After the merit award, the first part of the award ceremony tonight is over, and then a song and dance performance is followed by a male singer group, TVXQ!, Jung Yunho and Shen Changmin. If sisar performance was loved by male audiences just now, then their performances are loved by female audiences. Handsome faces, handsome stage decorations, loud and vigorous songs and deliberately bare backs can arouse the heartstrings of female audiences. Unfortunately, there are only two left in TVXQ!, otherwise they will definitely be more fascinated.

Seeing Jung Yunho Zhang Chengyuan suddenly remembered something and asked Go Ara, "Yala, did you co-play with Jung Yunho before?"
"Well, I starred in a TV play called" Heading to the Earth "ppa three years ago. Why do you ask this?"
Zhang Chengyuan went on, "You two seem to be very good and have had an affair?"
Go Ara said, "Yes, it’s a good company, and I’ve been in TV dramas, but he and I are brother and sister, just like I am like you. Of course, I will be better with you. Is it media nonsense?"
"I think this Jung Yunho is good. If you don’t like me, you might as well consider him. Of course, if you like me, you should consider me." Zhang Chengyuan suddenly joked.
"ppa, what are you talking about? I don’t like Brother Yun-ho or you. A man like you needs to know a little. Who dares to like it? Being a brother is almost the same. "Go Ara hurriedly confessed that she was misunderstood by Zhang Chengyuan. If she likes his fruit, she will be miserable. Maybe the horse will pursue her.
After TVXQ!’s performance, Ma entered the second part of the award ceremony. First, the best supporting actor award was awarded by actor Zhao Chengxia and issa member Suzy Bae of jyp flag female singer group. He is no stranger to Suzy Bae Zhang Chengyuan. He met Jia Li Zhien with her two years ago when the cast of "dreahigh" visited Li Zhien. She is a very important and good friend and often mentioned her when chatting with him about trivial things in life. Naturally, he knows a lot about her.
In addition, when he first met Suzy Bae in the "dreahigh" crew, he was deeply impressed with her. He felt that she should have a good future, but he still underestimated her. Her future is not only good, but also glamorous. This year, she was called "national first love" through an "Introduction to Architecture". If Li Zhien was the most popular idol singer in the music world last year, it should be her this year, and her future will definitely not stop here. It will definitely be hot for a long time.
Zhang Chengyuan, a Suzy Bae watching Taiwan, slightly sighed with emotion, "If I had known that such a hot artist could be created through an Introduction to Architecture, it was really cheap for jyp Company to let my flag singer group play her role at the beginning." Of course, he just said that it would not be so popular if someone else played her role.
The Best Supporting Actor Award was finally won by Seung-yong Ryoo, an acquaintance of Zhang Cheng’s elder statesman. He won this award, and it definitely belongs to others, occupying one place, while he occupied two places by virtue of "Two-faced Kings" and "My Wife Everything", and the two roles he played in these two films were very impressive and deserved his reputation as a powerful actor.
Zhang Chengyuan, who won the Seung-yong Ryoo prize, is very happy. After all, he is an acquaintance of his, but he can’t help frowning when he sees that Seung-yong Ryoo won the prize with "The Double King", because "The Double King" has won six awards so far, which seems a little too much. If we wait, we will win the best actor award and other crew members may win the award, so much more.
This seems to be a good thing, but it is not so good in his view. Because it is too swaying, it may hinder him from winning the Qinglong Shadow Award and the Hundred Ideas Art Award, resulting in the loss of his original possibility of winning the award.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty Attend the 1 Big Clock Award (3)
After the Best Supporting Actor Award, the winner of the Best Supporting Actress Award was Jin Haishu, a senior actress who starred in League of Thieves. She once played Wen Genying and Zhang Chengyuan’s mother in Blue Life and Death Love, so Zhang Chengyuan was no stranger to her. However, after ten years, although both sides kept filming, they didn’t get together again. It was because fate had done her best that Zhang Chengyuan gradually stopped caring about her these years.
However, Zhang Chengyuan is very concerned about her film League of Thieves, because it is the highest box office in Korea this year, and it has become the first box office in the history of Korean movies with nearly 130,000 box offices. At present, the box office of Two-faced Kings ranks second this year with 1.14 million. Although it is still in the screening, it is expected to surpass LEE JOON GI’s film King Man to become the first box office in Korean costume movies, but there is no hope to surpass League of Thieves.
It’s a pity that Zhang Chengyuan is a great success, because millions of box office movies are always hard to find. After that, he may not be able to meet another film as good as "Two-faced Kings", and even if he does, he may not be able to surpass "League of Thieves" as the first in history.
For him, if he didn’t become the first in a tiny country like South Korea, it would be a great failure. Fortunately, he is only nominal this year, and there are still more than ten or twenty years to play after thirty, so maybe one day he will become the first.
Later, the best photo award, the best editing award, the best planning award, the best drama award, the best cinematography award and the best imaging technology award were awarded. Because most of these awards were not very dazzling, not many people paid attention to them. But tonight, there were some exceptions, because these six awards were included in The Double-faced King, which was even more surprising. At this time, The Double-faced King had won one award, which exceeded half of the total three awards and broke the one that Man Wang had won.
Seeing this kind of fruit, Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t know whether to laugh or worry, thinking that God is afraid that there will be many people who will denounce the big clock award as shady. If so, the cast of "Two-faced Kings" will inevitably be involved, and then he, the leading actor and investor, will be implicated and scolded a few times. Fortunately, his acting skills have always been well-known, so if he wins the best actor, he will not be too criticized.
If you receive the Qinglong Film Award and the Best Actor Award of Baixiang Art Award, you will probably lose him, because the organizers of these two awards ceremonies will definitely consider the pressure of public opinion and tend to award the awards to other films.
These six awards were followed by the judges’ special award. This time, it was finally not awarded to the cast of "Two-faced Kings" but to director Jin Jide, who won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival last month and won glory for Korean films.
Director Jin Jide is a controversial film director. He is often very popular in European countries, but he is quite unpopular in South Korea. The box office is mostly very low. Even though "Mourning" made a box office breakthrough in South Korea with the title of Golden Lion Award this year, it was only about 60,000 times. Perhaps it can be said that he belongs to the kind of "flowers bloom on the wall, but fragrance shines outside the wall". This situation is caused by the fact that his films usually involve eroticism, blood, death, despair and other things that expose human ugliness and make people feel uncomfortable, while the social atmosphere in South Korea has always been conservative.
Zhang Chengyuan, an alternative director like Jin Jide, doesn’t know how to evaluate him. He doesn’t despise Jin Jide, but he doesn’t appreciate and respect this person. Because he doesn’t have anything in his heart that looks elegant, such as film art, education and humanity, he never takes pictures to see whether it can be welcomed by fans, whether it can win a high box office and whether it can bring him honor in other aspects.
Since then, important awards have finally begun to be awarded. First, the director award was won by Chang-min Chu, the director of The Double King, and this award is also the 13th award won by the cast of The Double King tonight. However, Zhang Chengyuan is too lazy to feel what will happen after this, and there is no need to sigh after the foundation has been set. When following other guests, Chang-min Chu warmly applauds and congratulates him.
Then Zhang Chengyuan was nominated for the Best Actor Award. The winners were Hae-il Park, the winner of last year’s Big Bell Award, and Jin Hena, the winner. Among them, Jin Hena was the flag artist of jsw Company. This year, he returned to the horizon and starred with Zhang Dongjian in "Gentleman", which was quite popular. The audience rating exceeded 5%.
It should be noted that it is quite difficult for Zhang Chengyuan to get 5% ratings nowadays, and it is not as easy as Zhang Dongjian and Jin Hena to discuss with screenwriters to improve the drama and personally direct the TV drama "Ghost" with the highest ratings of about 7%. Of course, this is not to say that Jang Sung-won is not as lucky as they are sometimes, but actually Jang Sung-won has never been so lucky. It is almost his own efforts and various means to earn such good results in recent years, but perhaps in the eyes of the uninformed, Jang Sung-won is the luckiest person in Korea.
There are five candidates for the Best Actor Award tonight. Besides Zhang Chengyuan, there are Cui Minzhi, the leading actor in Criminal War, Jin Min, Huang Zhengmin, and Ahn Sung ki.
And these four are definitely powerful actors, and they have all won the Best Actor Award in some film awards. Although Zhang Chengyuan is conscious that his outstanding acting skills will not be inferior to them, he is likely to win the Best Actor Award tonight with the box office of The Double-faced King. However, after eliminating the box office advantage of The Double-faced King, he is not sure whether he can win the Best Actor Award again after receiving the Qinglong Award and the Hundred Ideas Art Award. Therefore, he just felt deeply about the Double-faced King winning too many awards.
Soon it was announced that, as Zhang Chengyuan had expected, he had indeed won the prize. When he breathed a sigh of relief, he got up and walked quickly to the stage. After Hae-il Park and Jin Hena made a ceremony, they took the trophy from Jin Hena.
And perhaps because Zhang Chengyuan is his own boss, Jin Hena also gently hugged Zhang Chengyuan in the previous step and congratulated him lightly
Zhang Chengyuan nodded his thanks to her and immediately began to deliver his acceptance speech in front of the microphone. First, he thanked all the grateful people, and then suddenly said modestly that he was able to beat Ahn Sung ki, Cui Minzhi and other predecessors to win this award tonight. Most of the luck was due to the fact that "Two-faced Kings" is currently showing well and the box office performance is excellent. If the selection is delayed for a while, it may not be his turn to win this award. Then he said something to express his shame and hope that his predecessors would understand before returning to his seat.
For his speech, it seems that most of the guests and the audience at the scene were very warmly applauded immediately to express their praise and support, but Lim Yoon A and Go Ara were greatly surprised because they felt that these words were really not what Zhang Chengyuan could say. He didn’t know how arrogant he was, and even if he pretended to be humble occasionally, he just said a few words casually, but tonight it seemed a little solemn.
As soon as Zhang Chengyuan sat back in his seat, Lim Yoon A asked in a low voice, "ppa, how did you change your sex today and suddenly become so modest?"
Zhang Chengyuan light a smile "this is not a place? I am winning the favor of the people. "
"But you have always disdained to do such a thing."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I didn’t bother to do it before because it was unnecessary, but if necessary, I will do it a little bit. It would be a fool to be a gentleman and be flexible and arrogant."
"But do you need to pretend to be humble today? You haven’t done anything wrong or need someone’s support?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s natural for me to do this. Tonight, The Double-faced King has won so many awards that it will definitely be criticized by many people in the circle and netizens. If I just took it for granted that I deserved this award or didn’t do something, I would probably be scolded by others. I’ll pretend to be modest and have a good impression anyway."
Lim Yoon A laughed. "You are so cunning sometimes."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "This is not cunning, but the wisdom of pursuing advantages and avoiding disadvantages."
With a sigh, he went on, "But it’s really outrageous that The Double King won so many awards. If I were a movie fan, I would definitely scold it. After all, Although The Double King is a good film, it doesn’t win so many awards, and I don’t know why the organizers of the Big Clock Award always have some problems. It’s a happy thing to win the award, but it makes people a little unhappy."
Lim Yoon A said, "ppa, I heard that J Entertainment is a sponsor of the Big Bell Award. Will it have anything to do with this later?"
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "It won’t be this reason. J Entertainment doesn’t have such great ability and won’t do it so well. I guess there is something wrong with the selection method. Well, forget it. It’s not much to do with us after all."
When Zhang Chengyuan was talking with Lim Yoon A, another award was awarded. The winner was the best actress award. Zhao Minxiu, the actress of Jin Jide’s film "Mourning", was worth it. First, Li Zhen was also shortlisted for this award for her "My Wife Everything". However, because she was in Hawaii on her honeymoon with Zhang Chengyuan’s avatar Cui Yuanfeng, she didn’t attend the award ceremony, but it was good that she didn’t attend it. Anyway, it was useless to get it.
Since then, there is only one last award, the best film award. The winner is "Double King", which is the 15th award won by the cast of "Double King" tonight. The cast members are in a heavy mood for a few minutes after being happy, and J Entertainment accepted the award. As soon as the representative opened his mouth, he apologized to other filmmakers and the audience present. I think he and Zhang Chengyuan have the same mind to know that it is necessary to keep a low profile at this time, which has aroused public anger.
In addition, Zhang Chengyuan is also somewhat glad that jsw is also one of the investors in "Double Kings", but it does not take the lion’s share. Tonight, it is not jsw employees who will receive this award, thus avoiding some troubles.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty-one Pick up Liu Yifei and Li Binbin
After the award ceremony, Zhang Chengyuan stayed at the scene for more than half an hour to cope with a media interview and exchanged pleasantries with familiar people. After that, he left with Lim Yoon A and Go Ara and then returned to Zhang’s villa by car. sung yuri, Lee Hyo Ri and Yu Zhuxuan naturally had a good time that night, and the next morning, he left South Korea by special plane and returned to the "Raytheon" crew to continue filming.
He could have taken a few more days off to stay in Korea to get together with his sisters, and the crew would never have refused. However, considering that if he wanted to shoot his own scene before his son Henren’s first birthday party on January 5 and then come back to spend his birthday with his son safely, he would have to try his best to work as soon as possible instead of staying in Korea, so he left the next day after returning home.
The sisters were naturally disappointed at this, but they didn’t keep him because they knew that his decision was more appropriate.
On the afternoon of January 4th, Zhang Chengyuan tried his best to finish all his scenes before leaving the crew and flew to the airport by special plane. Did China go to China instead of Seoul because he had to pick up Liu Yifei and Li Binbin first? Both of them were going to attend his son Henren’s first birthday banquet on the evening of 5th. After all, it was a happy event to celebrate, and I also wanted to take this opportunity to get together with Zhang Chengyuan. Not only they did, but chenglong and Li Lianjie also congratulated him in Seoul in the future. However, they had their own special plane not to pick them up.
When Zhang Chengyuan’s special plane arrived at Yanjing International Airport, it was already past 5: 00 a.m. on January 5. When he arrived, he didn’t take a plane into the city to meet Liu Yifei and Li Binbin, but stayed in the engine room and waited for them. They had an appointment to meet at the airport around 6: 00.

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