An experiment. I can see the nature of these guys: they are a group of simple-minded, greedy and stupid guys with high cultivation. No wonder the demon race was bullied in heaven, making slaves for others, and some even became mounts. It is really unreasonable for such a family not to be bullied. I am really sorry for myself if I don’t frame them.

Xing Xuan looked at the stupidity shown by these simple-minded guys, secretly sneered in his heart, but on the surface, he just ignored it, waved his hand and wiped out the essence of the big array of laws in the sky, calling out, "All of you should arrange according to the position and display according to the essence of the array, and help me refine the seven Yin evil spirits!"
Star Xuan said, and suddenly a huge cloud flew out of his head, covering hundreds of kilometers around Fiona Fang in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, all those demon fairy were startled. The golden light was scattered around the cloud, which was obviously not black in itself. The black was absorbed in the middle. The young fairy was so fierce that he just absorbed so many yin evil spirits that he was not exhausted. He almost killed the child who was a profound child. This is how powerful it is.
At that time, some demon fairy played drums again in his heart. Although he was greedy for the treasures that might exist in Xing Xuan, he was even more afraid of Xing Xuan’s thorough ability, and his heart was at war. At the moment, the demon fairy was suddenly divided into two factions, one still wanted to take risks, and the other was uneasy. After thinking about refining Yin evil spirit for Long Xing Xuan, he immediately left and did not do anything that would take the chestnut out of the fire.
No matter what they thought, Xing Xuan flew to the tail position of Taiyin’s big bursts and shouted, "Run the big array and refine the evil spirit!"
Those demon fairy saw that the Star Xuan was at the end of the array, and they were very happy. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They gave up the array out of sight, only in the end of the array. It was said that the legendary lunar array was infinitely powerful, which was an ordinary large array. Even the Sanqing Venerable Master could not withstand it.
These thousands of years of cultivation in demon fairy are not born with land, which is formed after thousands of years of hard practice. Although all of them dare not leave this demon ridge, they are afraid of being taken away as slave mounts by other practitioners in heaven. However, they have a lot of knowledge about the achievement method, knowing that once a large array is formed, they can’t resist it by themselves.
Even demon fairy, who hesitated, began to have bad ideas at this time.
The dark clouds of the underworld are constantly rising and falling with the demon fairy’s respective methods according to the big bursts of the lunar calendar. Numerous Yin evil spirits gradually change from black to white, and then from white to transparent, coming out of the array eyes, along the big bursts of heads, running towards the star Xuan at the end of the array.
Once the lunar large array is in operation, its power is serious. Although these demon fairy are not all lunar bodies, however, no matter the quantity or the cultivation, they are much higher than those extremely yin boys on the original quail star. Therefore, as soon as this law is in operation, it immediately produces hundreds of times more power than the previous large array of Compaq Joe B, but there is no extremely yin boy to do it, which can’t lead to the extremely yin moonlight of the ancient moon.
Hundreds of kilometers of dark clouds in Fiona Fang, the game time has been reduced by half, and the true elements turned into like rivers are rushing towards the star Xuan.
A few of them demon fairy took the lead, but that was a few overhauls with extremely poisonous true yuan in the body for demon fairy. These guys were all trained around 5,000 years, but they were the longest and most accomplished guys in demon fairy. Seeing that Xing Xuan didn’t take any precautions at all, he immediately confused his own very poisonous true yuan while running the lunar large array, and wanted to test it and see if Xing Xuan would respond to this true yuan.
However, the maliciousness of the real yuan with refining Yin evil spirit form the real yuan crazy flow into the body of the star xuan, the star xuan had no reaction at all, let that a few overhaul for demon fairy was taken aback, just want to tidy up your mind, don’t provoke the star xuan so terrible terrorist guy, just want to send him away safely. The lunar array has changed again.
Numerous transparent elements flowing into the body of Xing Xuan turned into black and white two gases, which were transferred from the tail of the array to the head of the array in an instant, and then entered the array eye, forming a true element cycle.
Part of the huge and boundless dark clouds of the underworld also entered the true yuan cycle of the large array, and with the operation of the large array, the yin evil spirit was crossed out and became a pure true yuan, which shuttled through the bodies of various demon fairy.
Those demon fairy suddenly felt a cool feeling spread all over the body instantly. Originally, because of the bottleneck of cultivation. The real yuan in the body can no longer be concise again, and at the moment, I only feel that there is a large space for storing the real yuan in my body.
These demon fairy couldn’t help rejoicing, and this lunar array was really remarkable. Actually can let oneself really yuan more concise, although these demon fairy also pursue for continuous improvement. But for the kind of cultivation that represents high wisdom, they are not too concerned about the goblins with some mental retardation. On the contrary, they have always had a soft spot for a more earth-like body. Seeing that the body is constantly concise and the body is more earth-like, they can’t help but be overjoyed. This is a golden opportunity. It seems that the young fairy can really rely on it.
With the establishment of this affection, the cultivation in demon fairy’s body seems to have begun to float, and the space where it can be stored is more huge, and it is more concise and the body is more earth.
That a few overhaul for demon fairy suddenly felt a little wrong in my heart, and I repaired myself to this point. Supposedly, my mind should be very patient, and it is difficult for anyone and anything to control my thoughts. Why did I just want to try Long Xingxuan to see if I could frame him? Now, my heart suddenly has a good impression on Long Xingxuan, and I don’t want to start work on him?
Although I had a bad feeling in my heart, however, in the face of tens of thousands of demon fairy forming a large array, the power of the true yuan gods running up was not something that demon fairy could resist in these overhauls. Moreover, as they had doubts in their hearts, they suddenly felt that the idea of god knowledge in their bodies suddenly separated, and they repaired for fast reduction, and countless true yuan flowed into other human bodies with wild flow. At the same time, a burst of dizziness in their brains gradually blurred their consciousness, and finally even demon fairy, who was their own race.
Not only these demon fairy, but all demon fairy’s faces gradually showed a confused look, and gradually all of them forgot their past. Even a few demon fairy in the eyes of the array, although they were least impacted by the rushing of the true Yuan gods, slowly lost their memory and forgot their name and race.
In a trance, demon fairy seemed to see a huge bull’s head with four eyes and one horn, and countless black gases flew out of the bull’s mouth and merged into the rushing torrent.
A voice gradually sounded in the hearts of demon fairy: "Remember your identity, you have been disciples of Lingxi Sect since childhood, and the honor and disgrace of Lingxi Sect is your honor and disgrace, and the rise and fall of Lingxi Sect is your rise and fall. Remember, you only have to serve Lingxi Sect and obey the command of the patriarch Long Xingxuan, and you will be able to cultivate fruit and achieve supreme immortality. If you disobey, you will be out of your wits and never be born!"
This sounds like a blood curse into every demon fairy’s mind, metamorphoses into a brand.
No one in demon fairy made any noise to resist, as if they thought it was natural and there was no reason to resist at all.
This is exactly what Xing Xuan Xuan used the power of Human-God to infiltrate into the lunar large array, and thoroughly brainwashed these malicious demon fairy people. It can also be said that these demon fairy people have cast their own brainwashing skills. You should know that the essence of the lunar large array skills that Xing Xuan gave them didn’t stop. Once put into use, the rushing real yuan will not stop, and it is impossible for anyone to get away from it. They can only watch the real yuan flowing out of their own bodies being sung Xuan.
This time, Xing Xuan has made a lot of money. These demon fairy accomplishments have been more than one thousand years, and the highest ones have been five thousand years. The single theory of cultivation is not as good as them, even Black Moon and Qiongzhi, and the number is large. This is a very powerful force.
Xing Xuan completely subdued these demon fairy at this time, and used the lunar large array to completely refine the ups and downs of the detective cloud. He only felt relaxed, and immediately spread the achievement method of stopping the lunar large array through the brand in their minds. Those demon fairy immediately carried out the orders of Xing Xuan to the letter and immediately stopped the operation of the large array.
Xing Xuan flew out of the big array, looked at Xiaobai, Qingqing and Miaomiao demon fairy and said, "Now, they are all willing to follow me and treat me as the new master. I wonder what you three think?"
The little white, Qingqing and Meow Meow’s three faces were confused. With their cultivation and knowledge at this time, they didn’t know what had just happened. They thought that these demon fairy people had seen the wonders of the lunar large array and admired Xing Xuan, so that they could change and follow Xing Xuan willingly!
"We just … just … just said that we are willing to give … to be a fairy … to be a slave … to be a gift!" The little white said with some stuttering.
"Ha ha, do you know what I have just done to these demon immortals? I have brainwashed them and planted a mental brand in their minds. Once they betray us, they will immediately lead to karma in their bodies, and they will be wiped out!" Star xuan said coldly.
Xing Xuan said this very lightly, but, listening to three demon fairy ears, Yu words are like a bolt from the blue, and three people suddenly sat down on the ground with fright.
"However, for you, I can show mercy outside the law. If you really don’t want to follow me, you can go away, and I promise it won’t be difficult for you!" Star xuan looked at three women and then said.
The black moon’s face was covered with a layer of frost, and he said, "You three also understand that we are not stupid and kind people who can be used by others. Those who want to use us must pay a certain price. Although you three are suspected of using us, what you just said is fair, not those demon fairy’s half-hearted thoughts. Moreover, we are interested in strength and are not afraid of your embarrassment. None of your three qualifications make us have to."
At this time, the three demon fairy immediately fell on the ground, kowtowing to Black Moon and Xing Xuan, and said, "We are sincere, and we are sincerely willing to be slaves to you, not to use the immortals!"

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