Zhang Rou said, "You go first."

Zhu Jinglun said, "What are you afraid of when you are husband and wife?"
Zhang Rou insisted that "bed is husband and wife, bed is king"
Zhu Jinglun laughed and said, "Okay, okay."
He turned around to think that there are still so many rules for running around the country before he went out.
There Zhang Rou light shout a.
Zhu Jinglun turned and saw that she was getting up and frowning.
"What’s the matter?"
I’m not afraid to go straight over and help her up, even without strength?
Zhu Jinglun is still wondering, but Zhang Rou is very serious. With a general expression of faith, a white donation handkerchief was taken out and covered with blood.
Zhu Jinglun couldn’t help but wonder, "Have you been to the moon?"
Zhang Rou blushed and shook his head.
Zhu Jinglun felt a strange feeling in his heart. It’s unscientific. Before Zhang Rou, he was married to an old coat, but he didn’t rush to the old coat and died. It was several months after marriage. How can things be possible unless the old coat can’t?
Zhang Rou was keenly aware of Zhu Jinglun’s doubt that "he doesn’t love women"
Zhu Jinglun has heard of that guy who is a good man with tuberculosis. I didn’t expect him to be so good that he won’t touch his wife. Can Zhu Jinglun accept freedom of personal orientation for this kind of person? But I understand it completely.
"Alas, you didn’t call me yesterday."
Zhu Jinglun sighed that Zhang Rou was still a virgin. He didn’t realize such a serious plot, but he also felt relieved.
I didn’t think about Zhang Rou’s initial experience when I thought about her release last night. I can imagine how painful she was at that time.
Zhang Judo: "I can stand women. I have to go through this."
Said her eyebrows is a Cu.
Zhu Jinglun said, "All right, let me help you put it on."
Zhang Rou won’t let the silver ring come.
The silver ring was bought by a little girl, Zhang Qian Shan, as a dowry. The girl was only twelve years old.
Zhu Jinglun said, "Just me."
Resolutely rustle help Zhang Rou carefully dressed naked relative to Zhang Rou skin red to the ears.
Zhang Rou’s face is not delicate, but her oval face has a generous figure, which is about one meter tall. Compared with other women, she stands out from the crowd, and her figure is excellent. Her breasts are very full and her hips are abnormal. She is also different from the flat-chested women in this era, and she has a pair of feet because she used to wander the rivers and lakes without foot binding.
All this is very much in line with Zhu Jinglun’s aesthetic view. It is also a coincidence that if a woman marries at a very young age of thirteen or fourteen, she will definitely grow up. She can’t be flat-chested and grow up, but Zhang Rou has let her daughter grow up until now because of two unfortunate marriages. The flower metaphor is just right.
Although small feet, flat chest and weakness are the aesthetic concepts of China scholar-bureaucrats, Zhu Jinglun is a relatively old-fashioned person who recognizes the unified values, but he can’t accept this aesthetic, even though he knows that the rich ru and fat un are the aesthetic concepts spread from the West to the East, Zhu Jinglun is unwilling to change it.
I remember that an aesthete wrote an article saying that the highest aesthetic level is morbid aesthetics. Obviously, in this aspect of aesthetics, China people have reached the highest level to enjoy plum, and they want to enjoy sick plum, and they also prefer Lin Daiyu’s sick and weak daughter to women.
Westerners, on the other hand, have learned to appreciate the beauty of Venus’s broken arm, the distorted abstract painting of her face can be sold at sky-high prices, and women are crazy about high heels. It is said that there are female models, and keeping her skinny figure leads to malnutrition all the year round, so she has never had a month in her career for several years.
Although both the east and the west finally took a morbid aesthetic road, Zhu Jinglun agreed with the aesthetician’s point of view. He tended to think that this was because a culture accumulated too much putrefaction in the long-term development, not because aesthetics reached the highest level, but because aesthetics was sick.
Although Zhu Jinglun doesn’t like any iron girl, she doesn’t like women’s masculinity, but at least she has to be healthy and appreciate women’s health and beauty. This is the normal aesthetic view, and the most unhealthy and putrid in this era is, of course, China people. Years ago, the cultural accumulation was already stale. From the Song Dynasty, men became weak and stopped wearing swords to playing fans. In the Han and Tang Dynasties, Cuju also developed from a man’s game in the Song Dynasty to a prostitute’s show.
I heard that during the May 4th Movement, there was an educational viewpoint called "strengthening the body and savage the spirit". Zhu Jinglun couldn’t help but feel that there was some truth.
Carefully helped Zhang Rou get dressed. Zhang Rou kept his head down and blushed. He didn’t dare to look at Zhu Jinglun and immediately called the silver ring to fetch water for her to wash and dress.
Zhu Jinglun has just gone out and can do something for the time being. At present, he is anxiously waiting for the news from Zhaoqing, hoping that it will go smoothly. Because Zhaoqing is too important, it would be better to fight Zhaoqing. Once this goal is achieved, Zhu Jinglun can immediately take a walk. That is a big move, which will allow him to control the whole core area of the Pearl River Delta less, which is equivalent to mastering the whole of Guangdong.
Section two hundred and ninety-four The flag general
I waited for three days before I finally heard back that his army had surrounded Zhaoqing.
On the sixth day, news came back, and the Qing army in Zhaoqing could not bear the shelling and surrendered.
As a result, Zhu Jinglun had long thought that the Qing army in Zhaoqing had lost tens of thousands of recruits in Guangzhou, and he couldn’t organize more troops even if he could recruit people.
Guangxi doesn’t expect to need Guangdong’s support all the time in order to maintain its offensive against the Taiping rebels in the Heaven and Earth Society. However, Guangzhou’s control by Zhu Jinglun means that Zhaoqing and the Pearl River Delta have lost their connection, and Linggen can’t get greater support. The Leiyang Road in the west of Zhaoqing has been a relatively poor area in Guangdong until a hundred years later, and even if you want to support it, you can’t.
The aged troops have not been increased much, and more than one flag soldier and two green campers have reached the limit. During this period, they have not returned from Guangxi, and there is a broken posture. In fact, he is also white, even if he is transferred from Guangxi, he may not be transferred back. He can’t afford it either.
In other words, I didn’t expect Zhu Jinglun to take the initiative to attack him, or he was lucky enough to let Zhu Jinglun send ten thousand troops to surround Zhaoqing, and he didn’t try to escape, but refused to fight the city.
Old age can resist, but his flag and green campers can’t carry it on all sides, and the main direction is shelled constantly, and the waterway is blocked, so he is a Jedi.
Later, Zhu Jinglun wrote a lot of surrender letters with flag soldiers in his hand, and they shot into the city upside down in black and white, falsely accusing the elderly of rebellion. The letter was covered with Mukden’s seal, which made the flag soldiers in the city very confused. Who should listen to? Who is the flag general and the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi seems to be wrong? Finally, when the flag soldiers saw a letter from their family in Guangzhou, they collapsed. Their parents, wives, The children told them that everything was fine in Guangzhou. Zhu Jinglun didn’t hurt the flag bearer. He listened to the flag bearer and lived in peace. He also recruited flag bearer soldiers to give the flag bearer a way to let them know the truth quickly. Old age is the rebel. He is bent on pushing back all the soldiers in Guangzhou, including flag soldiers and green campers.
Finally, the flag officer of the green camp mutiny flag directly caught the old age and then offered it to the city
Zhu Jinglun thought that his army could easily attack Zhaoqing, but he didn’t expect that the other side would have to fight back so soon and be persuaded to surrender when it was desperate, but he didn’t want to hold on for three days.
After receiving the news of Zhaoqing’s return, Zhu Jinglun rushed to see Mukden because he came back with the news, and there was also a trump card, the testament or obituary of Emperor Xianfeng, which was sent to the governors to inform them of Xianfeng’s death.
Zhu Jinglun’s capture of Zhaoqing and this testamentary edict should completely defeat Mukden’s will.
"General, if you look at your age, you are really rebellious!"
As soon as I saw Mukden, I showed him the testamentary edict. Mukden’s horse was stupefied and the emperor died!
No wonder the imperial court turned a deaf ear to what happened in Guangdong for such a long time.
"There must be affection in sending troops to force Guangzhou City instead of reporting the death of the holy father!"
Zhu jinglun concluded that
Mukden has been silly. "What is it?"
Zhu Jinglun grunted, "When the emperor died, the young master ascended the throne, and the fate of the master was weak, so what might happen?"
Mukden completely lost his thinking ability at this time. "What else can happen?"
Zhu Jinglun said, "I’ve ordered you to pay tribute to princes like Wang, who are deeply trusted by the public, and to hold heavy troops such as SengLin Qinqin and Sheng Bao, assistant minister of the Ministry of War. It’s not easy here. I heard that there was a Beijing envoy who secretly said that he wanted to transfer Guangzhou’s troops to the north."
Mukden was not frightened. It was involved in the struggle for the throne. The major impact calmed him down. He didn’t believe Zhu Jinglun’s hearsay. Zhu Jinglun was talking in Hu’s words, but the problem was that the current minister took care of his life, but there was no Yixin in it. This was unreasonable. Senggerinchen was a military commander, but he couldn’t take care of his life. He didn’t believe it when he was killed.
I also thought that Su Shun and others had been with the emperor all the time before his death, and they were by his side. When the emperor died, it must be that Su Shun and others drew up their own testamentary edict, so that they could be ministers of their own lives and exclude all princes and nobles in Beijing. Where are they so bold?
The testamentary edict also made people understand that Chun, who was only six years old, was appointed to the throne. However, there is no doubt that the emperor was qualified to succeed to the throne alone, but the ancestral system was not like this. After Yongzheng Kowloon seized the office, the court implemented a secret system to place the imperial edict in the Zhengda Guang plaque, and did not tell the emperors in advance who would succeed to the throne after the emperor died.
This has not happened since the imperial edict of Emperor Kangxi.
Everything always makes people feel that something is wrong. When something is wrong and it involves such a big event as the succession to the throne, something must happen. At least Mukden feels that something big is going to happen and will involve a lot of expensive things. He, a Guangzhou general, can’t afford to provoke such a big event.
So what can it be?
Who still has the strength to win the position?
He was the first to think that Yixin Yixin was the emperor’s brother, and he almost became an emperor in those days. Most people didn’t think much of Xianfeng in those days, but they were optimistic about riding and shooting Yixin, and later Xianfeng succeeded to the throne.
Old ministers can all remember Yixin’s ability. This negotiation with foreigners was also Yixin’s own effort to turn the tide, while the emperor had been hiding in Chengde and refused to return to Beijing and died directly in Chengde.
Mukden connected this series of events, and suddenly there were a lot of conspiracy ideas in his mind. He thought that Yi Xin might be trying to take Su Shun and other talents and keep Yi Xin out. However, due to the defeat, Su Shun and others offended the soldiers, Sengqin and Shengbao, so they also kept them out, but they transferred troops from Guangzhou without any soldiers?
But Guangzhou, after all, is too far away, which is illogical. If there is a conspiracy, Su Shun, they shouldn’t transfer troops from the nearest Shandong, or at most from the south of the Yangtze River. Isn’t Su Shun always close to the Han people and discriminate against the Manchus? Will he collude with Zeng Guofan and other Han soldiers?

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