Sick and sick?

Die? Anyone can die but he can’t!
Lu Changyuan’s face was not obvious. He evaded the topic and said, "Don’t worry, think again."
"Good good …"
Xiao Jing was so intent on perfunctory that he always felt unwell when he was alone in one room. He asked tentatively, "Is Lingguang Peak in spring?" I want to see it. "
And he went to the door.
This time Liu Changyuan didn’t stop him, but silently followed him.
The two are more intimate than the average other disciples.
Unfortunately, Lingguang Peak has only one bare peach blossom.
"Flowers are not in bloom"
There is no lack of loneliness in the tone
Suddenly, two younger brothers happened to pass by and were shocked when they saw them.
"Am I dazzled?"
"What do you see?"
"I saw a real violet, but he’s not …" Is he dead?
This sentence is the forbidden word of Lingguangfeng. They both looked at each other and saw the disbelief in each other’s eyes.
I heard that the violet real person pulled out the fairy bone and then fell into the underworld and unfortunately fell.
The true gentleman of this deep is crazy and doesn’t believe that the real violet is dead. After finding his body, he searched everywhere for him in an attempt to resurrect people from the dead.
Now it seems that he succeeded?
Are they afraid that they will be silenced after learning this big secret?
"Run … run?"
The two men pushed each other and tried to escape, but their legs were weak, and they felt that there was a big sword hanging in Lingfu that could be split at any time.
Xiao Jing looked funny and waved to them.
Two people more afraid of the glances with heavy pressure quickly approached to salute the way "seen a real person".
"Which brother are you?"
Zhangfan was respectful and humble and said, "We are registered brothers of Han Dan, who have just arrived."
Xiao Jing couldn’t help beaming. "You are master’s new registered brothers. So I’m a senior brother, too?"
It’s still unknown whether the two of them dare not be registered brothers or not.
Besides, the patriarch is afraid that Dan’s reality will be too sad to force them to come over.
To be honest, they are in a bit of an awkward position.
Xiao Jing was surprisingly intimate with them. "When you enter Lingguang Peak, you should work hard and practice hard. You and your hard-working master all know well."
Zhangfan be in heaven said, "It is to follow the teachings of real people!"
He was not happy for a moment.
At this time, a pair of red eyes looked at him without temperature, like watching a dead man.
It’s Yuan Zhenjun!
You have something to say.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 57 Chapter 57
In an instant, Zhangfan clammed up to see that Yuan Zhenjun’s evil spirit filled the air, laughing and pondering, faintly revealing his green face and fangs, and his eyes were red, as if he had climbed out of the devil from Jiuyou.
Zhangfan! !” He’s dead!
Not only did his other registered brother see the change of Yuan Zhenjun, but he couldn’t help but think of his legs trembling at the news.
Two people blanched as if they saw the terrible larynx blocked by a mass of cotton wool, and they couldn’t even scream.
That’s … that’s terrible!
Yuan Zhenjun is crazy. He’s really possessed!
Xiao Jing stepped forward and asked, "What’s wrong with you?"
As he approached, the man became more and more violent, and the magic gas made his feet freeze.
In an instant, Zhangfan seemed to see the nine deep and remote hell, and couldn’t help but stare big eyes with horror and heartbeat in his throat.

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