My brother didn’t realize he was there at all.

Extreme fear and anxiety, he gradually became impatient and decided to go to see his brother in person.
However, on the same day, he waited at his home in Nagano Prefecture.
I didn’t wait for my brother, but it was news that my brother had an accident.
In the end, people are fine.
But Zhu Fujingguang just had a hunch that if he continued to want to see his brother again, he wouldn’t know what would happen.
Because he didn’t want to bring trouble to his brother, Zhu Jingguang returned to Tokyo and met Lu Yuan and Song Tian in the road, but they passed by without realizing that they were there.
Zhu Fujingguang "…"
He wanted to open his mouth and stop them, but when he thought of his brother, he had a hunch that once he appeared in front of them.
Maybe they won’t die. They will die.
For what?
Is it because Zhu Jingguang is dead?
"Hey, hey, hey, guys, get out of the way."
An old man’s walking stick knocked in front of all the scenery lights, and then they came to their senses and hurried out of the way.
Zhu Jingguang doesn’t know how long it has been since the day he died. For so many days, he wandered around Tokyo like a ghost.
He is here, but he is not.
No one can recognize him as Zhu Jingguang.
Drunk and drunk, Zhu Jingguang sat precariously on the railing by the bridge.
He looked at the bridge, the river and the fast flowing water, and his heart was a little more ready to move.
He had a dream.
Died in the dream, died in the final battle with the organization
In the dream, when my brother committed suicide with his own mobile phone, he secretly felt sad.
Who is he?
He asked himself.
Now that Zhu Fujingguang is dead, who is he?
The shaky body, stimulated by alcohol, causes death and slowly falls …
Wait, he didn’t fall in.
It was a long time before he had such a feeling that his arm was pulled, and there was a sound of vitality that was still flustered.
He looked up and saw a teenager clutching his arm.
"Hey, hey, uncle, wake up! I, I can’t stop you!"
Looking at the teenager flushed and gasped for air because he was pulling him.
Zhu Fujingguang suddenly recovered and immediately climbed the bridge deck with his strength, even if he really wanted to die, he could not bring trouble to the boy.
Black feather fight directly a butt sitting there, after all, just now he really had great strength.
"I said you, uncle, how did you die here?"
Chapter 136 Chapter 136
Mud participation has caused a little splash in the whole neon, or in Tokyo.
On the face of it, that’s it
Bo was ambushed in Las Vegas and almost lost his life. It has come to them, but it is also a little sigh to be able to escape from the encirclement alive.
Apollo people …
An Shi-tou hid his excitement in his heart, and he was still alive until he woke up and lay in that small consulting room.
The man before he fell asleep, the sound clearly echoed in his mind.
That’s Jing, right?
If it is an illusion, why are you lying here safely now?
This is not an organization site. This is an ordinary small consulting room.
Or is everything an illusion now, and now the situation is that the organization has doubts about itself and injected itself with some hallucinogenic drugs?
He pinched himself severely, and he felt no sense of pain, nor did he feel like he was in a dream.
His heart was filled with sudden joy, but he didn’t lose his mind.
If it’s so beautiful, how can it live?
Recalling the scene at that time, Ley opened the wooden barn and finally the body was taken away by Gin.
Naturally, he won’t put his hopes on Gin, so he can be Ley and add his identity.
AnZhiTou mood suddenly became complicated.
But this is one of his most anticipated guesses.
Deep down in his heart, he still doubts whether it will be a temptation for himself, including now, even if it looks normal here
So it’s still not so fast,

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