"This treasure is called Gan Kun Ding, which has the function of returning to the innate nature and can return everything from the day after tomorrow to the innate nature. You must mention that you once got a withered lotus seed. Take it out and I’ll refine it for you. "

Hearing Hung-jun say this, Luoya immediately released the lotus seed in her body and handed it to Hung-jun respectfully.
After Hongjun took the lotus seed, he put it into the Gankunding without looking. I didn’t see Hung-chun pinch the tactic, so the dry tripod floated over his head and turned.
After a long time, Gankun Ding stopped turning and fell in front of Hongjun. Hung-jun took out a full and smooth lotus seed from it and gave it to Luoya. Hung-jun said, "This lotus seed has been refined by me and has been restored to life. You should nourish it with Yuan Shen, and you should get a good spiritual treasure in the future."
Luo Ya was also overjoyed when she heard this. She immediately knelt down and thanked him: "Thank you, teacher!"
Hung-jun added, "There are still some magic weapons I got from my early travels in the wild. Go and get them by your own chance. Come back here when you’re done.
They naturally thanked each other first, and then left for that precious cliff.
All the people who came to Fenbao Cliff saw that there were many magic weapons on Fenbao Cliff, all of which were innate. Laozi took the lead in saying, "Dear Taoist friends, let’s take it by chance."
Everyone said in unison, "Good," and they began to collect it.
I saw that Lao Tzu exhibited the Taiji diagram and swept away nearly a hundred pieces. The primitive one used an avatar similar to Gankun in the sleeve, and also collected nearly a hundred pieces. Tongtian is like Laozi, and it is rolled with a sword array. However, the number he took away was far above that of Lao Zi and the original two, about 200 pieces. Luo Ya thought that this may be related to the large number of interceptors established by Tongtian in the future, so Heaven doomed him to get the most treasures.
At this time, there are only more than one hundred treasures left in the treasure cliff, and Nu Wa, Luoya and Jieyin are no longer polite, so they collect them separately.
In the end, it was Nu Wa who got the least, just 20 pieces. However, receiving quotation and quasi-quotation have each collected forty magic weapons.
In this way, the magic weapon on the treasure cliff was collected by all, and everyone got up and returned to the Zixiao Palace. However, Luoya, who fell at the end, used a magical power to collect the precious cliff.
After returning to Zixiao Palace, they sat down and waited for Hung-chun’s order again. But Hung-chun just looked at this Luo Ya, and everyone was puzzled.
In the end, Luo Ya couldn’t stand Hung-chun’s eyes. He said, "Teacher, disciples shouldn’t have taken that treasure cliff without authorization. If the teacher doesn’t like it, disciples will put it back."
Hearing Luo Ya’s words, other people muttered in their hearts: It’s too great to mention Taoist friends. He dares to take them if the teacher doesn’t let him move. It turned out that Luo Ya was not the only one who saw the extraordinary treasure cliff, but Hung-chun didn’t tell them to put it away without authorization.
"You are greedy. I left the precious cliff to decorate the Zixiao Palace, but you took it away for me. It’s just, it’s just, it’s all a matter of days, and you don’t have to put it back. However, I hope you will do it yourself in the future. " Hong jun said.
Luo Ya quickly made a bow to Hong Jun and said, "So, thank you, teacher great kindness!"
Hung-jun waved his hand to signal him to get up. Later, Hung-jun said to the crowd, "Now it’s time for me to get together, and there’s nothing for you here. You can’t come to Zixiao Palace without my summons in the future. You are all scattered, go back to the enlightenment! " Say that finish, hung-chun disappeared.
After all the people worshipped Hung-chun’s seat, they left one after another.
After Luoya and Jieyin returned to Sumeru Mountain, they were really ready to retreat and realize the opportunity of that avenue, but there was the voice of Hongjun from those thirty-three days away. "Avenue fifty, day yan 49. I, Hongjun, feel that the heaven is incomplete, and I would like to join hands with myself to make up the heaven. Heaven, together! "
After Hongjun’s voice fell, a burst of coercion accompanied by bursts of fragrance enveloped the whole earth. The creatures in the wilderness once again felt the power of the Tao that day and looked thirty-three days away.
Luo Ya also felt something more among the Yuan gods at this time, but he couldn’t say clearly. But guess, this may be the restriction of heaven on them.
Hung-chun finally got together, so heaven has been complete since then. Then the age of the saints is coming soon, and I have to step up the road of enlightenment! Luo Ya’s heart thought like this.
So, Luo Ya and Jieyin closed their doors on Sumeru and realized it!
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The first volume The lich quantity of Chapter 12 Kunpeng into heaven
Click on the closed door of Luoya, regardless of it. It is said that since Kun Peng learned that he gave up his seat because of Hongyun that day, he almost regretted his intestines after missing the throne, so he hated Hongyun. But at that time, in Zixiao Palace, I didn’t dare to be presumptuous there, so I had to suppress my hatred for Hongyun and wait until later to settle accounts with it.
After Kun Peng returned to his palace in Beihai, the more he thought about it, the more he hated Hongyun.
On this day, Kun Peng really couldn’t stand the hatred of Hongyun, so he decided to go to find Hongyun’s trouble. At the same time, he also thought about taking the opportunity of the avenue that Hongjun finally gave Hongyun.
When Kun Peng went out of Beihai, his figure changed, showing his bird’s noumenon. The size of the Peng bird is a bit outrageous, and its wings spread out into the sky, and the speed is outrageous. Under the wing vibration, I flew out of Wan Li for a dozen times, which was amazing!
After coming to Hongyun’s Dojo, Kun Peng turned into a human being and fell before that abode of fairies and immortals.
Kunpeng meant to find fault, and didn’t want to be polite to Hongyun. He shouted at the cave house, "Hongyun, you shameless person, come out to see me quickly." Under this shout, it was mixed with Kun Peng’s huge true yuan, and the mountain where the Hongyun abode of fairies and immortals was directly shocked trembled.
Hongyun in the cave was in the process of realizing the avenue, and she was very annoyed after being disturbed by this sound. However, his personality also determines that his fire will not be much. I thought that I have always been kind to people, and I haven’t offended anyone since I was born. I’d better go out and have a look.
When I came out to see the angry Kun Peng, Hongyun was also surprised. I don’t seem to have offended him, but look at him like that, as if I had a deep hatred with him. However, hongyun is kind in nature, although she is confused in her heart. However, I still gave a gift to Kun Peng.
"It turned out to be a friend of Kunpeng Road. I don’t know why my friend came to see me?"
A listen to hongyun’s words, Kun Peng’s fire is even bigger. Pretend, you just pretend for me! I want to see when you can load it for me.
"Hongyun, you shameless person, the bodhi old zu is here to settle the cause and effect with you today."
"Kunpeng Daoyou, what do you mean by this statement? When did you and I meet the cause and effect?" Hongyun puzzled said.
Hearing this, Kunpeng really couldn’t stand it. Opening his mouth, he cursed: "Hongyun, you shameless person. You gave up your seat in the Zixiao Palace to the Zhunyi, but I had to give up my seat at the expense of the bodhi old zu, so that I lost the chance to become a saint. Now that the bodhi old zu has come to you to settle the cause and effect, it is really shameless of you to play dumb for me. "
Even a clay figurine has three points of anger, not to mention hongyun, the first red cloud in the world! He listened to Kun Peng so insulting himself, and his heart was not angry.
"Kunpeng, you this fellow very unreasonable. What does it matter to me that you lost your seat? Besides, the throne was decided by teacher hung-chun, and you blame me for not getting it. What’s the reason? Maybe you should talk to Mr. Hongjun about it. I’m just being polite to you for listening to moral mutual affection in Zixiao Palace, but it’s really disgusting that you bully me like this! "
Hehe, Hongyun’s sentence "Go to teacher Hongjun’s theory if you dare" makes Kun Peng angry, but it’s not light. Let him go to Hongjun’s theory, even if he borrows another hundred courage!
"Good, good, good!" Kun Peng was furious and called out three good ones in a row. After shouting Kun Peng, he didn’t say much, but suddenly he raised his hand and it was a three-flavor divine wind that hit Hongyun.
Hongyun didn’t want that Kunpeng to start his hands without saying hello, so that the three divine winds hit his right arm without warning.
A feeling of bone erosion came to my heart, and Hongyun was furious: "Kun Peng, you little man, unexpectedly attacked."
"Sacrifice", Hongyun gave a cry. I saw him offering a gourd. The gourd sprayed hongyun’s whole body, only to see a stream of foul red sand wrapped hongyun up.
The gourd offered by Hongyun was the one that Luoya presented to him in Zixiao Palace that day. Hongyun’s self-satisfaction with this gourd, coupled with the daily sacrifice of red sand from her early travels, has long been a unity of mind and body. The red sand is very good at scattering people’s souls, and it is very difficult to stop. Hongyun became this treasure and named it Jiujiu Scattering Soul Hulu. Therefore, the treasure is too vicious, and Hongyun is not easily used. Today, I was forced by Kun Peng, and this was the sacrifice.
Kun Peng also knows how powerful the scattered red sand is, and how dare he come forward to attack Hongyun in close quarters.
I saw Kun Peng once again showing the Dhanabhumi bird’s body, flapping his wings and sending off hurricanes to the red cloud.
That hurricane is also extraordinary. After several times, it actually blew a gap in the red sand around Hongyun. Kunpeng, it shouldn’t be the Pengbird that opened its mouth again to spit out a water column and hit the red cloud in the red sand at an extremely fast speed.
Under this blow, the hongyun in the red sand was more seriously injured, and the rotation speed of the red sand around him also dropped.
Hongyun was shocked. I didn’t expect this Kunpeng to be so powerful that I was planted today. Stay green, don’t shoot, don’t burn! Thought of here, hongyun gritted his teeth, offered a gourd to protect himself and flew quickly to the Wuzhuangguan of Zhenyuanzi.
Seeing that Hongyun wanted to escape, Kun Peng immediately spread his wings and chased him up. Although Kun Peng’s speed is fast, the red cloud is the first red cloud in the world, and its speed is not slow.
Unfortunately, Hongyun was badly injured. After flying for a long time, her speed dropped, and she was about to be caught up by Kunpeng.
Hongyun can’t help but feel bitter. Does she really want to be robbed in the hands of this Kunpeng today?
Suddenly there was a loud noise from behind. Hongyun looked back and saw a big clock falling from the sky. That Kunpeng accidentally bumped into it and fell from the air.

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