"Don’t be so serious!" Jiuzhong waved his hand and said, "This time it’s not a war, it’s just hunting. Relax!"

Say, nine heavy a whisking, seven pagoda appeared again, the second layer of pagoda entrance transmission array open, and then don’t have to talk, just a look, hell crazy flower combat players have understood, all in at the fastest speed.
"Ladies, you should also be wronged and go in for a while!" After the arrival of large troops, Jiuzhong made a gesture to the harem daughters.
Knowing that Jiuzhong had business to do, the daughters let Jiuzhong go, let him go for the time being, and all of them obediently entered the Seven-level pagoda to be stationed.
When everyone has entered the Seven-level pagoda, Jiuchong will pack up the Seven-level pagoda, leave the eighteen levels of hell, close the door of vanity, and directly start the fixed-point transmission function of the transmission ring when finished, and move to join Aojiao.
"All right, Jiao Jiao, let’s go!" Appear beside Aojiao waiting in the deep sea, facing Aojiao Road with nine folds.
"Huh?" See alone nine heavy, ao jiao one leng, "you are not to move soldiers, how only you a person came back, your soldiers? !”
"You will see it then ~!"
Next, under the guidance of Aojiao, that is, about ten minutes, Jiuzhong came in front of a magnificent underwater complex.
The underwater buildings in this place are very different from the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, and their styles are very different. They are completely western-style buildings, with only one similarity, that is, the whole building complex is wrapped in a huge waterless field like soap bubbles.
"This is Atlantis? !” Jiuzhong looked at the building complex in the waterless field and asked Aojiao.
"This is it!"
"After today, this is ours!" Jiuchong took Aojiao’s hand and plunged into the waterless field. "Let’s go! !”
Generally, underwater creatures can’t leave the water, so naturally they can’t move in this waterless area. As the saying goes, the creatures that move in this waterless area are all fine aquarium creatures, which are various and varied.
Because of the war with the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, Atlantis also stepped up its alert, and there were siren patrolling everywhere. As soon as Jiuzhong and Aojiao came in, they were discovered by a group of siren patrolling.
"You stop, which come of ugly, dare to trespass my Atlantis waters? !” In the eyes of Jiuzhong and Aojiao, these sirens are ugly and can’t be seen, but on the other hand, in the aesthetic concept of these sirens, Jiuzhong and Aojiao are also ugly, which is very different from them. At first glance, they know that they are foreign intruders, so they stop shouting rudely.
Nine heavy smell speech not only didn’t stop, but accelerated toward this group of patrol siren ran past.
"What do you want? ! Stop! Stop right there! !” One of the leading octopus, the siren, shouted a few times, but it didn’t work. Seeing that Jiuchong was furious, he immediately shouted to the siren behind him, "Call someone, call someone quickly! There are intruders! "
Under normal circumstances, when these sirens first saw Tuoer’s Jiuzhong and Aojiao, who were so much younger than them, they wouldn’t be so nervous. Generally, they just went up and shared the food.
But this time, the situation is special. These sirens have already received orders from the top, and they are on strict alert. If they find anyone who can, they will immediately notify the whole army.
"Want to message? !” Jiuchong dropped Aojiao, and the speed was improved again. In the blink of an eye, he jumped into the array of this group of sirens. Without saying anything, the fist suddenly exploded, and three times five divided by two almost strangled this group of patrol sirens, leaving only one whale siren.
Although it is a whale, this whale siren is not the largest in their patrol. At first glance, the sea monster bigger than it was smashed by the nine-heavy three-two fists. This whale sea monster was frightened out of my wits, so it didn’t dare to fight nine times and turned around and ran away.
"Four elephants rob fist-rosefinch flash! !” Jiuzhong was too lazy to chase after him, and directly blew out a speeding Suzaku fist. There was a loud bang and blood rained all over the sky, and the huge whale siren was directly smashed.
AoJiaoCai caught up with JiuChong from behind at this moment. Although she had seen JiuChong defeat the tiger shark when she was in Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, it was still shocking to see JiuChong abusing these siren like chopping melons and chopping vegetables. This guy was a monster when he fought!
"Go!" Jiuzhong took Aojiao’s hand again and headed for the hinterland of Atlantis with Aojiao surprised.
In the water, the speed of Jiuchong is not as good as that of Aojiao, a dragon that can swim, but on land, the speed of Jiuchong is absolutely above that of Aojiao.
Jiuzhong didn’t hide his tracks at all, but came by surprise and rushed to the city-state of Atlantis, so he was quickly discovered by the garrison troops in Atlantis.
In front of the gate of the outer city-state of Atlantis, Jiuchong stopped, took Aojiao’s slender waist and floated down from mid-air, and landed with him, as well as siren patrol garrison troops gathered from other parts of Atlantis, surrounded by Jiuchong outside the gate, bared their teeth.
Faced with the siege of Atlantis siren, Jiuzhong was able to shrug off at all, his expression was relaxed, his eyes swept among these siren at will, and he told Aojiao, "Jiao Jiao, isn’t the garrison of Atlantis a little less? ! With just a few troops, I can completely get them by myself! "
Although it is surrounded by nine heavies, the number of siren troops surrounded by nine heavies is not many, only tens of thousands. For the vast Atlantis, this number is indeed a bit surprising.
"Atlantis’ troops are not under the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, and should never be so few …!" Aojiao Xiumei frowned and suddenly widened her eyes. "They must have done the same thing again, leaving a few troops behind, and the big troops will attack the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea again!"
"It’s the only possibility … that’s just right!" Nine heavy smile, "while their forces are empty, we will end their lair!"
Ao jiao Chou Chou nine heavy, "… with the two of us? !”
"Of course not!" Jiuzhong fished out the seven-level pagoda from the Gankun bag, raised his hand and threw it on the ground. "Little children, come out to harvest-!"
Chapter five hundred and thirty-nine Zhongfu
A golden light was projected from the first floor of the seven-level pagoda, and in an instant, all the three million joint forces of the holy alliance that had been stationed in it appeared on the spot.
"kill!" Nine heavy one of the most concise and clear command to convey.
"… kill ah! !” When I first saw the large Atlantis siren troops all around, the players of the joint forces were first one leng, and the next moment they reacted. Although they were a little guilty about the tonnage of their past meat mountains, fortunately, after a short pause, they scattered like a flood and rushed to kill the Atlantis siren troops around.
The large-scale siren troops in Atlantis, although huge in size, are not absolutely representative of power. Although they have proud bodies, they are still at the level of 100 or below in most cases. Apart from their size advantages, they are not much different from the players in the Holy Alliance in terms of fighting capacity, and they can fully fight against them.
Moreover, the joint forces of the holy alliance occupy an absolute advantage, and the strength is dozens of times that of Atlantis. This gap has reached a devastating level.
Sure enough, before the fight, the players of the Holy Alliance were still a little nervous, but after the fight, they suddenly found that these big guys were bigger and their combat power was not much higher than theirs. They gathered together, had a group fight, divided by three times and five times, and easily knocked down these large siren.
Among the tens of thousands of siren troops in Atlantis, there are also many individuals with outstanding combat power, which is already the existence of God-level combat power, but there are also levels of God-level combat power. Although these sirens have advanced to God-level combat power, the increase in combat power is not very large, but it is only one or two times of the basic strength. Although powerful, it is not invincible.
Under the absolute superior strength of the Holy Alliance, even if it is unwilling, it can only accept the fate of being overthrown.
In ten minutes, tens of thousands of Atlantis siren troops surrounded by Jiuchong have been wiped out and corpses are everywhere.
"Report to the leader that the other siren troops have been wiped out!" As soon as the battle is over, the leader’s player immediately reports to Jiuzhong.
Nine heavy refers to the outer urban gate of Atlantis, "give Lao tze to kill into the city! !”
"yes! !” After receiving orders, the joint forces of the Holy Alliance flocked to the front gate, acted in collusion with each other, and bombarded it indiscriminately. In an instant, they smashed the gate, broke in and killed it in the city.
Jiu Zhong and Ao Jiao followed suit.
"Um … hmm? !” The joint forces of the Holy Alliance poured into the city and pushed forward for a certain distance. Suddenly, something was wrong. They didn’t even find the shadow of a siren. The outer city of Atlantis was like an empty city!
"Leader, how … how no one? !” Things are unknown, the leader player ordered the brigade to stop moving temporarily, stay alert, and then find Jiuzhong and ask.
"Is there such a thing? !” Nine heavy smell speech was taken aback, too. He lifted himself up in the air and looked around. He really didn’t find a figure. "Depend, what’s the matter? Where is he? Don’t say that they all went to the East China Sea Dragon Palace? !”
"This is impossible!" At this time, Aojiao Tengyun also came to the air, and heard Jiuzhong’s question, saying, "Atlantis, like the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, is one of the large aquarium gathering places, and all of them have living aquarium, so they can’t all be fighting aquarium!"
"Then why is it an empty city here, and there is not even half a figure? !”
"Hey hey, let me answer your question!" Nine heavy voice just fell, suddenly a got voice came from a distance.
"Who? !” Jiuchong looked inside and saw a circle of ripples on the roof of a building not far away, and a figure flashed out. The speech just now came from this person.
"Which onion are you? !” Looking at it with nine eyes, I saw this man in a dark red suit, tall, with a pair of meat wings like dragon wings on his back, and his face was invisible, all hidden under his helmet and mask.
"My name is Baron Dark!" Dark baron eyes looked at nine heavy with contempt, intonation satisfiedly way, "you’re the one who stirred up the wind and rain in the Asian war zone, I heard that cattle are not good? !”
Nine heavy also didn’t put the dark baron’s eyes, neither salty nor light, "do you have any opinions? !”
"Hum, who is sacred? It seems that the rumors are correct. You are really arrogant!" The dark baron’s eyes narrowed, and there was a trace of coldness in his eyes. "It’s just that I don’t care about anyone!"
Nine heavy or that sentence, "do you have any opinions? !”
"… that’s right!" In the face of nine heavy so arrogant tone, dark baron smile on his face, "I’m here today, is to knock you, give you some severe see see! Let you know that there are people outside the world, so don’t be so arrogant. In this game world, there are more powerful than you! "
Nine heavy pick pick nostrils, "certainly not including you!"
"You … very good! Great! " For nine heavy so don’t give face attitude, dark baron angry, not with nine heavy travel, topic back to before, "hum, want to know why there’s no one there now? !”
"If you have something to say, you can fart!"

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