Listening to his dull voice, Song Changgeng’s eyes sparkled with fine mans. He didn’t expect that after the reality of long eyebrows had soared, he could manage this human matter through a magic weapon, but why didn’t he come? No one has ever ascended. I don’t know what’s the reason here. Is it strange that the world itself is a self-protection force?

But these things are all a flash. He knows that this is not the time to consider. Since the Emei Sect has ignored the date of opening the government, it is necessary to start work on itself, so don’t mention it yourself.
He was about to make a scene in Emei with all his strength. Yi Zhou has passed by with his sister Youtan Shenni. Youtan Shenni listened to the back with a smile. Stand up gracefully. Hands together even announced a Buddha’s name. Bao Xiang said solemnly, "This Dao is just as Qi Zhangjiao said. So that the teacher can control it in the celestial world. But since it’s called Emei Sect Law Enforcement Knife. How can you attack guests?
Isn’t it chilling for us guests that Qi Zhangjiao did this today? Emei Sect is so arrogant and overbearing. If things spread today. Who dares to associate with your Emei Sect in the future? Poor Ni is very sad. I know that Qi Zhang teaches and respects teachers because Song Daoyou once destroyed the Emei Sect. So there is a lot of resentment in my heart. But do you really want to do it here and now? "
Song Chang Gung smell speech stopped running capability. Gherardini looked at Emei sent all. When law enforcement fly knife attacked him just now. Several couples in Lingjiao Palace and Yixiu had already stood up. Obviously need to help. Wonderful a real person sighed. He also knows that it is very inappropriate to deal with Song Changgeng here now. But I don’t know what master means in heaven.
Optimal haze shenni originally ability has arrived when they quickly soar. I have already passed the last level. The work has been completed. Just because my brother’s family and several disciples can’t let go on earth. I’m not ready to fly now. Not to mention announcing these things. So people outside because she hasn’t passed the last level. So the respectful attitude towards her is far worse than that of Fentuo.
Today, I didn’t have her share in stopping the enemy outside and protecting the Buddha in order to display Purdue Golden Wheel. Miao Yi, a real person and other people in Emei school seem to be more respectful to God than themselves. I’m a little unhappy. Therefore, it is difficult to make an excuse after listening to my brother Yi Zhouchuan. Although you are welcome to speak. But secretly a lot of protection. After all, her successor is Qi Shuming’s eldest daughter Qi Xiaer.
That’s why she chose to be a peacemaker As soon as she’s finished. I saw that flying knife didn’t know if it was really impossible to hold Song Changgeng. Still don’t want to and optimal haze god, and others to stiff up. So when it’s over. Fly to Miaoyi and hover for a week. Suddenly a flash. Has appeared in xiao yue Jackson’s property. Suddenly turned into a silver light to cover him.
The Emei Sect’s actions in enforcing the law are so strange that everyone sitting here is a little confused. The thought that celestial immortals can manipulate the descendants of human sects through magic weapons and fairy signs, though they can’t go down, makes everyone a little dissatisfied. Emei Sect is so arrogant. Who knows whether to deal with themselves for what reason in the future?
While they were thinking, the xiao yue Jackson was also at a critical moment. He just flew out with double hooks, but he saw a golden lotus on the baby’s head. His magic weapon was useless, so he was surprised. He was busy with Xuangong’s recovery of the double hooks, but he was forced by the Tianmeng Jackson to exert boundless Buddhism, forcibly erasing the brand of the above spirit, helping the baby to collect it, and never collecting it back.
Jackson xiao yue knew that he was hard to survive today. If he didn’t do it himself earlier, he would be destroyed in form and spirit, and then he would turn to life. So he has been very careful. When he saw that the magic weapon was taken away today, he immediately understood that several old monks deliberately intercepted himself today and arrested himself, one for completing the agreement of bridled eyebrows and long eyebrows, and the other for his own broken jade hook.
Seeing that the Zen master and the baby were finished, the child ran over and made out with the wonderful lady. xiao yue couldn’t help being angry, but the thought of his magic weapon being taken away made him angry, but all his skills were imprisoned. Now he is a prisoner, and he can’t help sighing in his heart. Life is so tortuous that it really makes people sigh.
Just as he thought about it for a while, the flying knife was flying very slowly, but it flew faster than when it first appeared. It just flew to his head in a flash, releasing a silver light to suppress him, and it was too late to put the flying sword on himself.
Xiao yue’s broken jade hook didn’t come back here. I just wanted to do something. The flying knife had been switched on, and when I was away from my head, it suddenly spread out and turned into a three-foot Fiona Fang screen, covering my whole body, and the outer ring gradually drooped.
This Dao xiao yue knows its power, however, and now the Dao Guang has trapped himself. As long as the Dao Guang goes down again, his perfect body will be shattered immediately, and he will be wiped out in a puff of white smoke. Even the flesh and blood won’t have any residue, which is his own baby Yuan God, and it will also go up in smoke at the same time. xiao yue wants to cut himself off, but it turns out to be impossible, and he can’t help but fear.
At the same time, I can’t help feeling bitter in my heart. I am vain and have great magical powers. I am arrogant on weekdays and refuse to be low to people. When I come here to survive and die, the crisis is instantaneous, and my heart is chilling and my six gods are shocked. As a disciple of the long eyebrow reality, how can I not know the magic of the fairy method of the long eyebrow reality? No one here can solve it, even begging for mercy is useless.
The feeling be nasty under, suddenly regret, at this moment only hate evil by yourself, exhausted, do everything possible to prevent in advance, in the end still can’t escape obvious slaughter, since it is expected that inevitable, he closed his eyes, secretly transported XuanGong, intended to live in the dead, will reduce the yuan god, when the static fly knife body, take advantage of the gap will yuan god dun walk, make the one thousand thought.
At the same time, I silently asked the master to be a real person with a long eyebrow. Enshi was very special, and he gave me a special pardon. He only made himself suffer the slaughter and didn’t hurt Yuan Shen. It was fortunate that Yuan Shen didn’t dare to go out immediately, and he was trembling and lurking.
He took it for granted that he would settle his account when the knife light was all around, but there was a slight gap. No matter where he was, he could change and escape. He was trembling with fear. I didn’t know what to do, but he waited for a long time, but he didn’t see the knife flying close, and the audience heard the voice of pleading. Although he felt that he might have some vitality, he was afraid that he would be distracted for a while, and the knife light suddenly closed, and the yuan god could not escape, and both form and spirit were destroyed.
Conscientiously wary, I still think of it as a thousand deaths, and I want to live in death. I dare not suddenly open my eyes, lose my mind, and be laughed at by my enemies. But I secretly protect Yuan Shen with my flying sword, lurk under my left arm, and try my best to block when preparing for the knife to penetrate the body. Although the flying sword may not be guaranteed, Yuan Shen may escape, and it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years.

The 40th volume A clean break Chapter three hundred and ninety-two.
Xiao yue Jackson was trapped by the master’s law-enforcement flying knife, and he could be killed at any time, so he was very frightened. But Song Chang-geng was set up by Tianmeng and then attacked by law-enforcement flying knife, and his anger was already great. When he flew away from the law-enforcement flying knife, he not only confiscated the magic weapon, but was considering whether to use his own killer weapon, but he also knew that he would be completely enemies with Emei. (provide the latest chapters to read >
At this time, the twelve disciples of Emei Sect, such as Miaoyizhen, stood up and prayed for the flying knife in the air. Jackson xiao yue was ready to stop, but he saw that the flying knife was still silent. He was slightly distracted and listened to the outside movement. He saw Xuanzhenzi and Miaoyizhen, your old classmates, begging forgiveness and forgiving themselves from the flying knife representing Changmeizhen.
He listened carefully, only to hear Miao Yi’s real face saying, "Although the Fourth Senior Brother turned his back on his teacher and joined the cult, and he was ungrateful and did many wrong deeds, it was time to correct my family law in Emei and show it, but he was blinded by greed and anger at first, but he never did evil after joining the cult. Later, although he was lured by evil spirits, he lost his mind and could not return."
However, he couldn’t extricate himself from his thoughts, but it didn’t come from his own heart. In addition, he was too greedy and angry, and he suffered setbacks and was excited. Although he was still stubborn, half of it was because disciples and others failed to influence their classmates, so that today’s things happened. We will take today’s things as the blame and be willing to take responsibility.
For the sake of old times, I think he has been with me for many years, and it is not easy to practice until today. When I was in our school before, I was not too big, so I gave him a special favor, let’s forgive him for the time being, and give him the last road to rehabilitation. Disciples and others will try their best to help him turn over a new leaf. Please be merciful. "
Xiao yue Jackson listened to him in a pure and sincere tone, not selling affectation, as if it were really that close friend of the year, and he knew that this Dao was left by the master. It seems that it is dedicated to restraining this magic, that is, several old classmates with the highest morality, such as Xuanzhenzi and Miaoyizhenren, who broke the canon, will be punished and killed as long as their eyebrows are really moving. It is also unable to avoid it.
Now he only feels that the knife light is cold and intimidating, but since it has not yet been closed, I think it is either that I have not reached my limit, or that Master has granted everyone’s request for forgiveness. Even if there are other reasons, it’s better to see a way out while this will fall, which is better than closing your eyes and waiting for death. How do you say that you are also a master of vertical and horizontal good and evil.
Xiao yue Zen master changed his mind. I have a little understanding in my heart. When I look carefully, I see that all my old friends are throwing knives at the same dynasty after the story is finished. I implore the master not to start work. Dozens of Xianbin present, except Tian Meng, Bai Mei, Fentuo, Yan Mu, You Tan, Li Jingxiu and Yi Zhou, are sitting outside. The others see that the elders of Emei Sect have knelt down and immediately avoided standing up.
Song Chang Gung looked at him throwing knives and kneeling for more than a dozen people. I don’t know if I really want to turn my face on this. If you can’t stand such a temporary anger, your idea of forming an alliance will be ruined. After all, I have to lead my disciples to carry it by myself, but let him bear it. He felt that he was stuck in a panic, which was really a dilemma.
At this time, I heard the Zen master Tianmeng announce the Buddha’s name, still sitting in the original position, with his right hand extroverted, and a golden light as thick as a human arm was released on each of his five fingers. The mask that turned the flying knife into a flying knife seemed to catch it in the air like a bell, so that it would not fall again. Moreover, his face was dignified and solemn, and his treasure phase was solemn, and it seemed very laborious to mention it.
When Miao Yi, a real person and others appealed again, he suddenly smiled at xiao yue and said, "What a pity!"! What’s wrong with one mistake? The real person Long Mei has agreed to the request of all the friends in the family to postpone today’s punishment. Go on your own. "
When talking. Raise your arm. The knife light will rise like a ball of silk. Be held by those five golden lights. Knead it a few times. Golden light and silver light are gathered at the same time. However, Master Tianmeng had an extra flying knife about four inches long and silver as electricity. At the same time, Xuanzhenzi and others also stood up after kowtowing to the sky. Go to the Zen master. By wonderful a real person devoting to take the fly knife.
Then he bowed respectfully. Hold it up in both hands. The knife still turned into a silver light. Fly to Miao Yi’s waist jade box. There is another sound like a jade. Then I went back to the box. Not a trace. Xiao yue’s Zen master lived from the dead. I didn’t think it was so easy to get myself out of trouble. I was in a trance for a while. I don’t know if it’s joy or sorrow. It’s shame and regret. Stay there.
Yan, look at his appearance to gas. He shouted angrily, "You have been lucky enough to escape from your legacy. Don’t turn over a new leaf and wash your heart. Go to be a second person. What’s the advantage of staying here? " Originally, she was also a master. It’s not her turn to talk about things today. However, in the emotional entanglements between her and husband and wife B, xiao yue once helped husband and wife B without heart. So she got angry when she saw xiao yue.
Xiao yue Jackson was drunk by him, only to remember that he was too frightened. Escape by accident. I forgot to kowtow to my teacher. There are other people who have just done this. You can’t say that you are immoral to yourself. In the side seat. Only an old friend knows a Zen master. Is shaking his head and sighing at himself. Quite concerned. Inspire yourself. This is a chance to turn over a new leaf. Don’t be stubborn.
However, his Yuan God was possessed by the unique Yin God of magic teaching. Always seduce him in various ways. Xiao yue just thought of thanking my classmate. It is meaningless to fight for those false reputations at the beginning. But the spirit of Yin moved. On second thought, he and Miao Yi are enemies. At odds on weekdays. Suddenly, I was ashamed to thank my enemy. It’s embarrassing.
Especially Yan Mu and Dragon Slayer. Still glaring at each other. Very contemptuous. At the sight of this, his fire flared up. Face ferocious. He shouted to Yan Mu, "What should I do? It’s not your turn to reprimand me. My teacher’s kindness naturally deserves thanks. We should also keep in mind the mutual affection of the same family. But this is my Emei thing. When is it your turn to be an outsider? "
After ignoring Yan Mu’s scowl, he bowed to the sky three times, thanked Master for not killing, and offered worship to twelve students one by one. Then he said to Miao Yi, "Although I survived for a while today, it’s hard to say what the future will be. I have my own ideas. As for my behavior, it’s not a few empty words. Time decides one."
Although you and I have been brothers for hundreds of years in the past, I won’t give up our ambition for this. I think I have a lot of advantages over you in teaching Emei, but it’s useless to say more here. Let’s take care of ourselves. "
Miaoyi sighed, and everyone returned the gift to him, then whispered, "My brother’s mutual affection in those days is in his heart. It is fair that my brother’s talents are more than my younger brother’s. My master chose my younger brother, which made my brother unhappy, and my younger brother was also worried. It is useless to talk more today. Let’s talk about it in detail after the robbery returns."
After xiao yue’s Zen master looked confused for a moment, he crossed his hands with Tianmeng Zen master in the middle seat and said, "Many old Zen masters saved me from great disaster, but you and Bride calculated to capture me and humiliate me, and take my treasure. I keep this revenge in my heart. I have sinned deeply, and the situation has reached this point. I have either retired from now on, thought behind closed doors, or repeated the previous practice and punished me again. This is fashionable.
Master Fentuo sighed, and with a flick of his hand, the ban imposed on him was removed, and xiao yue’s skill was restored. She proclaimed the Buddha’s name and said, "When will the wrongs be avenged?" Since you have entered my Buddhism, you should know that everything is real and your self is empty. You are obsessed with an idea so much. If you can’t repent as soon as possible, you will be robbed sooner or later. "
Before xiao yue spoke, Master Shen Xiu, the dragon slayer, was the most vicious. When she was in Emei, she was at odds with xiao yue. Today, seeing that he is at the end of his rope, a bunch of old classmates are so kind to him, but they still can’t influence him. They are stubborn and refuse to turn back. When they listen to that line, they still want to make a comeback, and they can’t help but be angry.
Then Master Fentuo shouted loudly, "Ignorant rebels and evildoers walk slowly! Do you think only master’s family law can control you? Within three days, if you don’t regret your oath, I’ll find you to end it! "
When Zen master xiao yue saw her stop, he couldn’t help but become angry from embarrassment, and even the thought of being ashamed and regretful was swept away. He snapped, "Shame on you! You’re an outcast. You’re ashamed to come here, but you’re also arrogant and bullying me. What are you showing off? "
Before the words were finished, he had put a golden light on the sleeve of his robe, and the dragon slayer was unambiguous. He also put out a golden light to fight with him. At this moment, he suddenly heard the Zen master Tianmeng say, "The dragon slayer has to rest much, so he has his own place. What do you care what he does?" Xiao yue, you haven’t reached the property yet. Why don’t you go? What’s the point of delaying the fight here? "
When it comes to walking words, it sounds like a huge thunder, shocking, and echoing in the hall. Everyone who hears it feels a shock, which is a big surprise. xiao yue and Tu Long are like a bang, and some of them realize that they can’t help but fight for the golden light separately. xiao yue drives up the light and flies outside the temple.
When I passed by Song Changgeng, I remembered that this man had repeatedly made a mistake with the Emei Sect. Although he broke out of the door, he still thought he was a Emei Sect in his heart. Today, he was rewarded by the kindness of his classmate, and suddenly he let out a golden light to rush Song Changgeng, trying to kill this man and give the classmate a favor, but he also knew that the other person’s strength was not under him, so he sneaked in.
When Song Changgeng saw that he had actually attacked himself, he was furious. As soon as the mirror of Heaven was swung, boundless green light flashed, and the golden light attacked by xiao yue had been bounced back. At the same time, he also released his innate sword, cursing loudly: "You bastard, how dare you do it to me? When I can’t squeeze it, I will die!"

The 40th volume A clean break Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Go their separate ways
At this time, Zen master Tianmeng shouted: "Stop it!" As he spoke, he let out a golden hand and ran for both of them. Master Bridled Eyebrows and Fantuo Shenni also frowned.
Suddenly there was a chuckle. A piece of blue clouds flew up and blocked the golden hand. I heard Gan Biwu, who was beside Song Changgeng, chuckle, "Old monk. You have practiced for thousands of years longer than me. Do you really think you are invincible? Take care of everything. Isn’t Buddhism paying attention to being aloof from the world? Want to mind other people’s business. Let’s talk about it after two moves! "
See the wonderful a real person has stood up. Ruan Zheng sighed softly and said, "Why do you do this? Today we are here to watch the ceremony. Is this how the Emei Sect treats guests? " Said will be in the hands of a pendulum. A purple light flies. First stop Song Changgeng and xiao yue’s two innate swords. The purple light rises to separate the two golden lights.
Ding Chang next to a smiling wave of his hand. A rainbow flies. Under a roll, the golden hand of Tianmeng will be wrapped around it. She laughed and said, "I’ve heard a lot about donkey kong Sumeru, a Buddhist. My body is here today to see how powerful it is. Although my Lingjiao Palace moved out of Middle-earth. But it’s not your turn to dominate the Chinese monastic world! "
See the situation in the hall has been messed up. Blissful reality and tian hu looked at each other. Two people’s eyes flashed a trace of joy. Although they have decided to get close to Emei Sect. But it can make each other confused. They are also happy to see it. Now both Emei School and Song Changgeng’s Worry-Free Door are stronger than Qingcheng School. It is naturally good to be able to weaken both aspects.
Master Bai Mei proclaimed the Buddha’s name. It is necessary to intervene. I listened to the old nun on the side and said coldly, "Master, do you have enemies with Song Daoyou and others? Why get involved? If the master wants to shoot. Then how about being with the poor one or two? " Said his hands together and stood up. All the seven Wudang women around her stood beside her. Obviously, if you don’t agree, you will start work.
Yi Zhou’s family and Youtan Shenni are watching as if nothing had happened. And Bai Guyi see Yang Jin didn’t move. Naturally, it is not easy to move. Cui Wugu, however, made friends with Song Changgeng. But at the same time, I have a good relationship with Emei. Don’t want to get involved in this muddy water. I will restrain my husband from moving. Just watch the fun. Zhu Mei, a short man, wanted to fight Song Chang Gung. But ask yourself that you are not strong enough.
After Song Chang Gung and xiao yue were separated. I was just about to speak. I heard a loud noise in the hall. Infinite golden light scattered in the air. It turns out that donkey kong Sumeru’s hand of Tianmeng has been destroyed by the joint efforts of Ding Chang and Gan Biwu. Two immortals against one immortal master. Although we can’t win quickly. But it’s easy to destroy each other’s spells together.

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