What the hell does he want?

Shihai almost fainted.
Be good at attacking Xuanjia and riding again. This will be completely helpless.
They can chew off hard bones, but after all, they can’t stamp steel as bones. Their spears can pierce all obstacles, but they are not suitable for cutting the chain of armored vehicles.
Infantry also need to spend a lot of money to break this defense
In this way, the iron wall defense has a strong defense will and a strong defense force, which has long been far beyond the imagination of ordinary battlefield battles. At this moment, Shallow Water Qing has become the world’s favorite defense general. He no longer attacks but defends at all costs.
He is more thorough and stubborn than Shi Hai, a defensive general, and much more conservative and crazy.
In the face of such crazy defense of Shihai, it can’t be said that the shallow water is crazy.
The whole world is upside down.
Tianfeng Army, which has always been famous for its fierce attack, and Shallow Water Ching, who has also achieved today’s achievements in attack, have actually played an iron wall defense, while this general who started from defense wants a sea of tactical attacks to break this defense. What is this?
Transposition performance?
"What does he want?" Shi Hai muttered to himself.
"General!" Chu Ying hurried back to the horse in front and shouted, "Shallow water has wrapped itself into an iron dumpling. We heavy cavalry can’t deal with it!"
"I saw it all," Shi Haishen said. "The heavy cavalry troops temporarily retreated and stood by to order the infantry phalanx to continue attacking and not stop!"
"But, general, you can see that the command post array of Shallow Water Clearing and the three cavalry arrays are separated from their respective battles. His array is now a defensive action on all sides. Our army can attack Shallow Water Clearing by bypassing. If we want to kill Shallow Water Clearing, the overall situation of this battle can be decided!" Chu Ying shouted, "Just let me take the troops around the array and go directly to kill the shallow water!"
Shi Hai nu hum "don’t you see there are three thousand bear warriors around Shallow Water Qing?" Are they vegetarians there? You want to bypass the array, but think about it. Once you bypass the array and get entangled with those bear warriors, what should you do if you give up your defense and turn to attack us at this time? Give him another chance to attack our rear? "
Speaking of this stone sea, I can’t help sighing that the position of this array is really wonderful, right in the middle of the battlefield
They can support the cavalry in front and then retreat to protect them. They have firmly held this strategic position since the beginning of the war and have never moved a bit.
At this moment, if you want to attack shallow water and clear water around, you must face a huge threat. The 3,000 strong bears in shallow water and clear water are not easy to deal with.
Obviously, shallow water predicted this move early in the morning to keep his strongest fighting force around the guards.
Of course, he can also choose to retreat. The 3,000 cavalry behind him are showing off wantonly.
But it’s also not a good idea.
An excellent general will never be beaten by his opponent by the nose. At this moment, he has just divided the rear array of the main army. If he retreats just because his opponent array is equipped with steel defense, it will be really a rush at both ends. Once he retreats against the tiger and leopard camp, his opponent is cavalry, and then he will retreat again, and then the iron wind flag array will give himself a cover and kill from behind. Wouldn’t it be possible to torture him alive if two troops take turns to attack from their own rear?
Shi Hai didn’t have a choice. He sank and ordered, "Make the army storm! I want you to smash his car city for me! "
At this moment, Shihai has made up his mind to put his troops into the plain and broad terrain as soon as possible, trying to destroy the enemy’s fighting will with the fastest speed, the greatest momentum and the hardest blow and win brilliant victories quickly.
He wanted to take this large array first before the opponent cavalry completely destroyed himself, which prompted him to make this decision. The other reason is that this iron bucket battle defense is strong but has several attack capabilities.
Shi Hai believes that no matter how strong the shell is, there will be death without offensive power.
At that time, he muttered, "Shallow water, you are really a good opponent, but your defense is strong, but after all, you rely on armor equipment. How can the dead stop the living!"
In this way, the flag fluttered silently and led the army into the commander’s saber, and the blade shone with harsh sunlight to indicate the direction of the soldiers behind him.
The huge infantry phalanx is like a huge iron block in heaven and earth, ready to impact the opponent with great force and crush it until it is finally destroyed.
They are like a heavy hammer. They face a strong iron wall. Although the iron wall is firm, they will collapse again and again in the face of the heavy hammer.
When they break their opponent’s hard shell, it’s time to turn around and win the fruitful results.
In the distance, the Tiger and Leopard Camp of Hong Tianqi is killing 3,000 elite cavalry crazily, screaming and tearing the quiet and indulgent lines of heaven and earth, roaring and roaring in the wild like blood fire.
Along the way, they fought bravely to kill blood, mixed with soil, broken limbs and broken arms, as if rolling up, and the deepest symphony of Yan waves stepped out of the world rose and fell in the roar of killing
They are also doing the same thing as soon as possible to eliminate the enemy rear array with a number of up to 7 thousand people and then help their own array get rid of the crisis in the face of the pressure from Pang Dabing.
At this moment, whoever can destroy the opponent first will win the final victory.

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