’t be long before you are beaten black and blue by cruel reality.
Because there are so many powerful people here.
Suddenly Sendai’s light flashed.
All of a sudden, they were lost in this situation, indicating that someone is going to soar.
A moment later, a burly old man appeared around Sendai, with his long hair dancing and heroic hair.
But the recipients shook their heads and dispersed.
Because this old man is not from his own world and he is a beginner, there is no need to pay attention.
But there was a man who went up to the old man and talked.
They are from the same world.
"Well, it’s not like I’m from the white wind world."
Outside the crowd, two young-looking figures were together.
Around them, there was a large area, and no one set foot on it easily.

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