At present, Chelsea’s defensive goal is still in crisis. It turns out that it is impossible for the team to rely on defense to hold the goal. It is better to attack some passive defense.

So Grant changed people.
He glanced at the bench and finally gritted his teeth at a big black player, "Mikel, get ready!" "
Grant chose John obi Mikel.
Mikel moved to Chelsea this summer. He has the unique ability of African players to fight alone, but he can’t see the weakness of African players’ lack of tactical mind. milk’s tactical awareness is comparable to that of many outstanding European players. Mikel is the absolute midfield core of Nigerian youth team in the World Youth Championship.
Mikel is not only physically strong, but also has excellent ball control ability. He has a strong overall situation and the ability to read the game. He also has excellent points and straightness.
In addition, Mikel has long-range shooting ability and a good set-piece stunt.
Although Nigeria finally regretted losing to Argentina in the World Youth Championship and won the runner-up, Mikel won the silver ball award and was selected as one of the top ten promising stars in the World Youth Championship, which said that the media and football professionals were optimistic about the African eagle midfielder.
Outstanding physical fitness, good organizational skills and aggressive attack Mikel has all the potential to be a world-class midfielder.
He joined Chelsea in the summer of 1996. Mikel’s arrival is also a strategy of Chelsea. His joining proves that Chelsea has enriched the famous stars in the squad and will also attract young talents.
However, Mikel’s joining road is full of twists and turns. Chelsea Football Club has to pay Manchester United 10,000 pounds, and at the same time, he has to pay 40,000 pounds to his former Oslo Lien team in Norway.
Chelsea Mikel paid 160,000 pounds, equivalent to about the euro, so the player should be very famous. But in fact, Mikel’s joining in the summer was really low-key, which may be directly related to Zhang man of iron and Sepcenko’s joining. Their worth was so eye-catching that both Mikel and Kalou appeared to be unknown. In fact, they were also excellent players.
When the fourth official raised the substitution card to signal Chelsea’s substitution, the media was very surprised because Mikel was replaced by Makelele.
Mikel for Makelele?
Many people can’t read it.
Mikel is a good player. He may be a superstar in the future, but he is still keeping a low profile. In the previous game, Mikel had four chances to play in Chelsea midfield. It is very difficult for a young player to find a position even if he has some fame.
It’s surprising that Mikel is playing in place of Makelele now. It’s not that the media don’t understand Mikel’s fact. Even if Mikel doesn’t change his name compared with other teams, it’s because he is a big-name star in other teams. Naturally, the media and fans know about his ability.
As far as they know, Mikel’s technique is more focused on offense than defense.
Isn’t it urgent for Chelsea to hold the goal now?
In many people’s doubts, the game continued, and Chelsea’s presence was still suppressed. Although many players planned to attack several times, after all, Barcelona equalized the score and they had no lead, but Barcelona quickly pushed Chelsea back. Their simple method was to keep the ball steady. If Chelsea players can’t catch the ball, can they leave Barcelona a backcourt to shrink the formation?
Maybe Barcelona wants Chelsea to attack so that they can find Chelsea’s back court.
On Chelsea’s passivity
At this time, Zhang Tiehan was at the forefront of the stadium. Just now, he celebrated the goal in Barcelona. He told every teammate to pay attention to how long the ball is. It is best to find the right position and hang the ball directly to the frontcourt.
That’s what he told his teammates.
Including Mikel Zhang Tiehan, who just played, went to talk to Mikel in particular.
Mikel Grant didn’t say anything to him before the game, but Mikel’s understanding ability is not bad. In fact, these African players can really play tactical ideas, which is absolutely different from otherwise, it is difficult to get ahead in the European League by playing brute force.
Mikel’s replacement of Makelele Grant naturally means giving him a chance to fight back.
He will be a link between the front and back of the counter-attack, and he is also a very important role, because he is good at playing the ball and finding opportunities, which is his advantage.
Mikel nodded at once when he heard Zhang Tiehan.
He kept it firmly in mind.
Mikel is quite clever. After he came to Chelsea, he almost didn’t know anyone here, even Kalou and Drogba didn’t know him well. He knew that it was necessary to maintain the interpersonal relationship when he was going to stay in Chelsea for a long time.
If you want to hang out in the Chelsea dressing room, you must know the situation.
There are three players in the team that must not be offended. One is the captain Terry, the spiritual leader of the team, the most recognized team by Chelsea fans, and the representative star of Chelsea youth training camp. Terry just needs to print a Chelsea team emblem on his forehead. Terry represents Chelsea and is the captain of the team. Terry must not be offended, because no matter what the reason, he must suffer.
In addition, Lampard, the core player of Chelsea midfield, is the iron man of Chelsea midfield. He has played all the games this season, so players can’t offend him, because he is highly regarded in the team, and this is Lampard in England, and even English stars and clubs are familiar with it. If you have a conflict with Lampard, you must lose yourself.
The last one is Zhang Tiehan.
Zhang Tiehan can’t offend Viteri and Lampard, because Zhang Tiehan is the most expensive star in the world. At the same time, he is supported by most fans, including the club chairman, head coach and almost all teammates, and even many rival fans will support him
If there is a conflict with Zhang Tiehan, no matter whether it is reasonable or not, it will definitely be ignored.
Moreover, Mikel also heard that Zhang Tiehan knows China Kung Fu. Since knowing this news, Mikel has decided to absolutely follow everything Zhang Tiehan said. If he is dissatisfied, he will give himself a set of China Kung Fu and be admitted to the hospital. It is estimated that the Football Association will cover up Zhang man of iron and the British court will re-analyze things. The main reason is that Zhang Tiehan is the best player in the English team. It is estimated that many court officials are his fans.
Otherwise, there will be great people to help him! ! ?
In Mikel’s mind, Zhang Tiehan is a terrible person.
After listening to Zhang Tiehan’s words, Mikel almost complied with the conditions. He ignored Essien and asked him to retreat and strengthen his defense. He kept running at a position behind the center line to find opportunities and forced Barcelona players to find opportunities to break the ball.
Barcelona ball is really hard to grab.
Their player’s idea of the ball is almost imprinted on their bones. It is difficult to really grab it by Mikel alone, but fortunately Chelsea is a team and there are people who cooperate with him. Lampard and Zhang man of iron are all fighting for three people in front, which still brings trouble to Barcelona.
This time, Deco’s ball was influenced by Zhang Tiehan, so it was not very accurate. If this short-distance ball was stopped directly by Mikel.
Mikel almost realized that he was attacking with the ball when he broke the ball. He always did this in Nigeria, even when he was in Chelsea’s frontcourt.
But he remembered Zhang man of iron’s words, "Pay attention to get the ball and drive forward with your big feet. It’s best to get in front of me!"
So Mikel glanced at Zhang Tiehan’s position and directly kicked the ball to the front.
This ball is really stupid, mainly because the ball is a little too far away and a little to the left. If no one can chase it, the ball will definitely roll out of the low line. Fortunately, the ball is not strong and the football speed is not very fast.
"milk missed the ball and he missed the opportunity," sighed woodgate, a commentator at Stamford Bridge.
Just then he saw a man of iron in the big screen.
Zhang Tiehan started the outbreak almost instantly, surpassing Puyol and ran wildly towards the football landing point.
Can you chase? Have a chance?
The idea lingered in woodgate’s mind for a moment, but he still found it difficult to look at it carefully, but every two seconds he saw a man of iron miraculously getting closer and closer to the ball in the camera.

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