Looking at several people in Niu Mowang, Niu Mowang stood in the front, while the tiger demon king and the lion demon king stood behind, respectively. As for the mouse essence, they stood at the end. Judging from the position where several people stood, Niu Mowang was the biggest. When he saw Niu Mowang looking at himself, he smiled charming and tempted Niu Mowang with a full voice: "Devil, aren’t you going to get married?" Still dare to say that I am beautiful. If the future devil’s wife knows, she will not stop until she has stripped you of a layer of skin. " Now the situation is that several people in Niu Mowang have an advantage when the number is dominant, so it is unnecessary to start work without starting.

Niu Mowang haha laughed and satisfied: "Although she is beautiful, she is far from being a beauty. I have decided that she will be my second wife and you will be my queen."
"Your Majesty, I don’t know her origin yet!" One side of the mouse essence warned, a face of suspicion at mei fox, mei fox is not only a monster she has never seen before, but also the depth of a fix, which makes him unable to see through, so naturally he is very defensive about mei fox.
The tiger demon king on the side also said, "Brother, yes, we still don’t know the details of this demon fox. It’s too hasty to do so."
Niu Mowang snorted: "I’m afraid, regardless of her background, today, she will be my queen, but before she becomes my queen. Just catch her first and trap her. "
Hear Niu Mowang, mei fox in the heart in a surprised, originally want to and Niu Mowang several people turnover, but this words, obviously Niu Mowang several people are bound to do it yourself, if we know that too shuttle ji in their hands. There is no need to take risks. It is the right thing to go back and tell Zhang Zhongxuan. Mind at this point, mei fox shape together, fly out.
Niu Mowang several people can’t believe that Mei Fox fled, but they didn’t slow down for a while. When they came to their absolute being, Mei Fox had disappeared in the passage, "Want to escape. It’s not that easy. " With a snort of cold, Niu Mowang let out a whoop of cow’s song, and the whole person turned into a yak. Together, they turned into a wind and flew towards the channel.
Aside the tiger demon king and the lion demon king also changed at the same time, followed by, as for the mouse essence, in comparison. It’s much worse.
"What’s the matter?" All the demons gathered in the cave were startled when they heard Niu Mowang’s singing. At this moment, the figure of Mei Fox had already flown out of the hole on the side and flew towards the outside of Wan Yao Cave, but they only felt dazzled. Mei fox had already disappeared in front of her, and then, she turned into a demon-shaped Niu Mowang, and the three demons chased her out like electricity.
"Your Majesty, what’s the matter?" Some monsters called to get up, but Niu Mowang left them only a gust of wind.
The Niu Mowang Three Demons, which turned into a demon, were so fast that at the moment when Mei Hu came out of the cave of the Demon Cave, she was cut off alive. As soon as her figure changed, Niu Mowang became human again. Look at the fox. "Do you think the Demon Cave is a place where you can come and go whenever you can?" he sneered. Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Mei fox never thought that Niu Mowang three people were so fast and neglected at the moment. Forgetting to make a move and missing the best chance to escape, I had to stop and face the Three Demons with a charming smile and said, "Devil, of course I know that the Wan Demon Cave can’t just walk around casually, but I think the air in the cave is a little turbid, so I want to go out for some air."
Niu Mowang smiled and said, "Sao Fox, you still want to do this with me. Seeing that you have just snooped on us with your mind, I know that you have come to the Demon Cave with ulterior motives, but you still don’t tell the truth, so as not to suffer from flesh and blood." Niu Mowang is not an ordinary creature, because he can command the monsters in the monster cave.
When Mei Hu heard Niu Mowang’s words, she knew that even if Niu Mowang wanted to marry herself as his queen, she would have to seize herself first and trap her cultivation. This had to be changed before, but now that she is a disciple of Zhang Zhongxuan, she still has to go back and tell Zhang Zhongxuan about the situation, and she can submit to Niu Mowang and drink, "That depends on whether you have this ability." As he spoke, he flicked his hand, and his right index finger and middle finger twined together, making a long turn in the air, and a white circle appeared, only to hear Mei Hu shouting "Run." Hundreds of white lights suddenly appeared in the air out of thin air, turning into a surprise and flying towards Niu Mowang. This skill of fox charm is not another spell, it is Zhang Chongxuan’s previous magic of the celestial realm used by Jade Bodhisattva, and with the help of the middle layer of air, it produces an electric shock similar to lightning. The electric shock generated by this rush of thunder is not only fast but also silent.
Niu Mowang saw it in his eyes, and his face showed a trace of dignity. He said, "I didn’t expect you to use such a profound spell. It seems that it is really not simple." With a change of shape, he turned into a yak again, and jumped forward. When Mei Hu didn’t tear the space, he used a horn, and the hundreds of white lights were smashed by him.
Mei Hu couldn’t think that the first spell he made was broken by Niu Mowang, so he hurriedly came up with the tactic again, but just when his fingers came up, he turned into a demon-shaped tiger demon king and lion demon king, which were far from Niu Mowang, only in the middle of soaring, but they turned into a demon-shaped, and the attack was extremely sharp, and they were complementary. At once, they drove Mei Hu into a hurry-scurry. How?
See mei fox just use spells to resist the attack of the tiger lich king and the lion lich king, Niu Mowang frightened in the heart, you know, his two brothers together, that is, he can cope with it, it can only be described as a mess, but mei fox doesn’t even have a demon, so he can resist it, which is enough to say that the cultivation of beautiful fox is more profound than his own. With such preconceptions, Niu Mowang dare not be careless, and together with his body shape, he quickly joined the tiger lich king and the lion demon.
Generally speaking, the demon cultivates the power of noumenon, while the demon cultivates into human form. Will make his own ability to decline, after all, they are not human, how can they practice magic like people? Their spells are basically derived from their own characteristics, just like the blue smoke screen of the fox.
With Niu Mowang’s participation, it will be miserable to flatter the fox, because it takes time to use spells. And the speed of the Three Demons is amazing. Don’t give Mei Hu a chance at all. If Mei Hu didn’t dodge with what she had learned, she would really be defeated. Without the opportunity to use magic, Mei Hu naturally offered a white silk scarf.
A colorful light glowed in the hole filled with candlelight from the big red candle, and the white silk scarf turned into a colorful curtain belt and flew towards the Three Demons. I saw the curtain belt rolled in the air, which actually entangled the tiger demon king and the lion demon king who came from the air. The second demon fought subconsciously, but the ribbon gave off a feminine force, which actually made them unable to exert their strength. When the ribbon was thrown, the second demon was pulled away, fell heavily to the ground, sank in, and shook up the dust all over the sky. The white silk scarf placed in colorful ribbons was swept by a swallow’s hair like the wind in the air and flew back to Mei Hu.
Holding the fox that turned into colorful ribbons, she felt excited in her heart. She couldn’t think that the white silk scarf refined by Zhang Zhongxuan would have such power, which really surprised her and looked at the edge of Niu Mowang. Mei Hu reached out and threw it into a colorful white silk scarf, and flew to Niu Mowang like a rainbow. When Niu Mowang saw this, he dared to let the ribbon entangle him, and his body was vertical, avoiding the ribbon, and he went straight to Mei Hu.
Mei Hu just used a white silk scarf and was in a good mood when she saw Niu Mowang coming to attack. I’m not afraid. With a wave of his hand, he pointed out that the white silk scarf turned into colorful ribbons flew back. Protect in front of their own.
"Big Brother, be careful." The tiger demon king who jumped out of the ground reminded: "That ribbon can produce yin force and shock the internal organs." Said the tiger demon king coughed and spit out one mouthful blood.
Hearing this, Niu Mowang tiptoed to the ground, and the whole person bounced up, and attacked Mei Hu from another angle.
The tiger demon king’s words were heard by Mei Hu, and her confidence was even higher. She stood in the middle, manipulating the ribbon like a fairy to resist Niu Mowang’s attack, but she was a little abrupt. The tiger demon king and the lion demon king on one side did not attack her.
After several failed attacks, Niu Mowang suddenly retreated and shouted, "Rat essence, do it." Niu Mowang handwriting, immediately, mei fox stood a loose ground, falling down, she instinctively to fly, but the air suddenly flashed a gossip pattern, the pattern is bright, and a pressure forced her to fall, and in the fall, mei fox has fallen into a cave ten feet deep from the ground of the demon cave.
And Zhao Zifeng learned a little bit about the formation of the fox and looked around, already knowing that he had accidentally caught the formation of Niu Mowang cloth.
"Ha ha." Niu Mowang laughed and said, "What about Sao Fox?"
Mei Hu gave a charming smile and said, "A demon king, with the joint efforts of three people, is still playing this dirty trick."
Mouse essence laughed at this moment, and said, "It’s not the king who plays tricks, but me. If the king wants to capture you alive and make you a madam, of course, he can’t forcibly arrest you. After all, you can use the spirit to spy on us. As early as when the king turned to chase you, he told me. Otherwise, do you think my king didn’t use the multiplier? Let you use the multiplier alone? I laid this underground just when you fought, and the formation inside was laid when the King just fought with you. It is called the Trapped Fairy Array. As long as you stay in it for 7749 days, no matter who you are, the real yuan in your body will pass away bit by bit. Then you will be our devil’s wife. "
The Tiger and the Demon King nearby also laughed: "She thought she was very powerful because she scattered immortals. No matter how powerful she was, my eldest brother Niu Mowang was really powerful. He planned this scene with one hand. Do you know how he did it? He did it while you were not paying attention to using the enchantment to transmit sound. " With that, the Tiger and the Demon King coughed and cursed: "But to be honest, this coquettish fox is really powerful, and the yin force it sends out still makes my chest ache faintly. It seems that it is impossible to get better without treatment for more than ten days."
Niu Mowang laughed when he heard this. "Don’t worry, Lao 2, it won’t take that long. I’ll go into Dan’s room and take out the recently refined Huimeng Dan, which will not only cure you, but also help you improve your true yuan. By the way, you’re also indispensable to Guimeng Dan. After all, you stole several raw materials."
"Thank you, Your Majesty." Rat was overjoyed after listening attentively, but after Mengdan took it, he could increase his cultivation for decades, and he thought about improving his strength every day.
Niu Mowang nodded with satisfaction, saying, "Do a good job of rat essence, and there is no need to worry about soaring. In a few days, after my two brothers have successfully ascended, I will help you soar. Now that Taisuo Ji is in hand, it will soar. Let’s go to the demon space together, hehe, and take you to see it by the way."
"Demon space?" When Mei Hu, who was underground, heard Niu Mowang’s words, she said, "Did he steal Tai Suoji to the demon space to get all the demons out of the demon space? If so, it would be a disaster on earth." At the thought of this, Mei Hu can’t help but smile bitterly. Unconsciously, she will still think about the whole life, thinking that she is a fox who is a beauty! And from the body of the true yuan began to fade, it seems that the mouse essence is not threatening, but true, if it goes on like this, then I will be completely lost, I’m afraid …
While Mei Hu was still thinking, Niu Mowang above clapped her hands and said, "Well, let’s lock her up first, and then tell the demons to come to her again after 49 days. Now, let’s go to drink and hold my wedding first." Said Niu Mowang several people to the depths of the demon cave.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-three A bloodbath demon space (too lazy to tear down chapters, just come to the big head, I hope everyone can enjoy it! ^_^)
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three A bloodbath demon space (too lazy to tear down chapters, just come to the big head, I hope everyone can enjoy it! _)
Zhang Fu, wing house.
Zhao Zifeng frowned at the person reporting below and said, "Are you saying that Taisuo Ji was stolen because a demon xiu dug a hole in the island and stole it?"
"yes." The people below affirmed, "This matter has been verified by the owner of Songshan Island, but it has not been made public. Moreover, the demon practiced steadily and left little breath, so the owner of Songshan Island himself could not find any trace."
Zhao Zifeng waved and motioned for him to go down. Naturally, the servant was well-advised, so he retired and closed the door conveniently.
Mei Hu has been out for three days, but I haven’t heard from him until now. I’m afraid something really happened. Now the servant has come to report that Tai Suoji was stolen by a demon repair. It is very likely that Mei Hu found the demon repair that stole Tai Suoji, and the result was lost … Zhao Zifeng suddenly remembered a book introduced to himself by Zhang Zhongxuan about the fix true world, which recorded that there were 10,000 demon caves in an underground of Nanhuang, and he wanted to fly Mei Hu.
Just then, a voice sounded outside the door: "Master Zhao, the people who went to explore Miss Mei are back." Miss Mei Er mentioned by this population is Mei Hu. Because she lives in Zhangfu, everyone can’t be called Mei Hu, so she gave him an alias of Mei Er.
"Tell him to come in." Zhao Zifeng sink a track.
"yes." As soon as the voice fell, the door was pushed open, and a lean and capable man came in and saluted Zhao Zifeng: "Master Zhao."
Zhao Zifeng nodded and said, "Come on, have you made any progress?"
"Back to zhao ye, after many efforts. We overheard an unfortunate fact from the drunken conversation between two monsters, that is, Miss Mei Er was trapped in the Wan Yao Cave by the three demon kings in the Wan Yao Cave. It is said that after 7749 days, Miss Mei Er will be married by Niu Mowang, one of the three demon kings in Wan Yao Cave. "
"Really?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. The Trapped Fairy Array is a formation that sucks the true elements in the human body through the spirit of the earth. After 7749 days, it can really make a person’s whole body be cultivated for nothing, with the cultivation of flattering foxes. Being trapped in this array shows that the water in the Demon Cave is not shallow. Thinking of this, Zhao Zifeng said, "Have you taken any measures?"
"Back to Zhao Ye, not yet. We found out that Wan Yao Cave is the lair of all the demons, and ventured in. Not only can we not save Miss Mei Er, but we will even take our own lives. Therefore, after hearing the news, we immediately rushed to tell Master Zhao. "
Zhao Zifeng nodded and said, "It’s best not to startle him. Well, you don’t have to intervene in this matter. I’ll handle it myself. Seeing that you are travel-stained, I think you have a lot to worry about email. Go down and have a rest. "
The servant warmed up and said, "Thank you, Master Zhao." Said the back down.
Looking at each other, Zhao Zifeng didn’t stay, but pushed open the door and flew into the air together. The progress of this matter, he must tell Zhang Zhongxuan, with the strength of a scattered fairy, can still be trapped, which shows that the strength of the other party can not be underestimated. Since he is not sure about this matter, he has to excuse me.
When he came to Kunlun Mountain, Zhao Zifeng flew straight to Zhang Zhongxuan’s room, hiding his breath with his skill. Even Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei may not find it. What’s more, Kunlun sent others? Before Zhao Zifeng landed, Zhang Zhongxuan opened the door automatically. Zhao Zifeng knew that it was Zhang Zhongxuan who opened it. Without hesitation, he flew straight in and the door closed at the same time.
Zhang Zhongxuan, who had a big fight with Shushan, glanced at Zhao Zifeng under him and said, "What happened?"
Zhao Zifeng told the truth: "Master, your sister went out for three days, but there was no news. However, my men found out that the owner of Songshan Island had found out that Taisuo Ji had been stolen by a demon xiu. When I wanted to tell the master, the person who searched for information about your sister came back. According to what they heard, your sister was trapped by the three demon kings in the Wan Yao Cave."
Zhang Zhongxuan gave a sigh and said, "The Wan Yao Cave is a place where monsters gather. I didn’t expect there to be three demon kings who could trap Mei Hu. I think these three demon kings still have some connections." At this point, he said coldly, "But if you dare to arrest my disciple Zhang Zhongxuan, no matter who he is, he will not feel better. Let’s go to the Wan Yao Cave with me."
Zhao Zifeng naturally flew out with Zhang Zhongxuan, but as soon as he reached the air, he was about to leave, but Zhang Zhongxuan stopped and said to one side, "Remember to tell Huayun and others not to come to Kunlun at will without instructions. Fortunately, Qin Kangyuan and his parents are both in the gentle township, or they will find out your whereabouts, which will cause complications again."
Zhao Zifeng was puzzled by Zhang Zhongxuan’s remarks. He was about to say that Weathered Cloud didn’t come, only to find that not far away, the figures of Weathered Cloud, Ji Xue, Xie Kexin and Xie Keying were flying this way, only to understand the meaning of Zhang Zhongxuan’s words. When Weathered Cloud came over, he said with a wry smile, "Why are you here?"

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